Master Manole
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Master Manole built the Curtea de Arges Monastery. According to legend, he couldn't complete the work without sacrificing someone dear to him, and his hubris upon completing the work lead him to a tragic end. It's a touching story, and now you can play the game.
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Strategy for the game: Fly low, catch as many haystacks as you can. You can pretty easily get over 200,000 points that way. Don't bother going for the wings, they don't give enough extra energy to be worth it.
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Yep. Get 220000 or so following htat approach -- anything else seems to be a losing game.
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So do I have to rtfa to know why a well magically appears wherever he crashes?
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I know people who actually still sing this ballad. I heard it sung about two months ago. They live in houses with no electricity. Finding a (page won't load for me) web based game based on Mesterul Manole means I can no longer deal with the 21st century. La revedere. Acuma ma duc sa fi baut. Sanitate!
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And my mutant ability to miss haystacks once again manifests itself...

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