Pixels for you, pixels for me.
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Random Screen is a mechanical thermo dynamic display which does not rely on any electricity. Stuff you learnt in school helps!
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Cue Travolta.
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Be sure to see the video.
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I want one, anyone find plans?
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I thought it had been sped up significantly until I saw the hand reach in.

It´s like a classy version of the redneck bug zapper and six pack evening.
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This seems like a do-able DIY project: Cardboard squares covered with thin paper. Set up something like a basic German candle pyramid behind each one?
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Neat, but looks like a fire accident waiting to happen...
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Metafiler: Neat, but looks like a fire accident waiting to happen.
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'Filter'. meh.
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For me pretty colors are worth a little electricity--movie here too. Same basic design, different light source. Grid structure is rigid white plastic (light needs to bounce around in each cubicle), and the front screen is card-weight translucent mylar?, to diffuse light. Simple, ingenious, makes pretty patterns.
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That's insanely cool, fire hazard or no. I want (to make) one.

I'm not sure who first made these cellular lightboxes, but the first references I've heard of them are related to either William Burroughs or Genesis P. Orridge and/or Temple ov Psychick Youth. I've seen many variations of these under the umbrella label of "Psychic TV" - ones that are just de-tunered CRTs which you play with with magnets, TVs tuned to a dead channel with a thick glass of rippled, fractured acrylic slab and melt over the screen, lightboxes, weird tuner configurations, active oscillators, and more.

I have a friend who once built a very tiny lightboxed TV out of an old pocket color TV. The cells were comprised of equal-width strips of paper rolled up into varying-width cylinders packed together on end, with a thin semi-opaque sheet of plastic or vellum over them. The random, bubble-or-foam-packed-style nature of the screen with the round cells was gorgeous and mesmerising. It worked quite well.

There's also something ultimately very neat about mixed, diffused, colored light. It's much different than a naked CRT, or even natural light.
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Here in the UK you can buy the Habitat daft punk coffee table (The official website is a mess of flash animations, so thats an old ebay auction.)
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For me pretty colors are worth a little electricity

Don't need it. Just put gels around the cans that spin around the candle.

The high output version would use old carbide lamps. This also boosts the danger from "house burns down" to "house blows up". On the other hand, there's no downside.
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Now we just need a mechanical thermodynamic computer which doesn't rely on any electricity to send signals to this monitor.
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That is cool. Thanks for the link.
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I wish I was creative and smart.
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very beautiful.
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I like it. I wish Slarty Bartfast was creative and smart too.
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[this is good.]
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