Sexy pixels.
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Digital Artform is a fascinating resource for those interested in 3D graphics, digital painting, and the like. How about turning 2D stills into 3D animations, the truth about motion blur and colour mixing, or outlines in action? Also, a recipe for making your own Viewmaster reels, and the politics of colour saturation.
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Crap FPP.

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Metafilter: Theres just no way of pleasing it sometimes.
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zeno's paradox, baby. previously mentioned (2000 years ago).
nice post, im obsessed with this kind of theory
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I really want to try that outline method.
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I think it's great. Been looking for something like this. Duly bookmarked.
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Is this there anything there describing a method for using still photos to construct 3D images of buildings? I would like to be able to start with a few historic photos of a building or collection of buildings and (magically, of course) finish with a 3D image that could be toured virtually.
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Whoa, its like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So now if he self links on the front page it'll be a double AND a self-link? Sweet!
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Seriously, Joe Francis presents some of the most unique, useful, thoughtful material on the net. I've never met a site with information like his. I keep telling myself I'm going to download the entire thing and save it forever. Someday I hope to have knowledge like his, and use it for good or evil.

Pracowcity- Realvis makes software called ImageModeler that does something like what you want. But it's not magic and it's not cheap.
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Smart Pixels might be a better title for this FPP. Thanks, jfrancis, for answering a bunch of my questions (most recent of which is the greyscale/desaturation thing).
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Ha ha. Now he can't self-link.
(Pretty cool site, though. Glad it was posted.)
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A friend of mine in school printed out viewmaster reels on plain old slides. You tear apart a viewmaster real, take some measurements and then create an image for your slide with both images on it and transformed properly (tilted etc.) Then you can use a 35 mm slide printer.
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