Intimate reading - corset books
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Corset books - recycle your underwear as art? To explore issues related to women's body image, Tamar Stone creates books from "corrective" women's undergarments. (via art for housewives)
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Nicely weird, thanks madamjujujive.

"I wasn't trying to get into her pants officer. I was just hoping to read her book"
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[Rodney Dangerfield] "I tell ya, my wife's so fat, I donated a pair of her undies to some artist broad who uses them to bind books, and they came back this morning wrapped around all six volumes of Winston Churchill's memoirs, along with a note welcoming me to the book of the month club." [/Rodney Dangerfield]
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regionalfilter: If you live in the SF bay area and like book arts, check out the yearly book arts jam.
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That looks fun, BrotherCaine - thanks.

That made me think of another book festival, the rather unique edible book festival.

(There is joke potential here about corset books and edible books, but I haven't quite got it ... )
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But will she tackle the merkin next?
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These are just incredible. My favorite is the one (scroll down; next to last) that has a tiny salesman sample bra stitched inside a regular bra!
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