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Whistle-Blower or Troublemaker, Bunny Greenhouse Isn't Backing Down Another trouble maker can't keep her mouth shut !Bunny Greenhouse was once the perfect bureaucrat, an insider, the top procurement official at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Then the 61-year-old Greenhouse lost her $137,000-a-year post after questioning the plump contracts awarded to Halliburton in the run-up to the war in Iraq. It has made her easy to love for some, easy to loathe for others, but it has not made her easy to know.
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Thanks Postroad for updating my earlier post and keeping this story alive.
posted by three blind mice at 10:37 AM on October 19, 2005

We need this woman, or somebody with her sense of ethics, as president of this country. Seriously.
posted by SteveInMaine at 10:49 AM on October 19, 2005

SteveInMaine is dead correct.

This woman is a hero, not a troublemaker....
posted by phredhead at 10:57 AM on October 19, 2005

Heros are usually trouble for somebody...
posted by sonofsamiam at 10:58 AM on October 19, 2005

Any enterprising mefites want to start a postcard campaign to support Bunny Greenhouse? It sounds like she's fighting the good fight on this one pretty much alone... some words of encouragement might be nice...

Just a thought.
posted by stenseng at 11:02 AM on October 19, 2005

This Administration's commitment to integrity is hard to question.
posted by ewkpates at 11:08 AM on October 19, 2005

God, if that woman needs an assistant, I'd do it for free.
posted by Dormant Gorilla at 11:25 AM on October 19, 2005

I feel better knowing that there are people like her in the world.
posted by leftcoastbob at 11:33 AM on October 19, 2005

posted by russilwvong at 11:35 AM on October 19, 2005

She seems like she has courage. More power to her.

(an Elvin Hayes is her brother! How cool is that?)
posted by caddis at 12:10 PM on October 19, 2005

posted by ajr at 12:48 PM on October 19, 2005

It's a shame that someone is a 'hero' just for asking embarassing questions.

But isn't it always the way?
posted by Smedleyman at 12:57 PM on October 19, 2005

How come, when someone African-American fails to rise above their initial poverty and become powerful, important and affluent, certain people pop up and talk about how it proves various racial stereotypes are based in truth -- but when someone like this hits the radar, those same people don't say anything at all?

you know who you are

This woman is an inspiration.
posted by davejay at 2:28 PM on October 19, 2005


This has been up for over four hours and no one has had a snarky thing to say about her.
posted by leftcoastbob at 2:52 PM on October 19, 2005

posted by dhartung at 3:25 PM on October 19, 2005

I enjoyed reading this article in the ol snail paper this morning. If journalists did their jobs better, we'd have more Bunnies getting attention rather than being quietly whisked down the pay-scale.

And what Caddis said--the Elvin Hayes connection is badass.
posted by bardic at 4:07 PM on October 19, 2005

I've been following this story for awhile and can't understand why there's not more outrage in the main stream press.
posted by cedar key at 4:38 PM on October 19, 2005

Take a look at Judith Miller, take a look at the institutions that allowed this perversity, then ask yourself why the "MSM" does not care about this story. They are bankrupt, morally. The Washington Post still has enough of a spine to carry on, but most of the rest of the media has given up under the onslaught of the Internet, TV talking heads etc. I think in the end things will work out, and that what we are seeing is a dislocation caused by a change in markets and technology. However, the current situation is painful. I am hoping that Ms. Miller gets herself some serious prison time, along with Rove, Libby and perhaps even Darth Cheney. The ray of hope in all of this comes from people with courage, people like Greenhouse. This lady has balls that we can all admire. She is a patriot, make that a "PATRIOT!" Jefferson would be proud.
posted by caddis at 5:41 PM on October 19, 2005

what caddis said.
posted by all-seeing eye dog at 5:50 PM on October 19, 2005

bunny standing up to tyranny. you go girl!
posted by brandz at 6:59 PM on October 19, 2005

Smedleyman, I gather you're a veteran. Please don't think I'm belittling physical courage, one of the highest virtues in the military, but I think it's possible to be a hero even when the situation has no risk of bodily harm. Bunny is asking embarassing questions, which might seem like a small thing, but she's asking them repeatedly and publically of powerful adversaries, with no benefit to herself and potentially great cost. She's already been demoted and undoubtedly faces a long and ugly legal battle over her whistle-blowing. It takes real courage not to back down under the circumstances.

I believe Bunny is motivated by the same sense of honor, integrity and idealism that drive heroes who risk life and limb in other situations. In fact, it's conceivable that some people who possess great physical courage might not have the stomach for a prolonged legal battle.

Heroes fight the good fight on all sorts of battlefields.
posted by Quietgal at 8:53 PM on October 19, 2005

ask yourself why the "MSM" does not care about this story. They are bankrupt, morally.

There is another possible theory that has nothing to do with 'moral bankruptcy'. The congressional-military-industrial complex would be a reason to not report. How about a little MOCKINGBIRD? Or perhaps some just irrationally feel that corporate run news can find out what is going on aka - just plain incompetent.
posted by rough ashlar at 8:58 AM on October 20, 2005

but I think it's possible to be a hero even when the situation has no risk of bodily harm.
posted by Quietgal at 8:53 PM PST on October 19 [!]

*slams head repeatedly into desk*

Am I on the pay no mind list? Is it that hard for me to convey subtext?

Yeah. Everyone from Martin Luther to Jesus to MLK to...etc.

It's exactly what makes them heros.

Hence the -'isn't it always the way' thing in my post which would also be a dig at 'traditional' heros. Not Audie Murphy so much, but those held up and regarded as heros by society.

I love Joe DiMaggio, but I wouldn't call him a hero.

So - to say it clearly and in small words: yes, she is a hero. I believe she is a hero. What she is doing is heroic.

Jesus Fucking Christ man. No offense to you personally Quietgal, but misunderstanding my posts seems to be a running theme for me here.
posted by Smedleyman at 1:16 PM on October 21, 2005

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