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Random Rules, a new[ish] feature of the Onion: A.V. Club. They ask a rocker/writer/comedian/whatever to set their MP3 player to "shuffle" and comment on the first few tracks that come up. This probably could have been very boring, but it actually ended up kind of interesting. See Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse call Belle and Sebastian a “one-fuckin'-trick pony”. Enjoy David Cross waxing poetic about R.E.M.’s Murmur. From the main link, read the description of the raw sexual chemistry that existed between David Berman of the Silver Jews and the actress that played Ginger on Gilligan's Island.
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I lol'd at Ben Gibbard's comment on Jandek: "At some point a couple of years ago, I bought three Jandek records and realized at that point that I really only needed one."
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God, I forgot that I really don't like Isaac Brock.
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The Streets, "Who Dares Wins"

DC: Another great album. I'm so excited for his next album. Have you ever seen The Streets live? That kid is a spitfire! Bundle of English energy!

AVC: His accent sounds fake.

DC: That's because you were brought up on shitty movies.

I Heart David Cross.
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Modern music threads on metafilter depress the hell out of me because I haven't even heard of 90% of the bands people talk about.
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Mike Skinner's accent does sound pretty fake.
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Will Oldham was down here doing Greatest Palace Music, he wanted to get Don Williams to sing on it, and we tried and we tried…

Every day I find a new reason to love Will Oldham and David Berman a little bit more.
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Mike Skinner's accent is fake.
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This is good but it would be better as a podcast.

Never thought I would write that sentence.
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Will Oldham was down here doing Greatest Palace Music, he wanted to get Don Williams to sing on it, and we tried and we tried…
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I misread that at first, and thought that they were saying that they wanted Don Williams to actually be the sole vocalist on the album, and I thought that in some alternate reality, someone was listening to Don Williams Sings Greatest Palace Music. I contemplated that lucky alternate-reality-living-in bastard with much wailing and gnashing of teeth. I am okay now though.
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This probably could have been very boring, but it actually ended up kind of interesting.

I thought it was pretty boring, actually.
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This was great.
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Ok, I'll play along. First 5 tracks, no cheating:

1) God is Love - Marvin Gaye

God fucking dammit! I thought I deleted that song. I should have cheated. Ok, next . . .

2) Dirty Larry - Dimitri from Paris

Ok, I think I got this on an Mp3 blog or something (Moore's law + P2P + Mp3 blogs has ensured that I pointlessly download dozens of songs a day now). Standard mood music for people who mistakenly think they're players.

3) Cul de Sac - Tomahawk

Mike Patton, you crazy lovable bastard. Avant metal, music for people under no illusion that they're players.

4) bp8

I have some Cowboy Bebop import albums I ripped from someone in college, but didn't care about track names then. Now I do, and I have no way of actually finding out what the songs are called. Amazon is no help. Anyway, whatever it's called this one has some crazy ska interlude.

5) Superman - Eminem

Hmm, guess we're at the end and none of my cool hipster cred music popped up. Oh well. Ok, so I like this album, want to fight about it? Sadly, by the way, this in practice (as opposed to in theory) is the kind of music you actually get girls with - bless you lowest common denominator.
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Mike Skinner's accent is a weird combination of Brummie and adopted Saaarf Lahndahn.
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Since I'm a compulsive collector, I have so much crap on my iPod Archos that I (sometimes have) never listened to, that most of the responses would probably be "Oh, I've got this?"
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dgaicun: Use Music Brainz to tag music you don't have info for.
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dgaicun, my fiance loves this one particular eminem song ("Lose Yourself", I think) and sings along -- even plays it for her classes. Embarrasses the hell out of her 15 year old son.

As for "Superman" -- isn't that the one with the line "It'd be so empty without me"? I like the ragtime version better, myself. (No, seriously, I do. It's great. Much more playful-sounding.)
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David Cross is hilarious. The rest I didn't find all that interesting. I am going to miss Arrested Development.
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Ooooh, I didn't know we were going to play. Okay, here I go:

1) Price of Gasoline - Bloc Party

Wow, kicking ass right off the bat. This is my favorite song from Silent Alarm. Everybody got so excited when this album came out, because it fucking rocks, and then it got so over-hyped that people hate it now. Well, fuck that. Rock is rock.

2) You Can't Hurry Love - The Concretes

This song is okay, but I am not crazy about it. This band is Norwegian or something. Ditto to dgaicun that the prevalence of music available results in the acquiring of lots of random music that you don't feel one way or another about.

3) Late in the Day - Superdrag

Decidedly average indie pop. disappointing entry.

4) Third Planet - Modest Mouse

Awesome. One of the best songs on one of the best albums of the last fifteen years. This album absolutely blew me away when I first heard it, and I still love it.

5) Long Line of Love - Paul Overstreet

Well, I was hoping for some variety, and I guess this will do. I swear there is hip-hop, pop, oldies, electronica, etc. in here, not just stereotypical indie pop, but oh well. This is a really cheesy modern country-pop song. We have a radio station in Columbia, SC that plays "country legends" or country from the 70's and 80's, and it has taken over my life. When I am in my car, I am either listening to my MP3 player, the local college radio station, or the country legends. Absolutely amazing shit. I hate how modern music isn't about anything real. What are indie rock songs about? Robots, owls, bowties, etc. Country is about real shit: drinkin', cheatin', lyin', and lovin'.

That was fun.
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See Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse call Belle and Sebastian a “one-fuckin'-trick pony”.

That rapist has been doin the cockroach on every album since 1995.
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1. I Try, Talib Kwali
2. Unrecorded, M83
3. 6am, Alex Smoke
4. Ex-Cowboy, Mogwai
5. Candy Says, Velvet Underground
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I want to play too!

1) Skip James: Hard Time Killing Floor Blues
Oddly, I just listed Skip James on the blues thread at ask.mefi

2) Plastilina Mosh: La Sirenita
From the Y Tu Mamá También soundtrack, I believe.

3) The Elected: Desiree
No clue where I got this. Must have been some mp3blog. It's the side-project of the guitarist from Rilo Kiley.

4) Blind Willie Johnson: Dark was the night, cold was the ground
Amazing blues song. read the y2karl thread.

5) Vitesse: A Telegram, the Telegraph
Not a bad Vitesse track, though they tend to run together. I'm a sucker for anything remotely Magnetic Fields-esque.
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Okay, first time, no cheating:

1. Django Shoots First - Sir Lord Comic/The Upsetters: I bought this compilation ("The Upsetter Compact Set") two days ago, so this is the first time I've listened to this song. It's an okay reggae almost-fully-instrumental tune.

2. The Work Song - Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass: LOVE this song. Great track to stride along purposefully to.

