Fritz Richmond dies
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Fritz Richmond, former washtub bass player for the Jim Kweskin Jug Band, has died. Richmond pioneered the use of the homemade washtub bass, and taught himself to use the jug as a musical instrument. He was one of the favorites of the Cambridge folk scene of the 1960s. More here.
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This reminds me of a band I saw playing in the T at Harvard Square in the mid-nineties. They were called "The Big Deal Whiz-Bang Band" or something like that. They had a washtub bass, a guy on the washboard/other percussion, a blind lead guitarist and a crazy rhythm guitar guy who flitted around saying "thank-you, thank-you" as people dropped change in their hat.

They looked nutty, but they sounded great. I've never been able to find out anything about them--maybe they were just an ad hoc group of local buskers.
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Those damn hippies never could figure out what a washtub was really for.

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When you have patchoulli, washing becomes optional.

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I know this has been discussed on MetaFilter before, but in case you all missed it, Fritz Richmond's old band, The Jim Kweskin outfit, were not only terrifically entertaining (with for a time Maria Mulduar as their girl -- and I do mean girl -- singer), they also spawned one of the strangest cults of the 1960s: the Mel Lyman cult. With their house in Roxbury, their carpentry and their LSD, they were a legend in their time. Any student of the true weirdness of the 60s needs to be aware of them.
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If you can't play the jug, you can't play with me.
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Not even if I buy you a Chevrolet?
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Also, the Mel Lyman/Charles Manson connection has a high creep-factor.
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I've found that plastic tubs yield a more mellow and adjustable sound than the steel tubs, though some may consider that heresy. Still, it's all about using what's at hand.
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