The Book Of Ralph (Reed)
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The Book of Ralph. "A True Graphic Novel On Ralph Reed" written by Doug Monroe from Atlanta's Creative Loafing, drawn by Josh Latta of CuteGirlDemographics, and based entirely on potent quotables from Mr Reed himself.
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They left out Reed's short stint with Microsoft.
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That's fantastic - anyone curious about the Abramoff section, I encourage you to read Al Franken's The Truth (with jokes), which has a chapter on Reed & Abramoff's Indian Casino hypocracy that is as funny as it is troubling. Also - what's the Lisa Baron quote in this piece about her large vagina??
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D'oh! Never mind. Google is my friend.
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On the subject of Ralp Reed, I'm forced to agree with, god help me, Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog. Attempting to "interview" Reed as he all but ran away, Triumph asked one of the great rhetorical questions of our age:

"Ralph, how can you be against gay rights when you yourself have a pole up your ass?"
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The Sunday Paper is a ridiculous rag and Lisa Baron is a ridiculous person. As is her ridiculous radio personality husband.
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Ewwwww, that's Jimmy Baron's wife? I had had a tiny speck of respect for him for some reason ... I guess in comparison to that Barnes retard anyone looks enlightened.

The Sunday Paper is indeed sad and best avoided, but it shouldn't be in business much longer anyway (see also: Southline, Atlanta Press, etc.). Creative Loafing has the alt weekly market in Atlanta sewn up, and deservedly so.

Besides Doug Monroe, one of my favorite writers for his relaible muckracking about Atlanta politics, CL's Andisheh Nouraee has a great column called Don't Panic! which briefs you on topical issues, sort of like Slate's Explainer but more opinionated and with his absurdist sense of humor.
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