3. Uncle Charley - The Upsetters: See #1.

4. Long Time Now - Cast King: I don't recognize this one, which means it must be something I downloaded from an MP3 blog. Pretty good sad-sack country song, only 1:41 long.

5. Jumpin' Jack Flash - Thelma Houston: Another blog find. A nice soul take on the tune. Not as good as the original, but near the top of the heap in terms of Stones covers I've heard.
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here it goes, no cheating, proven by the bizarre 5 that random just selected

1) Johnson's Aeroplane - INXS

INXS was such an important band to me in the 80s. They were so many cuts above the other crap. Now I just get melancholy thinking about what a dumbshit Hutchence was to off himself.

2) El Sobrante Fortnight - Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel

I saw Primus open for U2 and it was so outlandishly bizarre no one knew what to think about them. Then Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy came on as the second act (and they fucking rocked) and people were just slack jawed, wondering when they were going to hear 'One' so they could slow dance with their date.

I also shamelessly hit on a waitress in 1994 at a gelato store in Austin TX called La Dolce Vita by telling her I thought Primus was cool (she was playing it over the stereo). Didn't work out.

And that's all I have to say about Les Claypool. And that South Park theme is cool too.

3) Xplosion feat. B Real - Outkast

Outkast is insane in all the best ways you'd hope a wildly popular band is insane. Free Stankonia!

4) Cowboys from Hollywood - Camper Van Beethoven

I loved CVB when they were at their peak, but songs from their early albums make my ears bleed, including this one. And it's only 0:43 long!

5) Granny Cool - Sugar

My wife went to a Bob Mould concert in which he lost his voice and got somebody from the audience to sing all of his songs while he played them. In her words "it had this feeling like it might be an amazing moment. IT WASN'T"
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I am going to miss Arrested Development.

Showtime picked it up and ordered 2 dozen more episodes.
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I fucking hate reading fucking interviews with Isaac fucking Brock. Every second fucking word that comes out of that fucking guy's mouth is a fucking derivative of the word "fuck." Fuck!

That said, if I hadn't had an ill-timed crisis of conscience and deleted my entire mp3 library last week, I'd so totally be in on this running musical commentary. Keep 'em coming guys.
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Mr. Kettle?
I've got Isaac Brock on the phone; he says you're black. Shall I transfer him to your voicemail?
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1. MF Doom: Remix of De La Soul's "Stakes is High" on the Special Blends mixtape.

2. Disco Biscuits: "Rock Candy" from, I believe, New Year's Eve 2003.

3. 9th Wonder remix of Nas's "The Cross" from God's Stepson.

4. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: "Likh Diya Dar Pe Kisi Ne" from The Supreme Collection.

5. Jay-Z: "Coming of Age" from Reasonable Doubt

Really, it could have gone a million different ways.
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Ok, here goes. No cheating...

1. Quiver Sea Ray
Good Ole' Sea Ray. A shame that they are gone...

2. China Girl (Diplo Mix) M.I.A.
Everyone's favorite Tamil rapper Grrl... Anyone who puts out an album called Piracy Funds Terrorism Vol. 1 is a-ok in my book.

3. Jenny & The Ess-Dog Stephan Malkmus
The symptom (not unlike meth-teeth) of a long, complicated, and often painful Pavement addiction.

4. Ragan Singers of United Sacred Harp Musical Assoc led by Otis Parker
From one of Alan Lomax's fine albums of Sacred Harp (shape-note) music. The most incredibly beautiful music derived from the pure emotional joy of just opening one's throat & singing.

5. Blue Xoam The Mermen
The best surf band in existence + one of their most intense songs=crazy delicious.
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The only thing that would make me think Skinner's accent is fake is that I can actually understand what he is saying. Given that he is from Birmingham that isn't normal.
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"Synergy" // Fingathing
Wicked slapped bassline with a spacy, rolling feel. It'd be a good set-opener for a DJ that's Ninja Tune-friendly.

"Cactus" // PINE*am
A chilled track from the rocky J-pop act. James Sime at Isotope: The Comics Lounge got me to buy their album having the band play in his shop and publicizing the hell out of them.

"Shouldn't Be Ashamed" // Wilco
From their countriest album, A.M., which I rarely listen to as I don't find myself hurtling down back roads in my pickup at a high rate of speed with my cowboy hat tilted back. If I did that more often, I would totally be blaring this record constantly.

"I want a lover." // Pet Shop Boys
One of my favorite tracks from their first album, Please. While never explicitly saying that Neil's looking for a male lover, it was my 13-year-old self's first hint that they weren't straight. Every other band would have written "I want a woman." or included specific gender pronouns.

"Scriptures" // B12
Ah, I miss the whole IDM movement. Sure, "intelligent dance music" was a misnomer, but WARP put out some great records like this. Again, a big spacy feel with skittering beats that makes me think of oceanic depths.
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My wife went to a Bob Mould concert in which he lost his voice and got somebody from the audience to sing all of his songs while he played them. In her words "it had this feeling like it might be an amazing moment. IT WASN'T"
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Heh. I was at that show (in Minneapolis, right?). I agree, it's sort of cooler in concept than in practice. I actually got to interview Mould last year and asked him about it, and he said that, for him at least, that was one of the coolest nights of his life.

Not that anyone asked, but:

1. "Hesitating Beauty" Wiilco, Live in Baltimore.
I like Wilco quite a bit, but I have way, way too many live albums with cruddy sound quality and only slight variations from each other. Great song, but, to be honest, this version kind of bites.

2. "Harvest" Neil Young, Harvest.
Long one of my favorite songs, dating back to my late-college alt-country fundamentalist days. I love the whole album, except for "A Man Needs a Maid." A Twin Cities radio station included this in their special Valentine's Day Makeout Set, which added some interesting new context.

3. "Soldier of Misfortune" Paul Westerberg, Come Feel Me Tremble.
Sort of like the live WIlco stuff, I have way, way too many Westerberg solo albums that are really only in on the strength of his past work. Some of the solo stuff is really good, but a lot of it just has a Westerberg-Lite sound to it… like he doesn't really have anythign to say but feels like he has to record himself playing a loud guitar. This is one of those songs.

4. "Turd on the Run" The Rolling Stones, Exile on Main Street
Solid-but-not-earthshaking track from an awesome album. Actually, the best description could be stolen from the Replacements…. Title: awesome. Song: kinda.

5. "Mine's Not a High Horse" the Shins, Chutes Too Narrow
Good stuff. Rocks without rocking too hard. Actually, the guitars remind me a lot of an Echo and the Bunnymen tape I listened to a bunch in high school.
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1) This is Angry Pt 2, 7 Seconds
good old punk rock, angry teenagers and a lot of misfits "woa woa woaing"

2) Pitter Patter Goes My Heart, Broken Social Scene
This particular song reminds me of Rachels and a little bit of Sigur Ros. I half expect the lead singer of sigur ros to start singing in his baby talk language.

