Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine
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Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine (1896) (some images NSFW).
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If you're ever in Philly, check out the Mütter Museum.
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Very cool link. Medicine is such a new science; it's interesting to see how things were perceived not so long ago. (Plus, it's full of weirdness. Cool.)
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Excellent; thank you for this. I've been wanting to look at the print edition, but have been having a hard time getting it at my library. Internet to the rescue. This made my day.
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This is great. Excellent link!
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Nipple, face, and eye menstruation! Leg menstruation! Gum menstruation! This is fabulous.
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"In his memoirs of the old Academy of Surgery in Paris, Morand speaks of a monk who, to cure a violent colic, introduced into his fundament a bottle of l'eau de la reine de Hongrie, with a small opening in its mouth, by which the contents, drop by drop, could enter the intestine. He found he could not remove the bottle, and violent inflammation ensued. It was at last necessary to secure a boy with a small hand to extract the bottle.

heh. this is good.
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Yikes! and that's from pre-KY days too...
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Son of goatse.
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It's on Gutenberg, too.
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I downloaded it off of Gutenburg last year and have been reading it now and then. Very interesting and strange reports. It makes you wonder about the variety of things that have happened through history. Is there anything comparative to this that is contemporary?

I also remember finding a similar book in the college library about geological anomalies. Unforunately I can't find any mention of it in a cursory search through the web. The geological book had all sorts of interesting things about animals found in mines, and amazing rocks and fossils throughout history.
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You know, I thought the Internet opened up porn to like a sixth plateau, a whole new level of kink previously unknown to man, but pics like this along with lil' ass boy up there, and I'm beginning to suspect we're actually falling behind.
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Gross-ness! AAAAAAHH!!

That's better. (So, how many clicks did it take before you jumped to the big gonads shots?)
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Wow, an old textbook of medical curiosities, and it's not even my birthday. Thanks.
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