EU weather satelite unit
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accurate weather forecasts...yes... Add your own sound effects.
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MSG is bad for you, isn't it?
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Given this appears to be a much larger and significant investment than the previous Meteosat platforms, I wonder if the designers are at all worried about the major sunspot (read: coronal mass ejections) that have been happening over the past few years. These have the possibility of seriously damaging even shielded equipment.. hopefully nothing drastic happens, that would be a shame given what this new satellite can do.
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What feature of this is supposed to give us better forecasts than before? I mean, this is one of the things that I'm disappointed with in today's technology. They can't do weather for crap. For example, this week, there was supposed to be a big storm in San Francisco on Tuesday--never happened. I would love to see an example where they could actually predict the weather with some kind of accuracy, but, until it's actually shown, I just don't believe it. This whole modern technology fad just doesn't do it for me.
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Anecdotal evidence is king!
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Perfect, they can now tell you precisely how cold and shitty London will be tomorrow, up until now Brits were informed with vague notions cold and shitty days ahead.

I almost wore trunks.
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