Hey Ricky you're so fine...
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The first episode of a new podcast by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant (of Extras and The Office fame). If you need a bigger fix, try the archive of their radio shows from the last few years.
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Thanks for posting this, fantastic stuff!
posted by xvs22 at 12:40 PM on December 5, 2005

Some laugh out loud stuff in the archives of Monkey News. I don't care of Karl is real or not.

So, you get a bulb...
posted by Constant Reader at 12:46 PM on December 5, 2005

Awesome, thanks!
posted by tpl1212 at 12:48 PM on December 5, 2005

I had this link bookmarked but forgot to go grab the podcast when it came out today. THanks for the reminder. And this is very, very funny.
posted by thecjm at 12:59 PM on December 5, 2005

This is great! Thanks!
posted by amarynth at 1:01 PM on December 5, 2005

Why the fuck is it 56kbps? Fuck! Fuuuuck
posted by jimmy at 1:01 PM on December 5, 2005

I would be fascinated if someone would explain what they found funny about this.
posted by beniamino at 1:09 PM on December 5, 2005

beniamino: Serious discussions on absurd topics=comedy formula.
posted by PHINC at 1:14 PM on December 5, 2005

The discussion as to whether there had ever been a banana-dispensing machine built into a rocket was worth it...
posted by Chrischris at 1:22 PM on December 5, 2005

The funniest thing is there really are people like Karl...
posted by funambulist at 1:30 PM on December 5, 2005

posted by zeoslap at 1:34 PM on December 5, 2005

I thought it was fucking hilarious. Not HJO AIDS funny, but...

And say you were going to listen to this on the subway during your commute, would people think you're complete insane for giggling almost without ceasing?
posted by Keith Talent at 1:37 PM on December 5, 2005

Keith - I've garnered some funny looks. It's worth it. It tends to keep the crazies away at least.
posted by Constant Reader at 1:38 PM on December 5, 2005

Yeah, I caused a scene listening to this. When something is THIS funny how can you not laugh so hard you fall over on top of your desk?
posted by cusack at 1:52 PM on December 5, 2005

I would be fascinated if someone would explain what they found funny about this.

posted by Peter H at 1:53 PM on December 5, 2005

Thanks! Forgot this was coming out. Great stuff.
posted by dig_duggler at 2:29 PM on December 5, 2005

Thanks. Great stuff. Monkey with headphones...
posted by ClanvidHorse at 3:08 PM on December 5, 2005

I would be fascinated if someone would explain what they found funny about this.

The fact that Karl was a loon (and near as I could tell a bonafied loon).

Karl's Theories:
1. He doesn't like the ipods because we don't need any more stuff we're pretty full up on modernity it seams. Ditto for AIDS or Cancer cures...

2. The first monkey in space was trained via an banana dispensing machine to press both the launch button and the steering controls.

3. Dinosaurs and Man walked the earth together.

The funny kicks in once you realize there are plenty of people out there exactly like this and remember some drunken conversation you had once with one of them...
posted by aaronscool at 3:21 PM on December 5, 2005

Thanks aaronscool! I think my failure to be amused and your amusement are two sides of the same coin. My thought was 'I've had this conversation with countless drunk blokes in pubs, and they never put us on the radio. What's special about these guys?' And yours was more like 'This is a funny pastiche/satire of all those crazy drunk blokes I've met in pubs over the years.'

Peter H: The reports of the death of my sense of humour are greatly exaggerated. But thanks for the sympathy.
posted by beniamino at 3:54 PM on December 5, 2005

Keith, my morning commute on the train and I couldn't stop laughing at times. Good thing everyone was asleep. Eventually I had to stop it, I just couldn't keep quiet enough for my embarassment level.

The guy is a loon, but didn't they introduce him as their producer? Must be an act.
posted by zardoz at 7:47 PM on December 5, 2005

"you know how they say people have sixth senses; well there's loads more than that..." ha ha ha

great post!

btw, The Guardian also ran a feature a few months back about the former Liverpool player turned medium Derek Acorah (formely Johnson) that Karl talks about.
posted by forallmankind at 8:33 PM on December 5, 2005

this was so funny it hurt. i actually forgot to breath at one point.
posted by quarsan at 10:10 PM on December 5, 2005

I have been listening to Karl "the K-Man" Pilkington for as long as he's been producing Ricky and Steve's radio shows, and I'm pretty convinced this is his actual personality. Delve through the archives if you don't believe me! My favorite Karl story ever is his misunderstanding about infinite monkeys typing the complete works of Shakespeare - I cried with laughter when I first heard it.
posted by greycap at 11:34 PM on December 5, 2005

Ok, I listened to this on my commute home...and it was perhaps one of the funniest, greatest, most brilliant things ever.

This is my first subscribed-to podcast.
posted by tpl1212 at 5:31 AM on December 6, 2005

Heh. I used to go out with Steve's housemate. Most of the time I was ever in the pub with him it just involved heavy collective use of pub quiz machines, so perhaps he was using up all his talking shit-ness on Saturday afternoon radio. In fact IIRC he almost caused my demise while trying to cure my hiccups by screaming suddenly and very loudly in my face while I drank a glass of water (didn't cure hiccups but I did shoot water out of my nose onto the fridge to avert choking, I think).

/stops showing off about minor brush with celebrity and slinks off to revert to initial jealousy caused by now living in a place with rubbish and expensive internet connection so can't download these without paying a gazillion pounds.
posted by penguin pie at 5:55 AM on December 6, 2005

After having laughed out loud regularly while watching Extras I was looking forward to a trainride listening to Gervais.
I found it just like the average set of boring DJ's talking. Not so inanely achingly boring that it trancends to the higher plane of hilariousness. Just boring boring.
It might be that it has something to do with english not being my native tongue. Maybe.

I agree with beniamo that it's intriguing that some people find this hilarious.

Metafilter apparently is the wormhole that connects our alternate universes.

If only I could download your version of the podcast.
posted by jouke at 9:24 AM on December 6, 2005

Can I ask a stupid non-tech geek question? Is it possible to download the archived stuff for listening on an iPod? I couldn't figure it and think probably not, but listening to the podcast while walking home was so fucking funny I had to stop TWICE because I couldn't breathe...

I think Karl is my new idol. "Banana dispenser".
posted by tristeza at 5:10 PM on December 6, 2005

I don't have enough techno-fu to sort out the proper archive stuff, but you can listen to their recent (summer 2005) run of shows and download them via mp3 here.
posted by greycap at 2:21 PM on December 7, 2005

greycap, I think I love you. Thanks!
posted by tristeza at 7:45 AM on December 9, 2005

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