The Center For Cartoon Studies
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The Center for Cartoon Studies, nestled in the historic village of White River Junction, Vermont, will learn you up good on how to be a comic artist/graphic novelist. They operate under the charter of the National Association of Comics Art Educators; Charles Schulz's widow Jean hooked them up with funding for a library in town. When you apply for admission, don't forget to include that story about you, the snowman, and the robot. A photo tour of the Center and its surroundings can be seen here.
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Thanks, Gator! Despite the involvement of my arch-foe James Kolchaka, the CCS is pretty cool. Founder James Sturm also wrote a week-long journal for Slate that you may like.
posted by Alvy Ampersand at 6:53 AM on February 13, 2006

See also The Cartoon Art Museum.
posted by majick at 8:12 AM on February 13, 2006

Thanks for this Gator -- I was familiar with the school, but it was great to see the photo tour!
posted by Robot Johnny at 8:19 AM on February 13, 2006

No classes by The Family Circus' Bill Keane? A travesty!
posted by a47danger at 8:40 AM on February 13, 2006

As an aside, check out Backstage at the Strips by Mort Walker if you'd like to get a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes stuff on daily comic strips. Great reading.
posted by dr_dank at 8:47 AM on February 13, 2006

My wife (an art teacher) got a couple packets from this school to give to students that would be interested. I always love the recruiting materials for art schools.
posted by zsazsa at 9:02 AM on February 13, 2006

No way. I used to spend summers in White River when I was a kid. My grandparents lived right on the river, a couple miles upstream from where it meets the Connecticut River.
posted by glycolized at 9:14 AM on February 13, 2006

Looks like a nice place, and $14,500 a year isn't too bad for an art school. It's nice to see a higher education institution dedicated solely to cartooning, and sounds like a great place for someone that wants to concentrate less on represenative drawing to focus more on storytelling and structure.

I wonder how this place will compare with the Jack Kirby school down in NJ?
posted by slip81 at 9:31 AM on February 13, 2006

It just makes me feel good knowing places like these are out there.
posted by Eideteker at 2:29 PM on February 13, 2006

If you can draw (and quarter) Bob White — or even if you can't, you can be Vice President!
posted by rob511 at 2:32 PM on February 13, 2006

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