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Newest Doctor Who David Tennant received his first showcase tonight on the BBC's Children in Need Appeal in an excellent special episode written by Russell T Davies and also starring Billie Piper. In case anyone missed it, it's available online at their website, in streaming Real format. Fantastic!
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Stupid BBC, making me download realplayer so I could watch this. *grumbles*

That said: is is Christmas yet? No? How about now? I'm really looking forward to Tennant as the Doctor, judging from the short he looks like he's going to be fantastic.

Other good news: even though the show still hasn't found an American distributor*, us poor region 1 fans will be able to order the Canadian dvds come February.

On preview: No kidding. Maybe it will show up in better quality in a torrent or something later.

*Seriously, it's already played in South Korea and not here, WTF?!
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*has geekgasm*
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It might worth your while to visit mininova.
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High(er) quality version using H.264.

The Doctor Who Geek in me was very pleased to hear the Cloister Bell again, even if it wasn't mentioned by name.
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Eustacescrubb: I never said I hadn't seen the new series, but it would be nice to see them legally, on my television. ;)
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Rose is a little slow on the draw, huh.

Tennant seems pretty strong though.
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As a Yank who had never watched this show before last season, it's a shame that the same actor wasn't around to play the doc - he had a lot to do with why the show was good.
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If you don't like RealPlayer you can grab RealAlternative for playing it.
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Staggering Jack: I miss Christopher Eccleston too. But give Tennant a chance. Part of the fun of Doctor Who is seeing how each incarnation of the Doctor changes. And at least Tennant didn't pull a Colin Baker here and strangle his companion.

And, yes, Xmas is too far away.
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It's also in Windows Media format, you fools. Click settings.
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I'm sorry, I love the new series but that was terrible. At least five of its eight minutes consisted of Rose saying what have you done with the Doctor put him back even though C. Eccleston explained to her precisely what was going to happen. And one and a half minutes consisted of the two of them appealing to the audience under various pseduonyms, which I enjoyed quite a bit more. Not sure what the other minute and a half consisted of. Something to do with teeth, I think. And recap, and title sequence woo-ah-woo, ooo-ooo-ooh....

Okay, it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't much of a contribution either.
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Eccleston's Doctor was possibly my favorite (sans the forth doctor, but he's neigh-untouchable, isn't he?), and I'm not quite sold on how Tennant looks, but we'll see. The new series was pretty fantastic, so I trust Davies to know what he's doing now.
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i recently watched the mini series Casanova, and watching David Tennant in that removed any doubt in my mind about his ability to be a most excellent Doctor.

most of that clip was uninteresting, but when he was exploring his new body i could recognize what i was getting excited over.
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You got the Windows Media one to work P_G? It just froze when I tried it.

Anyway, yeah Eccleston was a damn fine Doctor, but after seeing Tennant's performance in Viva Blackpool lately I'm sure he'll be great. :)
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This new kids looks like a geek. Heck, he looks like he could be a MeFite. I can just picture him now, face awash in a blue glow, 2am, type some inane rubbish about Bush and a right wing conspiracy... But a jolly good bloke, nonetheless.
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Tennant gives a brilliant showing in the new Harry Potter film. Just by the by.
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Although I like most of his other stuff, I never liked Eccleston's portrayal of the Doctor. He came across as too manic for me. From what I saw last night, it looks like Tennant will be much better in the role.
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i'm with Rose--the new Doctor will have prove himself.

i did love that "hi, i'm letitia dean" thing (she was Sharon, no?)
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Eugh Billie Piper.

Married Chris Evans - here they are together

(NB: not the trim, built, handsome looking yankee Chris Evans btw)

Chris Evans is a ginger tosser - whose only real fame was due to the Big Breakfast - a uk tv show that he was one of the first presenters on. Though it was his co presenter, Denise Van Outen that the nation tuned in. She is perhaps this countries most lovable Essex girl - blonde, ditzy, gorgeous and smart and astute (she still gets into british lad mag surveys of worlds hottest woman and does very well).

Chris Evans is still a ginger tosser.

(and he'll never be Terry Wogan)

And all that without mentioning Billie Pipers actual entrance to our screens; with a pop career that literally spanned 1 awful song "Because We Want To"
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My girlfriend, too, is hesitant about Tennant. This seems to be par for the course with viewers for whom Eccleston was the first doctor.

Some of you have commented on doubts about the new Doctor's appearance. Remember the previous MetaFilter thread about Tennant's doctor's "geek chic" [vomit] appearance? Tennant clearly materialised in the previous Doctor's clothes, so I don't think you can take this as an indicator of how the new Doctor is going to look.
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13twelve: Big Breakfast AND TFI Friday, I'd have thought.
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Aye but hes still a ginger tosser.
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What the heck is a ginger tosser? BTW, I still think Tom Baker was the best Doctor.
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13Twelve, you have clearly forgotten the powerhouse pop performance of Honey to the B. And I think 'GirlFriend' hit no. 1 too, but I'd have a hard time remembering how to hum that, so let's forget I mentioned it.
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Some people in the UK hate people with red hair. I don't know why. It's probably that school playground pick-on-people-who-are-a-little-bit-different thing.

"Tosser" is a synonym for "wanker".

So, "ginger tosser" is "someone with red hair who masturbates".
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The interesting thing is how many people respond to how David Tennant looks, rather than the personality of the Doctor that he channels. The thing for me about Doctor Who (and I can't claim to be an expert or a fan) has always been the "other-worldliness" of his character, the fact that he is an alien who for one reason or another has taken an interest in the human race, or some parts of it. Christopher Eccleston was "manic" and we loved it - David Tennant will be - what? Ultra-geeky? Uber-exuberant? I couldn't really tell, the clip was too short, but it doesn't really matter - so long he takes it to the nth degree. For me, this clip augurs well. For once I'm looking forward to Christmas!

Oh yeah, and there was that year when I was eight...
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it's like he's always smiling (goofily), even when he's not--it's offputting.
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