3) I Can't Get Started, Billie Holiday
David Sedaris has ruined Billie Holiday for me. His immitation of her is so right on, every time I hear the real thing, I immagine him singing the "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" jingle in her voice.

4) Five Years, Seu Jorge
I know it's campy, but this guy covering David Bowie in french just warms my heart. The fact that it was recoreded on the set of The Life Aquatic is just bonus.

5) Wild Honey Pie, The Beatles
I have never gotten this song, and I doubt I ever will.
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That said, if I hadn't had an ill-timed crisis of conscience and deleted my entire mp3 library last week, I'd so totally be in on this running musical commentary. Keep 'em coming guys.

I just deleted everything that I hadn't paid for or wasn't a legal free download. Not because I felt guilty, but because most of it was crap that I didn't even have time to rate. From here on out I'm using the miracle of consumerism to slow down my music acquisition to the point where I'm not drinking out of a firehouse.
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Me too! Me too!

1. Royal Explosion (Part II) (Live) - The Soundtrack of Our Lives
Swedish rock rocks and then rocks some more. It's unfortunate that TSOOL couldn't be consistently brilliant. But a little brilliance goes a long way.

2. Life on Mars? - David Bowie
Mmmm. Bowie. Sometimes pretentious music is nice. Sometimes. And this is one of those times.

3. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Live) - R.E.M. with Robyn Hitchcock and Billy Bragg (Dylan cover)
Could there be a more perfect storm of songwriting and performance? And yet it's a sloppy mess. Very nice.

4. Cashout - Fugazi
Best guitar tone ever.

5. The Damage in Your Heart - Weezer
Disappointing. I really want to like this new Weezer record. But I don't. Maybe it will grow on me.
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I left my iPod shuffling and the Dropkick Murphys just came on, which is dangerous at work, because I just want to run around knocking coworkers and office furniture over
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Oh fun. I am painfully hip, according to this.

ESP--The Buzzcocks-- love them. old school power.

The Greatest-- Cat Power-- The title track from her latest album. God, I love everything she does. Even this, which is pretty different. I'm actually listening to 'What Would the Community Think' right now.

Johnnies in the Bathroom-- Hole-- a very early song, can't really remember what it sounds like, I haven't listened to the record in a long time. Probably fuzzy and angry.

Dear John-- the Au Pairs-- my office's landlord turned my on to this band when he learned I'm a big Clash fan. They're pretty good, fun feminist punk rock, but for whatever reason I rarely listen to their records I have.

3-Minute Rule-- the Beasties Boys. I lived and died by the Beasties in college. I still know all the words to every song on Paul's Boutique. I'm not as fond of their recent work. great memories, though.

That was super fun!
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Excuse my total ignorance, but what has Isaac Brock done to deserve such vehement reactions?

(Sorry for the slightly unrelated question, but every time Modest Mouse comes up, some people here at MeFi appear to love to hate Isaac, like they know him personally, or the band.)
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I think they doctor their lists. Where are the embarrassing songs?
The Death Cab for Cutie guy has the most pretentious list...come on. I mean, you know he's got "Muskrat Love" or something like that in his library.

I just did it, and thought I had a pretty normal, reasonably good list, kind of boring but nothing shocking (Teenage Fanclub, Hidden Cameras, Elliot Smith, a Gene Pitney song...) and then "Lady" by Supertramp came on. How did that get on there?

Love to see some humiliation in these lists.
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Excuse my total ignorance, but what has Isaac Brock done to deserve such vehement reactions?

I heard they ran over a dog with their tour van once.
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1. Little Miss Cypher - Pepe Deluxe
One of the best tracks from a gang of Scandanavian DJs. For their Beatitude CD, they decided they didn't like enough of the source material they were trying to sample, so they went out and re-recorded everything. Jazzy bits, smoky vocals, strings, horns, etc. Then they "sampled" what they'd just done and used it. Smoother than most mix-oriented stuff, feels more coherent and focused.

2. Don't Look Back - Fine Young Cannibals
Move along. This isn't the song you're looking for.

3. It Is On! - United States of Electronica
This is almost-painfully-bouncy-and-cheery. I only know of them via my wife, who's a friend-of-a-friend to one of the band members. USE is, apparently, really big in Japan.

4. Deep Six - Matthew Good Band
Matt Good is one of the few straight rock acts I really like. Deep Six is one of his better tracks.

5. Bizarre Light Triangle - New Donna
Wow, this is a strange mashup. I blame you people -- why do you all have to post mashup sites? Why?
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That rapist has been doin the cockroach on every album since 1995.

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Re: Brock and haters, there are probably three things. 1) There was a rape accusation maybe 6, 7 years ago; do some Googling if you want to find out more. 2) Major label, commercial success. 3) Everyone's got their haters. Your favorite band sucks, after all.

Personally, I really like MM. I'm amazed at how well the albums have held up over the years.
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1. Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More - Mudhoney
2. Inner City Blues - Reuben Wilson
3. Milk & Honey - Beck
4. The Navajo Know - Pixies
5. I'm Sick of You - Iggy Pop
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i'll play!

1. IQU - "Whistle": i still love "Chotto Matte a Moment!" years later....lo-fi, electonic, with guitar, turntables, and stand-up bass. so good.

2. Telefon Tel Aviv - "Bubble and Spike": love the soulful vocals on this one.

3. Digable Planets - "Art of Easing": lazy sunday with social commentary. "Blowout Comb" rules.

4. Pixies - "Gouge Away": one of my all-time fav pixie tracks.

5. Neutral Milk Hotel - "The Fool": weird to have this short instrumental pop up on shuffle...but as everyone discussed in the NMH thread a few days ago, "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" is one of the best records evah.
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I know it's campy, but this guy covering David Bowie in french Portuguese just warms my heart.

Just one of those things I'm anal about.
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1. Precision Auto - Superchunk.
One of my favourite songs from one of my favourite albums from what used to be my all time favourite band. Great way to start.

2.Randy Describes Eternity - Built to Spill
Hmmm... I'm sensing a trend.

3.Listen - Big Bud
The ultimate in chill 'n bass, or whatever the kids are calling it.

4.Come to Me - Bjork
Pretty much everything she's done is on my iPod

5.Mountain Dew - The Pogues
WOOHOO! From the rereleased IISFFGWG. Another of my "alltime favourite albums ever omg"

Overall this sample skews my collection to the indie rock, but I guess that's deserved.
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1) Hilary Duff "Why Not" Metamorphosis
Fabulous as ever. I didn't like this much when I first heard it in The Lizzie McGuire Movie, but it's actually really good. It's a lot like "Ask" by The Smiths, except that never got good.

2) Kate Bush "Burning Bridge" Hounds Of Love
Horrendously unlistenable but kind of catchy.

