Tell me more of the furniture and the glory.
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"Tell me more of Elemenstoring, Dogus." From the tiny seed of a news post, a new world has taken form. Too bad it never existed.
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Huh. You know, when I originally read the newspost over at PA I was in a hurry and only skimmed. I've been assuming that it WAS something real that I just hadn't heard of. I hadn't bothered to look into it any more so far.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention; apparently it went right over my head.
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I was going to write "Some people have too much time on their hands" in a snarky and superior, then I remembered how often I visit MeFi on any given day.
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That is an amazing idea. I wish stuff like this had been around when I was a kid.
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I'm speechless; I mean, I'm certainly impressed, but like Stunt, above, I only skimmed the article when Tycho first posted it. That an army of writerly nerds would create a universe so quickly and so completely... it's just... stunning. Also, just cause it's fun to type: Nice post, Loser!
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Wired: Four days isn't a lot of time to weave an entire fantasy world of whole cloth. Yet in less than a week, scores of people from all across the world have crafted the Epic Legends of the Hierarchs: The Elemenstor Saga, a detailed history of the world of Battal, where powerful wizards seek adventure with ambulatory furniture at their side.
Ha!!! Up yours, Tolkein!

How odd, though- I read the same news article a few days ago, thinking he was just being cute, but apparently the PA legions banded together on short notice in a spirit of... whimsy.

Yeah... I wish they had the Internet like this when I was a kid! :(
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I'm also confused - where does Tycho link to the Wiki in the first place? I mean, he mentions seeding the piece with some of the plot outline, but he never actually reveals the location. I wonder if it's something people in the PA WoW guild were told and it spread from there, or what?
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Tycho links to the wiki in a later news post.
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[this is glorious]
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*starts painting miniatures
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Hah... it never occurred to me that it wasn't real. When Gabe posted a Wizbits picture in one of his newsposts saying "Those characters look like something I would have drawn" I said to myself "Wow, he's right" without even making the now-obvious connection.
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I was wondering who all those trick and treaters were dressed up as. Damn Wizbits.

(I, too, just glanced over it and assumed it was nothing. HOLY CRAP. This is awesome.)
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(Also, Jorge Luis Borges heartily approves from his home dimension.)
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