It's about time
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It's about time someone designed a mother board for grrls. (You probably can't read the text, but the pictures are enough. Via Insane Hardware)
posted by Steven Den Beste (5 comments total)
Does it get any more ridiculous than this? seriously

anyway, blue is for boys (right?), and last i checked most motherboards were green.
posted by howa2396 at 3:25 PM on December 8, 2000

Hey, they'll target-market anything these days

"You go girl...staight to the store and buy our stuff!"
posted by Hackworth at 3:48 PM on December 8, 2000

In that first photo, the box to the right of the Sweet Kiss motherboards is marked "Lusty." Cute. (Right next to the Joy Pads, too!)
posted by waxpancake at 3:59 PM on December 8, 2000

Don't the Japanese just look up random words in English that sound cool and put them on products? Or at least that's the tendancy that I attempted to satirise here.
And Failed.

One thing I would say about all that pink computer stuff is that it makes me kinda horney. So I suppose I'll have to get a job to get some money to import one or something.
posted by davidgentle at 9:24 PM on December 8, 2000

What's wrong with this? I often give my mobo a sweet kiss and tell it it is pretty. Uh ...
posted by dhartung at 9:52 PM on December 8, 2000

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