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China Pictures is a free picture site featuring [thousands of ] pictures throughout China, including pictures of China's major cities and tourist attractions as well as pictures of Chinese people and their daily life. You will find not only pictures of the famous Great Wall of China, the forbidden City and the Terracotta Warriors, but also pictures from the unbeaten path as far as Guizhou, Xinjiang, Tibet and other places.
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The nice thing about this site is the categories:

China City Photos
China Topic
Chinese Festivals
Chinese People
Mountains and Rivers

It looks at the user of the site from a different point of view:

What kind of person are you ? the kind of person who like cities ? rivers and mountains or perhaps people ?

I must admit that I like it much better than the free tagging I'd expect to see in 2006 website.
posted by nbd at 9:20 AM on February 25, 2006

Fan-friggin-tastic. Almost all of the Beijing pictures seem to be taken on overcast days, but perhaps that's representative. For some amazing pics of new architecture being done in China (largely in preparation for 2008), see here, and for some equally jaw-dropping (likely photoshopped) pics of rural vistas, see here.
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I've been in love with China since birth... there is no experience or event in my history to explain it, but that admiration and desire to travel there has always been with me...

This site just deepens all of those feelings...
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Almost all of the Beijing pictures seem to be taken on overcast days, but perhaps that's representative.
Right you are. Between the dust from Mongolia, the smoke from coal, the exhaust from unmitigated internal combustion, and the - well, clouds - Beijing doesn't get a whole lot of blue sky.
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Great post. Thanks.
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I found taking pictures in China challenging. The light is very different, at least where I've been, and you have to try hard not to take outdoor picture that lack contrast and colors. I still spend a lot of time in post processing trying to obtain what I want.

Indoor is different.
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Enjoyed gsteff's link to Business Week's survey of new (mostly) Beijing architecture. Amusing how the recently completed Grand National Theater is quite reminiscent of this smaller, equally iconic, design.
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