3) Busted "Britney" Busted
A masterpiece, and surely written by a genuine Britney fan. "I know that you're not a girl/But I'll make you a woman"

4) Bon Jovi "You Give Love A Bad Name"
Someone upthread called The Bloc Party rock. Were they taking the piss? I hope so. This is such a very odd record. Being played "ironically" at each and every student disco I've ever been to hasn't ruined this for me.

5) Telepopmusik "Close" Angel Milk
Kinda pretty, kinda boring. I like this album a lot when I can listen to it all the way through without realising it's playing. As soon as I notice it, I have to switch it off.
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surprisingly good (but indieish set of tracks);

1) The Specials - A Message To You Rudy
best band ever from my neck of the woods (and there's nothing as cliched as Brummie accent bashing)

2) Magnetic Fields - A Chicken With It's Head Cut Off
my ipod's packed with stephin merritt's stuff, best lyrics in the business.

3) Teenage Fanclub - Only With You
dependable indie loveliness from perennial underachievers

4) Gang of Four - At Home He's A Tourist
newly cool post punk heroes

5) Kate Rusby - Canaan's Land
simply the most wonderful folk voice in England at the moment, everything she sings is golden.
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I know it's campy, but this guy covering David Bowie in french Portuguese just warms my heart.

Just one of those things I'm anal about.

You know I read over my original post and something didn't seem right but I posted anyway. Thanks.
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My turn....

1. Mother Nature's Son - The Beatles
I like "December 4th" better...

2. Animal - Def Leppard
I haven't listened to any of their most recent music. My dad used to say that "Rocket" had the perfect tempo for his jogging speed.

3. Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns - Mother Love Bone
Hi, I went to college during the early 90's.

4. Star Collector - The Monkees
Moog synthesizer! Go Micky! (though my favorite was Mike)

5. D is for Drums - They Might Be Giants
my sister gave me this album because she thought my son would like it (he loves songs from "No!"). So far, he hasn't listened to it.
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this is a great thread. interesting to see what people are listening to. psyched to see plastilina mosh and "johnson's aeroplane" pop up. "the swing" is still a great record 20+ years later.
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1) King Geedorah - "Krazy World feat. Gigan"
...I love MF Doom.

2) Gorillaz - "Starshine"
...I never listened to this album much when it first came out, but I've been enjoying it of late.

3) Talking Heads - "Memories Can't Wait"
...Greatest hits album. Never was a huge TH fan, but pretty decent.

4) Beta Band - "Dragon"
...From Hot Shots II, not their strongest album. Absolutely adore Beta Band though.

5) Queens of the Stone Age - "Hidden Finale"
...From Lullabies to Paralyze. I really enjoy Josh Homme's work, especially the crazy stuff he's done on Desert Sessions, but this album was kind of a disappointment.
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I heard they ran over a dog with their tour van once.
Just one dog? Dave Mathews personally shit on an entire boat full of fans! (Can I butcher that story any more?)

Thanks, mr_roboto for the tip. I read everything I needed to know about the date rape accusation:
In March, 1999, a 19-year-old woman filed a police report accusing Brock of rape.[1] Charges were never laid, and Brock maintains his innocence.
No offense to the accuser, especially considering that even simply believing you were raped is a traumatic event, but what Random Singer does or does not do in their personal life does not affect how I perceive the quality of Random Singer's music. It's reassuring to know that even just the accusation of rape is still wielded like a dangerous weapon. Bravo.

On another note, now I feel a little like jonmc must in music threads. Despite owning and having listened to virtually all the music mentioned in this thread, much of it by the virtue of sharing my collection with my hipster, emo, alt-country, whatever name she calls it today, if she can be bothered to fess up to a single name for the genres of music she listens to, fiancee, very little of it is music I can associate with. Sure, I can appreciate some of it, but it doesn't exactly speak to me.

Even though the generation of music I'd most likely be identified with by others is represented, I don't self-identify with a vast majority of the selections here. What, are you all white urbanites or something? Or are you all from whatever Omaha is the new black these days? What is it, Toronto?

On the off chance you can't tell, I'm half kidding and only to calling out the hipster nature of this thread. Other than that, I've quite enjoyed the link and the resulting comments. Unclench.
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  1. Ray Charles, "Mess Around"
  2. Frank Sinatra, "From Here to Eternity"
  3. The Jam, "Shopping"
  4. Dire Straits, "Where Do You Think You're Going?"
  5. The Proclaimers, "Come on Nature"(Whoa, that title could really use a comma.)
posted by kirkaracha at 9:06 AM on March 1, 2006

1. Split Lip Rayfield => The Day the Train Jumped the Tracks.
Like someone reanimated Joe Maphis and fed him tons of trucker crank.

2. Melt-Banana => Lost in Mirror
One of the best shows I ever saw was Mr. Bungle and Melt-Banana at the Raleigh Brewery. Joyous noise.

3. Gogol Bordello => Go Revolutions
Yes, yes, you're Ukranian, I understand. Good track though, makes me bounce around in my chair.

4. MC Solaar => Nouveau Western
No idea what this cat is saying, but damn it flows. And sampling 'Bonnie and Clyde' ices the [French word for cake].

5. Gasolina => Daddy Yankee
Indefensible. Fatality. I lose.
posted by milquetoast at 9:06 AM on March 1, 2006

1) Fluke - Atom Bomb
ii) Elvis Presley - After Loving You
c) Bruce Springsteen - Cover Me
  • Aerosmith - Monkey on my Back
    V) Clem Snide - 1989

    Hmm. I suppose these are fairly representative of my tastes (energetic electronica, classic rock and alt.country are all things I listen to), but I never would have chosen those particular tracks. Not really sure what it's supposed to prove, except that I'm a packrat, and disc space is cheap.

  • posted by Leon at 9:10 AM on March 1, 2006

    1. Bola - Versivo
    This is a boring song.

    2. Zero 7 - This World
    Meh. Kind of lame chillout stuff that they play in the backgrounds of TV shows to make them seem cool.

