Paper Toys
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Readymechs are free flatpack toys for you to print and build. {teefed from ArtDorks}
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I know what I'll be wasting time with on Monday, add a few caption balloons and there goes an hour.
posted by 517 at 10:42 PM on November 19, 2005

readymechs are awesome. my favorites (the ones i have on my desk) are Pal 9000 and Rex Box #1. I would have a brainsucker but my gf took it!
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So what exactly do these do?
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awesome. see also their t-shirts.
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Oh I think I need one of those bell-curve tees.
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see also yamaha paper crafts
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I like the bell-curve tee, and the savant / tard tee.
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Very Good.
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love it!
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These are pretty cute, but what's with the horizontal scrolling. I'm seeing this a lot lately and it's evil.
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Cool - I remember playing with a lot of papercraft toys when I was a kid (they usually came in book-form and I always felt bad about damaging the books).

JeffK - don't you have one of those fancy mice with vertical and horizontal scroll wheels? Yeah, I find it annoying too and no, I don't have a sidescroller mouse.
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BrotherCaine, thank you for pointing out the additional papercraft mefi links. My daughter (6 yo, very much into making stuff out of cut paper lately) is going to have a total blast with this stuff. Good thing I stocked up on replacement printer cartridges...
posted by beth at 10:14 AM on November 20, 2005

Notice that the supercomputer cut-out named PAL 9000 bears a caption bubble saying "Daisy?"
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Paper Transformers!
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As a kid, I attempted to construct this paper clock at least twice but was always too eager to finish it to put the proper degree of precision into it, and thus the mechanism would never work... I'd love to give it another shot one day.
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