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1896. The presidential campaign in political cartoons and annotations. Including: Popocratic Witches; Goldbug variations; Bryan the Lion (a link in the Oz connection); the Populist Pandora; Resurrecting Secession; and so much more.
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Wow, what a treasure trove! I stuck in my thumb and pulled out this plum:
Woman in the Electoral College.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. Nov. 6--For the first time in history a woman will vote as a member of the electoral college for a President of the United States. This woman is Mrs. Sarah Malloy of this city. She was requested to run on the Republican ticket and accepted.... Mrs. Malloy has lived in Wyoming since 1870. She is in full sympathy with the woman suffrage, which has been in vogue in Wyoming ever since she settled in it. She has served as a delegate to Republican county conventions, and has always done her duty. She never misses voting on election day.

While Mrs. Malloy takes extreme interest in politics, she is a good housewife and a kind mother. She has four children, the eldest a civil engineer 18 years old. Mr. Malloy is superintendent of the Union Pacific Railroad from Cheyenne to Ogden, a stretch of 500 miles. Many of his Democratic friends in the service of the road voted for the wife of their superior officer. Mrs. Malloy is being congratulated for the unique distinction thrust upon her. She will cast her electoral vote for Major McKinley.

--Woman's Exponent, 15 December
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Nice post! On a lark I picked up Presidential Campaigns by Paul Boller at the library today. Your links are a great supplement.
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[This is great!] (I just watched the movie Inherit the Wind tonight.)
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Poor Bryan—what a comedown from '96 to being a national laughingstock in the Scopes trial.
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My own first reading about Bryan was probably Mencken's savaging of him (oh for a Mencken take on GWB, I expect it would be similar, despite Mencken's conservatism), and after reading some of those reports and rememberances, Bryan has always just seemed like too much of a buffoon.
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Totally excellent post, thanks.
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