    3. Neko Case - Hex
    Eh, this isn't too great either.

    4. Brian Eno - Some of Them Are Old
    This is pretty boring.

    5. Stereolab - Tone Burst [Country]
    Uh. This is pretty lame, too.

    Conclusion: I hate all the music on my MP3 player.
    posted by zsazsa at 9:14 AM on March 1, 2006

    Great googly-moogly, never realized how pop culture my music was until I read this thread. That being said, here's what's in my head.
    1. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (are made of these)
    2. Loreena McKennitt - Mummers Dance
    3. Chantal Kreviazuk - Feels Like Home
    4. Bare Naked Ladies - If I had $1,000,000
    5. Neil Young - Look out for my Love (acoustic)
    Hauntingly sweet melodies from yester-year. I really need to get out more often.
    posted by blue_beetle at 9:17 AM on March 1, 2006

    re: Isaac Brock: This probably has nothing to do with MeFi's apparent dislike for him, but it did annoy me a bit that the 2nd biggest Pixies rip-off artist I can think of didn't seem to give sufficient deference to Frank Black when it came up on his iPod. Sure, Modest Mouse's recent stuff isn't as blatant a Pixies tribute as their earlier stuff (Lonesome Crowded West, anyone?), but still . . . Also, as much as I like his guitar playing, I once stood in the front row of one of their shows and watched in agony as he stopped the concert for at least 15 minutes because he broke a string on his Floyd Rose and didn't know that he could just loosen it at the tuning machine and reinsert the broken end into the bridge clamp. Few things annoy me more than professional musicians who don't know how their instrument works.
    posted by JekPorkins at 9:17 AM on March 1, 2006

    wow, no one's mentioned the decembrists yet.

    that's a first.
    posted by the cuban at 9:18 AM on March 1, 2006

    dgaicun: I have some Cowboy Bebop import albums I ripped from someone in college, but didn't care about track names then. Now I do, and I have no way of actually finding out what the songs are called. Amazon is no help. Anyway, whatever it's called this one has some crazy ska interlude.

    I believe that song is called Bad Dog No Biscuits. You can confirm with a little sample here. This page has samples of everything on the OST albums.


    Comus- Perpetual Motion
    Crazy hippies (like, literally psychotic). This track is from the second album whic is a bit gentler. Wonderfully obnoxious ending that repeats itself over and over.

    His Name Is Alive- One Year to Live
    Lots of HNIA songs suck. This is one of them.

    Pussy Galore- Just Wanna See His Face
    Awesome Stones cover by the band that spawned The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Royal Trux. This was part of a full cover of Exile on Main Street, which I've never heard in its entirety.

    David Devant and His Spirit Wife- This is For Real
    They were the house band on a semi-obscure UK show called Asylum (the makers of which went on to do Spaced and Shaun of the Dead). Sorta glammish, sorta Bonzo Dog Bandish (Devant's voice is a dead ringer for Neil Innes on some songs). Pure joy.

    Billy Connoly- Sergeant Where's Mine?
    From a Billy Connoly album when he was more of a folk singer than a comedian. Not always successful, but terribly sincere.
    posted by PinkStainlessTail at 9:18 AM on March 1, 2006

    Thanks. Good dog, have a biscuit.
    posted by dgaicun at 9:21 AM on March 1, 2006

    The Wire Magazine used to do something like this before iPod (they still may, I dunno), and I enjoyed it.
    posted by nofi at 9:21 AM on March 1, 2006

    Random, but a bit biased I guess, since I dont have all that much in my player right now, and most of it is Calexico. Did get a couple of surprises, though.

    Kingdom of Lies, Folk Implosion – One Part Lullaby
    Love the thick guitar on this one and it’s quite catchy.

    Summertime, Friends of Dean Martinez – A Place in the Sun
    The Hammond organ is just freaking amazing.

    My Beautiful Bride, Handsome Family – In the Air
    Probably my favorite Handsome Family song. It’s is such a dementedly beautiful song.
    I loved too much my beautiful bride, and so gave her up to the cool night sky.”

    Not Even Stevie Nicks…, Calexico – Feast of Wire.
    Considering that about 75% of what’s in my player right now is Joey Burns and friends, I’m surprised there wasn’t more.

    Cant’ Stop Smiling, Velocity Girl – Simpitico
    Just good happy pop fluff. I forgot this was in there.

    On preview, I think everyone is way more eclectic, or at least Indie, than I am, heh.
    posted by elendil71 at 9:33 AM on March 1, 2006

    UPDATE: That Wire Magazine regular feature is called 'Invisible Jukebox,' where they record artist's reactions while they listen to music from unidentified artists (sometimes recognizable, somtimes obscure), FWIW.
    posted by nofi at 9:40 AM on March 1, 2006

    Heh, yeah this is fun. Here's mine:

    1. Metallica - Call of the Ktulu. I'm not a huge Metallica fan at all and this track seems like a lot of instrumental wankery. Think I got it from a friend who was attempting to get me to 'appreciate' Metallica.

    2. Tori Amos - Hey Jupiter (Basstastic Mix) No idea where this came from. I like Tori Amos alright but this remix is pretty meh.

    3. Grateful Dead - Truckin'. Bootleg from 10/18/78 - Winterland Arena in San Francisco. Fine, but Jerry sounds a bit out of it. (Insert Dead joke here.)

    4. PJ Harvey - The Letter. Hmm, Tori and PJ. Someone must be trying to tell me something. Not a bad track.

    5. Groove Armada - The Final Shakedown. A staple in the party playlist but not particularly my thing - not bad though.
    posted by lazywhinerkid at 9:41 AM on March 1, 2006

    Tarentel - Get Away From Me You Clouds of Doom
    This is the longest track on their most recent full CD, We Move Through Weather. Tarentel started doing straight up post rock, milder than Tortoise. I didn't have the patience for it. Recently, a friend had me listen to this album, and I couldn't believe it. They've headed into a more electronic, dubby direction, full of studio trickery. Here, they lay down a solid 2-bar-long beat first and then spend 14 minutes messing around with it dub-style, flinging noises around on top a la Pink Floyd's "On the Run". Engrossing.

    O.N.O. - Demand
    O.N.O is a Japanese hiphop producer best known for doing the music for the band Tha Blue Herb. This is from his solo album with the slightly Engrish name of Six Month at Outside Stairs. This isn't my favorite track on here, but like the others it's composed of strangely arhythmic beats and samples that make me think of traditional Japanese music.

    [a]pendics.shuffle - Your Words Are Necessary
    This is fluff really. It's in the currently popular techhouse style that being sloppily called Ketamine house by Pitchfork. It's all about bouncy beats, unexpected samples, and lots and lots of reverb. This guy often aims for the sillier side of this style of techhouse, but it's still pretty much a ripoff of Robag Wruhme.

    Excepter - Forget Me
    Ah, my favorite Excepter track. They're a NYC critic's darling band right now, supposedly giving great live shows. This track has a simple heatbeat-like drum guiding it, with unpredictable synths and disembodied vocals on top. Every time you think you've got the pattern pegged, it slips off in a different direction, never really repeating itself. This song rewards attention but also can slip by in the background in a virtual three seconds. Like nothing else, really.

