I'm blue, da boo dee, da boo die...
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Blue Gene bears Blue Brain beats Deep Blue. Dr. Henry Markram answers questions in the FAQ. Neurons are beautiful. Blue Gene/L is now the fastest supercomputer in the world. IBM Research rocks. Deep Blue beat Kasparov almost a decade ago. Feeling Blue?
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I like to sit and watch my nuclear thermodynamics calculations unfold while drinking a refreshing Pepsi Deep Blue.
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I'm just amazed that IBM are building the processors for all three of the new-generation consoles. Indeed, who would have thunk.
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It still has trouble with Half-Life 2. Go figure.
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Meh just a bunch of PowerPC 700 Mhz processors. 64 racks 1024/ rack = 65536. Oh and those are dual core processors so thats like 131072 processors. From a system/software perspective that's impressive, but as far as cutting edge processor technology the power6/cell chips are more impressive.
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I wonder if Laurie Anderson had a hand in this?
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some beautiful stuff, thanks
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This cracked me up.
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I'm pretty sure algorithms has advanced so much that commercial chess programs like Junior running on a modern laptop can beat the original Deep Blue at chess.
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