Autumn Omakase
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Autumn Omakase - A Tasting Menu from Tatsu Nishino. A nine course primer to one chef's exploration of seasonal Japanese cooking. Provided as a lushly illustrated, freely downloadable 64 page pdf.
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I was going to post this yesterday, that site is awesome. Anyone have tips for printing this out at a place like Kinkos?
By the way, I first read about it here.
posted by bashos_frog at 8:04 PM on October 25, 2005

Not exactly 30 minute meals...

It all looks incredibly exciting in terms of what your palate would experience I just wonder how many of us could actually make this stuff and make it taste good.
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Kinko's should be able to print any PDF you give them. Whether or not you'll get into a copyright argument with the clerk, I can't say.
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bashos_frog: I posed that exact question on AskMefi but only got a few responses. Maybe we'll have some more now that it's a FPP.
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I'd just like to make a high quality book out of it. Two, actually - one for the bookshelf, the other for getting dirty in the kitchen. Reading this has also made me resolve to go try out Sugiyama, on W55th in NYC. They do various kaiseki menus,and the chef worked with Nishino, I believe.
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cho berigu!
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wow, that is fantastic. thanks!

i had a chance to sample similar (at least to my ignorant palette) japanese cuisine on my honeymoon at jewel baku in nyc. truly wonderful.

i may have to try one or two of these recipes, just to see if i can pull off something like this.
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Sorry its so hard to print it. I know this isn't realistic for everyone, but when we did the dry-run of the book (cooking the dishes ourselves for the chef to make sure the recipes worked) we did them at a friend's house who has an LCD monitor on a swingout arm mounted on the wall in his kitchen. This makes it easy to actually cook from the book in the kitchen.

That said, I admit, there's no substitute for a printed copy. Especially for a book full of pictures. (Though I still maintain the pictures look better on a backlit LCD than on a printed page.)
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Yay for food porn!
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Page 40. When I was working in Tokyo, I began to frequent a very small, well hidden Sushi restaurant in the Ebisu area. Mama-san, Papa-san and the Daughter. One evening when they were simply feeding me, he grabbed this large, spiny orb. Whacked off the spines and the proceeded to whack off the top. Did a little cleaning and handed the remaining carcass to me with a spoon. Gesturing with a scooping motion from hand to mouth, he communicated what I was expected to do. There were 5 orange strips still clinging to the interior.

It was with a fair amount of trepidation that I took the first scoop from the shell. I tasted the purity of the ocean that evening. There's really no other way of explaining it.
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And if you ever have the chance to experience Kaiseki, especially in Kyoto at one of the better Ryokans. Do it.
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Don't mean to threadjack, but michswiss, I'm currently in Tokyo for just over 48 more hours, and I'd LOVE to grab some sushi at your place (or any other great sushi places you could suggest) - could you drop me a note at capn capndesign com ...

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Damn brackets... capn {at} capndesign {dot} com
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where's a food replicator when you need one? drool.
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Wowza! Nice work, hillelc.

That's some beautiful stuff.
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The photography in this book is pretty astounding, I haven't seen anything quite like it before. I love how there are photos of every ingredient pre-cooking, from the raw fish fillet to the bottle of soy sauce.
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