    Vex'd - Pop Pop VIP
    VIP seems to be the new term for remix in some circles of the British scene now. Vex'd is a breaks act, producing viciously snarling, unrelentingly dark tracks. This is from their CD Degenerate. It's hard to listen to a whole CD of this stuff unmixed, but track like this sound great in the mix. Their best though is still their first--Lion. Really the best thing to come out of the breaks world in the past few years in my book. If you're interested in this kind of stuff, I'd recommend checking out Stormfield's Aftermath mix. This mix was recorded for a tsunami relief project, so both the page and the mix are fittingly disturbing. You've been warned.
    posted by Hubajube at 9:45 AM on March 1, 2006

    1) Lo Tuyo Llegara - Lebron Brothers..
    Brooklyn Salsa ladies, get the undies off before you get to the club.

    2)Copperhead Road -Steve Earle and the Dukes (live)

    3)The Wild Rover -The Pogues & Soldad Lewis
    Frenchie sings the celtic blues.

    4)(It's not the express)It's the JB's Monorail -The JBs.
    Each dropped note's gonna cost you twenty.

    5)Wolf's Blood - The Misfits.
    posted by Divine_Wino at 9:50 AM on March 1, 2006

    Luna De Margarita ~ Devendra Banhart
    What's ya take on Cassavettes ~ Le Tigre
    Track 03 ~ Yann Novak
    Vibrate ~ Andre 3000
    Mamma Mia ~ Abba

    Could have been a LOT worse.
    posted by Bear at 9:55 AM on March 1, 2006

    I wonder how many people hit their 'next' button repeatedly until they had a list of tracks worth name-dropping. For some of us, Last.fm will always tattle. :)
    posted by nofi at 10:02 AM on March 1, 2006

    Shadowplay, Joy Division - mmm I could never tell anyone why, but I just love the klang and crash grit-poo of JD. I'm not morose, I swear.

    Fire, Vex'd - Much like the rest of this album, this song is fantastic. It is mere coincidence that a caustic, gristle-and-crunchy-digi-synth Electro band would come up right after Joy Division... swear to G-d, kay?

    Pecan Pie, Golden Smog - Pretty much the best Jeff Tweedy song outside of Wilco. Comparing vagina to food is a recipe for greatness (and bad puns).

    High On a Mountain Top, Loretta Lynn - Great song from a great fucking album. I really don't know what to say about this other than, much like David Cross, I have GREAT fucking taste in music. WOW!

    Map, The Microphones - There are many great songs on this album. This is not one of them. No wait, it's ok... No wait, it's not.
    posted by basicchannel at 10:05 AM on March 1, 2006

    Hubajube: get out of my iPod!
    posted by basicchannel at 10:07 AM on March 1, 2006

    No cheating...

    Ben Folds Five - Sports & Wine
    I've come to prefer Ben Folds' solo songwriting to the earlier trio work, but their first album is still so much fun. "Where's Summer B.?" is a better song than this one, though.

    Galactic - Change My Ways (Part 2)
    Wow, I haven't heard this one in a while. Nice sax solo by Karl Denson.

    Hidden Treasure - Traffic
    I still can't believe how young Steve Winwood was when Traffic recorded this album. This song and Many a Mile to Freedom might be the best two on the album. Bands I've been in have played Low Spark and Light Up, so I'm sort of tired of those two.

    Down The Road Tonight - Bruce Hornsby & The Range
    Not my favorite Hornsby album or even my favorite song on this one. I think I can even hear Huey Lewis helping out on background vocals. I think he's a fantastic musician, and he had great stories to tell when I interviewed him about eight years ago when I was living in Maryland working as a newspaper reporter.

    Ah, Life - Ryan Adams. From the Moroccan Role (say it) EP, one of the 35,000 albums Adams has put out in the last few years. I don't love it.

    (Song 6 put me back on Hornsby, a live version of Valley Road recorded last year in Austin, TX. This one segues into Aerosmith's Rag Doll...)
    posted by emelenjr at 10:07 AM on March 1, 2006

    2 Vex'd in 5 posts of each other. Unexpected.
    posted by Hubajube at 10:08 AM on March 1, 2006

    The Bells - Fly, Little White Dove, Fly
    David Bowie - Subterraneans
    Nickle Creek - Toxic
    Robyn - Bum Like You
    Fiona Apple - Tymps

    Yar, I'm not cool.
    /Remorseful Sea Captain
    posted by Alvy Ampersand at 10:12 AM on March 1, 2006

    • Clikatat Ikatowi - Too Simple Screamo reminder of my youth.
    • Beatles - All My Loving As I get older I like less and less their later work and like more and more their earlier work.
    • Manu Chao - Por El Suelo This dude is bigger than Elvis and Michael Jackson everywhere but the United States. Simple, romantic, touching, full of life and soul.
    • Broadcast - Minim Goes well with my mid-century modern furnature (I jest)
    • Morphine - Hanging On A Curtain Mark Sandman's sexy drunken basslines make me get choked up every time. This guy died live on stage of a heart attack - what a way to go.
    posted by afx114 at 10:13 AM on March 1, 2006

    Subterranean Homesick Blues - Bob Dylan
    Get to know me better - Jackopierce
    Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright
    Use It - New Pornographers
    The Distance - Cake

    I don't think anyone has a song in common yet.
    posted by mbd1mbd1 at 10:13 AM on March 1, 2006

    The Coup - Piss on your Grave
    Man I love The Coup and man I love this song. The best part is when boots is pissing on George Washington's grave at arlington cemetary and the tour guide goes "ooh uh-uh" in a real no-you-didn't voice

    Belle and Sebastian - The Blues are Still Blue
    This is from the new b&s which I like. That is all.

    The White Stripes - Ball and Biscuit
    This song doesn't really do it to me until Jack White goes "I can think of one or two things to say about it, alright listen..." and then rocks your ass.

    Joanna Newsom - Bridges and Balloons
    Somehow this lady is able to take her harsh high voice and create mello calming music. What the hell is she singing about anyway? I don't care because I'm so calm. Note: this is the third song title in a row that has two B words in it. I swear it was random.

    A Tribe Called Quest - Oh My God
    This is busta rhymes at his best; he's not rapping gibberish, he's just saying "oh my god" in that awesome voice of his. Bonus definition of MC at the end too!
    posted by nomad at 10:14 AM on March 1, 2006

    Ok, dammit..!! Peer pressure sucks..
    Took my entire 13,000+ library, hit randomize and here are the first five...

    1. Chicago - Saturday in the Park
    Before they became a syrupy pop machine behind Peter Cetera, this group made some really good tunes...
    Can you dig it? Yes I can..

