Raiding the 20th Century, 2005
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If you liked the Kleptones and other posts about mashups, you might have caught "raiding the 20th century" in early 2004. Well, DJ Food has completely updated it for 2005 and now clocks in at a full 59 minutes of monster mashup mix madness. Download the mp3 here and enjoy the eclectic sonic landscape.
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I downloaded this about two weeks ago and burned it for a few friends. Since then it's been spreading like gospel by word of mouth in my local circles. It almost never fails to get a few WTF?! moment from new listeners.
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These things always make me feel like I've come down with ADD. Clever? Yep. Interesting? Sure. Fun to listen to? Definitely. Of lasting musical value? I'm not so sure.

/ old crank

That said, novelty records have been a part of rock music from the start, and this one's better than most.
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Anybody have a working link to the torrent?
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I don't think the point is about lasting musical value. It's a commentary on the evolution of digital music and fair use.
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Mashups? Is that stuff still goin' on?

"Hay guyz, i mixed Jay-Z and Liberace. I call it "The Gay Album!!!1!1!1eleven" Image hosted by
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Nice; interesting listening - not just a straight music mashup.
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I like the part which samples the question: "If you thought that Frank Sinatra and Led Zeppelin would go together...." to which the answer, a few seconds of trainwreck later, is "No.".

A mix set released a few months ago (can't remember the DJ) has the same sample, except this time the answer is "Edit." followed by a wicked mashup of Frank Sinatra's "Chicago" with the backing line from a Led Zep song.

There's plenty of entertainment value left in snotty mashups! "Houston, we have a problem. " at 57:00 lolzorz!!1!1!1eleven
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ah, ADD...THAT'S why I like mashups so much more than actual, uh, music.
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lol, the reggae version of we will rock you is rad. Yes, I pillaged the 20th century for the word rad just for this comment.
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I'm never on the up and up with this sort of stuff. I was excited to see an updated version until I looked at the one I had and realized it was already 59 minutes long. I had downloaded it long enough ago that I don't remember when I got it and it was at least six months ago. Hooray for Metafilter!
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I liked the "History of Cutup" mix an awful lot, and I really enjoy the near-radio-documentary feel of this one. Unfortunately, though, I imagine that people who aren't music nerds to the nth degree and don't know the difference between Coldcut and MARRS and Double D and Steinski (and don't get giddy when they hear snippets of the "Lessons") won't appreciate this nearly as much.

(On a purely technical note, I am a little surprised by how many times it uses Osymyso's "Intro Introspection")
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Here's a working torrent
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mathowie- not working.
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I don't think it's noted anywhere, but it should be: that these individual soundbytes aren't the creations of Strictly Kev/DJ Food... not to take anything away though -- these guys are legends.

But if you're interested, here's a track listing that includes the names of the bootleggers/mashup artists.
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