Going Down the Crooked Road
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Going Down the Crooked Road. Explore the sights and sounds of Virginia's Heritage Music Trail.
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See also this, and this. #2 is an article I wrote about a couple of places on the trail - the Floyd Country Store and the Carter Family Fold. Both very cool.
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While your in VA, don't forget America's Whiskey Trail. VA has it all, music, liquor and love (should be the state motto).
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I've biked a lot of that territory. I love far southwest Virginia; in character, it is a state unto itself. Floyd county is a wonderland, too.
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Don't forget tobacco and horses, stbalbach.
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cool post. i plan a group motorcycle trips during the spring , summer and fall, out of TN. so this map will be most helpful. thanks.
posted by nola at 3:20 PM on February 21, 2006

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