    2. Diana Krall - Peel Me a Grape
    Sultry and playful, this showcases her talents well...

    3. Lush - Last Night
    Defunct 'shoegaze' band trying hard to sound like europop... not a bad tune, though...

    4. Zero 7 - Home
    This group consisting of two guys and various guest vocalists quickly became one of my favorites last year... love listening to this while watching tripped out visualizations in Winamp... (milkdrop, baby)

    5. Matthew Sweet - Reaching Out
    Dark tune from what I consider his best album, Altered State...
    posted by WhipSmart at 10:16 AM on March 1, 2006

    Weirdly unrepresentative of the total list but does demonstrate the thing I love best about my Ipod...I would get a great kick out of this sequence of songs rolling off the beginning of a shuffle...
    1. Alan Jackson - I Don't Even Know Your Name
    2. Shelby Lynne - Killin' Kind
    3. Mary Chapin Carpenter - Down in Mary's Land
    4. Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds
    5. Santana - Black Magic Woman
    posted by cyclopz at 10:22 AM on March 1, 2006

    1. Johnny Cash - Green, Green Grass Of Home
    From Folsom Prison. Not one of my favorites of his, and really not that great of a recording, but I can't begin to imagine playing this song in front of that crowd.

    2. Outkast - ATLiens
    I'd rather have heard Elevators off of ATLiens, but whatever. I'm struck at how terrible of a rip this is... ah 128kbps how I regret thee...

    3. Nina Simone - Love Me or Leave Me
    Great, now as soon as I get done with these five songs I'm going to have to listen to all of Pastel Blues/Let It All Out.

    4. Sage Francis - My Name is Strange
    I forgot that Personal Journals was even on here... this has to be the strangest song off that album too. I loved the leak of A Healthy Distrust in 2004 and then it took forever to actually come out (February of 2005). Too bad really because it made my best of 2004 list when really it belonged in 2005. This song makes me think of Kid Rock. I'm really feeling those lighters.... God this song couldn't end faster...

    5. Binary Dolls - I Am The Only Master Of The Ten-Key
    Ah PDX Pop Now, reminding me of all the random opening acts I've caught five songs of in the last 10 years. This song is actually pretty good.

    Given the ~5000 songs available I'm entertained with the five that popped up... I've got every Radiohead and Pearl Jam album on here, yet neither one of them were among the first five.
    posted by togdon at 10:24 AM on March 1, 2006

    • Miles Davis - Rouge For many years, I didn't dig Miles Davis. Then one day, I did. Now, he's at the top of my charts; smooth and deep.
    • My Morning Jacket - Cobra I'm newly exploring these mello, indie songsmiths, so that's all I can write for now.
    • Midnight Movies - Just to Play Kinda like Stereolab with a bluesy-edge, IMHO.
    • Juana Molina - No es tan cierto Wonderful downtempo/chill-out from an Argentinian songstress.
    • Stina Nordenstam - Love Hurts Her voice is both child-like and world-wise.
    posted by nofi at 10:27 AM on March 1, 2006

    1) Big Barn Combo - Who Should I Call?
    Man, I really need to clear out my iPod. I really got back in to the rockabilly music after the big Green Bay fest last year (and probably will again after Vegas this year), but right now it all just feels like that "ticka, ticka, ticka - thump, thump, thump". Nothing particularly interesting about this song.

    2) Summer's Cauldron - XTC
    I remember when I heard this record when I was like 18 and thought it was genius. The mixing, the flow between the songs. This album holds up really well despite the over played "Dear God."

    3) If I Can't Be A Lover I Don't Want To Be Your Friend - Shaun Young
    More rockabilly tinged stuff. He's the lead singer of High Noon, who happens to be an amazing band, but this is a case where the sum of the band is greater than the solo efforts of the individual members.

    4) Hangover Ago - Dale Watson
    You know how you don't even know the song, but you can tell who it is by the first couple notes? That's the case here. Not Dale's best, but it'll do. This is one of those songs that should go on my Country Cliches comp I want to make (along with What Made Milwaukee Famous and a whole slew of others I can't remember right now).

    5) Poor Little Critter on the Road - Trailer Bride
    I was hoping this was the Knitters, but no such luck. It was a nice thought, that tribute record, but sometimes you should just leave well enough alone.

    Bonus 6!
    6) Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel - Elvis Presley
    From the 3rd disc of the Collector's Gold disc. It's a live show from '68 or '69 and the King is on FIRE! At the top of his game, if you ask me. THe band is tight, he's still cool and hasn't gone totally off the deep end. Whenever I recommend an Elvis CD to people this is it. Raw and unleashed.

    This exercise pretty much reinforces what I've been thinking for the last month or 2. WIpe the iPod memory clean and start fresh. Wish it had an instant delete key. That would make life much easier instead of me weaving about on the treadmill while I'm trying to skip song after song.
    posted by DonnieSticks at 10:40 AM on March 1, 2006

    Actually I totally cheated, it really went like this:

    1) I lost on Jeopardy - Weird Al Yankovic

    2) I lost on Jeopardy - Weird Al Yankovic

    3) I lost on Jeopardy - Weird Al Yankovic

    4) I lost on Jeopardy - Weird Al Yankovic

    5) I lost on Jeopardy - Weird Al Yankovic

    I knew that buying the Weird Al I lost on Jeopardy Ipod would be insufficiently ironic to sustain my street cred.
    posted by Divine_Wino at 10:41 AM on March 1, 2006

    Can you dig it?
    posted by kirkaracha at 10:44 AM on March 1, 2006

    Frank Zappa - "Get A Little" (from Weasels Ripped My Flesh)
    Great way to start. Some of the most sinister guitar work evar.

    Shakira - "Sombra De Ti"
    Yes, my wife uses my iPod. Not a bad song - just not my cup o' tea.

    David Cross - "I've Taken A Popular Contemporary Pop Song And Changed The Lyrics To Comment On The Proliferation Of Starbucks In My Neighborhood!" How ironic!

    Buddy Guy - "Stone Crazy"
    Wow, a lucky draw there.

    Ween - "Roses Are Free"
    My favorite Ween song.

    I got lucky on this shuffle.
    posted by KevinSkomsvold at 10:47 AM on March 1, 2006

    Not completely representative (we just won’t even talk about all the Alan Parson’s Project stuff that could have come up) but I still say my ipod shuffle is the world’s best radio station that no one else hears.

    Ice - Crack The Sky
    Live version from the Reicher Theater album.
    Any aging East Coast hipsters out there nodding your heads?

    Acacia Pt. III – Spy Island
    A Treasury Of Great Science Fiction
    Tremendously fabulous track; check these kids out...

    Women Who Love Men Who Love Drugs – Oceansize
    Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Oceansize are great at what they do.

    Hit Junky Dives – Tobin Sprout
    From Moonflower Plastic (Welcome To My Wigwam)
    Tobin is just as good out on his own as in GBV. Maybe better, really.

