Tales of Mere Existence
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Although originally posted in 1999, Tales of Mere Existence bears a repost, as the site has been updated since then with lots of new and hilarious films and comics about "stuff you think but don't talk about." (QT)
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The films from '94-'01 are great, too. And here is a good article about Lev, although unfortunately Jump Cuts was canceled or never ran.
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Crap!! Jealous is NSFW! I am flagging myself.
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i don't think it counts as "nsfw" if it's behind a jump on the first page. it's also animated...

is there some kind of statue of limitations on double posts? :)
posted by spiderwire at 11:02 PM on October 26, 2005

I don't know, there have only been 46,031 other posts since then. I'd give it a little longer.

[this is still good.]
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In a previous life I owned a indie film video distribution company and one day out of the blue a video arrived with a fucked up Sesame Street-esque feature on it. It was very strange. It was made by Lev. I didn't put it out but I had to think hard before turning it down. It wasn't animated but had live puppets. Too bad it's not on the site (that I could find).
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is there some kind of statue of limitations on double posts? :)

Yeah, I knew I wasn't really going to get called out for a double post, but if I didn't mention the original someone else would.
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This should be flagged NSF People Who Remember Surfing in 1999 and Now Feel Old.
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I've always thought that the big internet hit of 2001-2002, oddtodd.com, was a total ripoff of Lev's Tales of Mere Existence. Same deadpan voice and humor, but a total ripoff.
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And actually, his spots did run on Comedy Central. It was one segment from an animated show they ran just a couple times to fill some time slots though.
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But am I the only one who wants to know what a statue of lmitations looks like?
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The Holistic Fairness of the world always is there to make me feel better after a bad day.
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This is good and I haven't seen it before, so thanks. Cute, sad: Jealous is inspired.
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A statue of limitations just portrays Brittney Spears.
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Yeah -- I think that was called Jump Cuts, which was actually a pretty cool show. I dug it. They had some really great stuff on that one.
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