Environmental Causes of Cancer
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Environmental and Occupational Causes of Cancer: A Review of Recent Scientific Literature (PDF). There's a summary and analysis of the report in this article. (Via the Organic Consumers Association).
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The latest on REACH in Europe: Germany secures delay in EU chemical reform deal.
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What about the viral theory? Or can't that be coupled with an attack on capitalism and consumerism...
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No, it's more complicated than just tobacco with its toxic additives.

tell this to the nanny-state anti-smoking lobby who believes that smoking and second-hand smoke causes everything but HIV/AIDS. it's just too simple to blame tobacco yet everyone jumps on the bandwagon which creates further hostility in an already hostile society.
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Wow, Thanks. Great article.

an attack on capitalism and consumerism

I agree, we should ignore science when it doesnt jive with our world view.
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Avoiding Everyday Toxins
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