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Studs Terkel, lengendary historian and radio host pays a visit to Democracy Now! today. Audio and Video, as well as the transcript of this historic interview are here. Also, the WBAI pledge drive is this week too, please give what you can.
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I know I promote Democracy Now! a lot on here, I just think its the most important and realistic news show out there. Matt or Jess please delete this if you dont think we need any more promos for this
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Wow, no comments 15 minutes after I posted. That crappy of a post
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Here, I'll help. Studs Terkel's Conversations with America are hosted (and designed) by Matrix at Michigan State University.

For my money, America needs more Studs Terkel and less Karl Rove.
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I see a post beginning with "Studs Terkel", my first thought is "Shit, he's dead." Glad that's not the case.
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sorry, I seem to be having some sort of posting problem today. Twice today, my posts have appeared as doubles.

I read the transcript of the interview. Studs is still a stud. The man is amazing. When I was kid, fer chrissakes, Studs had a weekly show on the radio in Chicago. TV, too.

A new heart valve at 93. I am impressed and inspired.

OF course, more inspired by his being the conscience of an America that caredand acted accordingly.
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i found naomi klien's interviews on democracy now to be some of the best i've heard on DM.

i sent some loot to kpfk earlier this year for just this reason.
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That was great. Thanks for the heads up.
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Just a friendly FYI Wheelieman; it's not considered good form to cheerlead your own post.

Yeah PinkStainlessTail, my heart skipped a beat getting all ready for obit-filter. Whew!
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Cheerlead? I was putting my post down if you ask me. You MeFites need a good debate tonight because I can see your foaming at the mouth for a flamefest. Ahh community blogs, it was fun while it lasted.
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MeTa post in 5....4,,,,,3,,,
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Please delete the last 2 posts by me, on the grounds that they didn't make any sense whatsoever.
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Democracy Now .. I think I've seen that in the nether regions of cable TV. There's a lady who doesnt wear any makeup who hosts. ...maybe a faint moustache too. That's an alarming contrast to all the other TV Ladies that bring U the News of The World on Tee Vee. Obviosly DN doesnt give a hoot if they arent marketable to the mainstream.
just sayin .
Any yes, Studs is da Man.
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Don't you criticize The Amy!
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i so need to read stuff by people like Studs right now. because if he can quote, "Hope dies last," then i can try harder to keep mine alive.

and i am so fucking excited that the Chicago Historical Society is going to make his tapes available to all. what a boon!
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If you want to listen to Democracy Now on your computer they also podcast the show. A great way to keep on top of what's going on if you're out of the country.
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