Wayfarers, Ahoy
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Wayfaring.com -- Share your personalized Google maps of your favorite watering holes, hiking trails, or roadside attractions, using numerous customization features. Still in its early stages, you can follow its growing pains on the development blog or post bug reports in the forums.
posted by Gator (4 comments total)
Oh, God. Something else to squander time on!
posted by Miko at 4:48 PM on December 2, 2005

I'd love to see MeFites using this. It does feature tagging, so we could tag our maps with "metafilteruser" as some of us do with Flickr. Just a thought.
posted by Gator at 4:55 PM on December 2, 2005

I'd love to see something like this where people plot nice motorcycle routes. I have fun exploring on my own, but it'd be cool when a few people want a nice ride to avoid high traffic and dead ends. This definitely has potential.
posted by knave at 5:27 PM on December 2, 2005

WIth the advent of googlemaps api being released, TONS of geolocation type web2.0 apps are popping up!!
Its unbelievable!
posted by sprockett at 11:55 PM on December 2, 2005

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