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Looking for a flat in Switzerland? Yes, yet more ajax-y, web2.0 stuff, with satellite maps. This site crawls a number of swiss realty sites, and displays the available flats on a dynamic, zoomable map, according to your search criteria.
posted by slater (6 comments total)
Hmm, I like the 'normal' site a lot and use it quite often, but this seems to be a bit flimsy on IE6. Also if I search for example for the 8050 zipcode it still wants to show me everything from Schwammendingen until the Z├╝richsee.

But it does give a good oversight of the houses on the map, I wonder if they have a agreement with or are just scraping their site?
posted by sebas at 4:59 AM on December 19, 2005

i'm about to move to DC and would absolutely LOVE to have something like
posted by NGnerd at 7:01 AM on December 19, 2005

This works great in Firefox 1.5. I really like the slider controls for things like Price and Rooms. The background of the slider is a histogram of offers! These guys are innovative; is the best online map for Switzerland. Unless I misremember, it was doing the Ajaxy "scroll by dragging map" thing before Google Maps launched.

NGnerd: here's a real estate / Google Maps thing for Washington DC. I don't know how good their real estate data is, but it looks useful.
posted by Nelson at 7:35 AM on December 19, 2005

it uses craigslist apartment listings data, pretty useful, but not 100% completely complete...
posted by stratastar at 8:11 AM on December 19, 2005

We've got this in Seattle. I love it for compulsive real-estate window shopping.
posted by marvin at 10:38 AM on December 19, 2005

Nelson, thank you very much!
posted by NGnerd at 12:29 PM on December 19, 2005

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