    Yes! I Am A Long Way From Home – Mogwai
    From Young Team.
    Mmmmmm, Mogwai . . .
    posted by Illumisar at 10:48 AM on March 1, 2006

    Pale Shelter- Tears for Fears
    Bye Bye Bad Man- the Stone Roses
    International Dateline- Ladytron
    Throwaway- tthe Posies
    Green Machine- Kyuss

    Pretty representative of my mp3 collection- vinyl would have been quite a bit different. Unfortunately I don't own a jukebox.
    posted by oneirodynia at 10:49 AM on March 1, 2006

    I like this game.

    Who's Afraid (of the Art of Noise) - The Art of Noise
    I'll never forget the first time I heard Art of Noise: I saw a video of theirs on some late-night video show (back when there were still music video shows on local affiliate stations). I remember in the video: a little girl and three men filmed in jerky-motion, destroying a grand piano with chainsaws. And I liked the song, too, whatever it was.

    Nimm 2 - Move D.
    Part of the compliation Electronic Species, one of several compilations of electronica I bought at Tower Records in the Village in the late 90's, based only on the cover art and maing sure that I'd never heard of any of the artists. This particular song is okay. German, probably.

    Never-Never - Lush
    I find it a little hard to listen to Lush anymore. It's not that I don't like the music, it's more that I'm not the proto-emo dork that I was when I really liked them. I'm a different dork.

    Strange World [Blackwatch King Monkey Dub - Greed Featuring Lesley
    This is off Yoshiesque Two, a good compilation of electronica. Like much of my electronica, it's evocative of my mood at the time I got it and not really memorable for anything else.

    Easy Life - Bodysnatchers
    One of my least-favorite tracks from the 2 Tone Collection, which is about as deep as I've ever wanted to go into the world of ska. I like ska, but it has a connotation akin to being into swing music: it carries more of a hipster tag than I want to worry about.

    This is why I often listen to internet radio these days. My collection can bore me.
    posted by dammitjim at 10:59 AM on March 1, 2006

    OK, no cheating:

    1. Thanks A Lot - Neko Case, what a voice, if she'd do a duet with Kelly Willis I'd drown in my own bodily fluids

    2. Konichiwa Bitches - Robyn, best rhymes of any rap song last year: don't even get me started on my bada-boom-booms / one left, one right that's how I organize 'em / you know I fill my cups no need to supa-size 'em - "My Humps" can eat me

    3. From The Ritz To The Rubble - oh you fucking know it's the Arctic fucking Monkeys, whatever, great song but not as great as A Certain Romance

    4. Beautiful Child - Rufus Wainwright - saw him at the Beacon last fall at the end of his tour, his voice was shot but he was every inch (heh) the Gay Messiah

    5. Space Oddity - Seu Jorge - many useful phrases here if you're ever stuck on a rocket ship with only Brazilians to talk to
    posted by nicwolff at 11:03 AM on March 1, 2006

    1. 5th Garden - I Dig Rock And Roll Music No clue what this is, from some Japanese compilation disk I haven't listened to. Not bad.

    2. Wong Faye - I'm Willing From her live 98-99 Hong Kong Scenic Tour cd. Love listening it to the double disk in order but this track is kinda boring. One of my favourite artists.

    3. Strawberry Machine - Akira Suzuki (Sonic Coaster Pop) 26 seconds of something spoken in Japanese over some beats. No clue who this is.

    4. Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better Some 70s sounding funky/dance number. Have no clue how I got this song, hadn't heard it before. Not bad.

    5. Front 242 - Song Untitled From Pulse, one of those albums I've never got around to listening to.
    posted by bobo123 at 11:09 AM on March 1, 2006

    Ooh, this is fun.

    1. A Blur in Your Vision, The Aluminum Group. TAG is one of my husband's very favorite bands, but I never listened to them until I got us tickets to a show they were doing at the Old Town School of Folk Music, a few blocks from our apartment. I came away super charmed and annoyed with myself that I never listened to them before. That said, I've never heard this song. Jazzy, poppy, perfect for lounging around on a Sunday morning. Or, um, Wednesday afternoon, as the case may be.

    2. Insight, Joy Divsion. Hm. This one is my husband's, too. Never liked Joy Division as much as I did New Order.

    3. Dear Catastrophe Waitress, Belle and Sebastian. They may be a one-fuckin-trick pony, but I like that trick.

    4. Pick Up The Phone, The Notwist. I read a recommendation somewhere comparing The Notwist to The Postal Service, so I used Christmas booty Itunes gift cards to buy the record, but I haven't listened to it all.

    5. Venus as a Boy, Bjork. This is an awesome song. I liked that girl on American Idol who busted out with a Bjork song. What was she thinking?

    Ok, this makes me seem cooler than I really am. I promise, I've had that Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson on repeat for the last couple of weeks.
    posted by sugarfish at 11:11 AM on March 1, 2006

    1. Pixies - Velouria
    2. Latin Playboys - Mustard
    3. Aerosmith - Toys in The Attic
    4. Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack
    5. Harbhahan Mann - Oye Hoye (bhangra)
    posted by damnitkage at 11:17 AM on March 1, 2006

    I liked this when Wire did it better and called it Invisible Jukebox.
    posted by Falconetti at 11:18 AM on March 1, 2006

    1) Ms Dynamite - Now U Want My Love
    Hmmm - forgot I even had this one, it's one of those "I'll listen to this one of these days." She's got a great set of pipes, and she's a good writer, but it's still a little R&B for me.

    2) Proper Filthy Naughty - Stich Up
    This is on an old MixMag compilation CD called Elastic Breaks. Decent enough breaks tune, but a little acid for my tastes these days.

    3) N*E*R*D - She Wants to Move
    Quality tune - should listen to the album again soon.

    4) The Cure - Killing an Arab
    Quality classic from the boys in black. From a singles compilation, alas.

    5) Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Man
    AWWWWWRIIIIIGHT! This one goes to 11!

    In short, some of the stuff on my iPod needs culling, and some needs rescuing from neglect, and some of it is doing just fine.
    posted by LondonYank at 11:19 AM on March 1, 2006

    Juno Reactor - Song for Ancestors

    In college, I had a friend who loved Juno Reactor. I never really got that into them at the time and felt like I should have tried harder, so I dropped a few of their albums on my player and promptly never listened to them. This song surprises me; I expected more electronica and house from them, but instead it's got a world music / ethereal thing going on. Very Dead Can Dance, this one. I like this song a lot; maybe I should listen to some more Juno Reactor. It's also 8 minutes long, so let's skip ahead a bit.

    Wolfsheim - Read the Lines

    I kept hearing Wolfsheim in goth clubs and spent a great deal of time trying to find out who these guys were. DJs should really announce band and tracks. This is not my favorite song on this album (Spectators); that honor goes to Once in a Lifetime and Sleep Somehow. Still, dancy enough for my hand-waving.

    The Faint - Ballad of a Paralysed Citizen

    Another band I put on my player to hear more from and never listened to. On the strength of this song, I probably should never listen to them again, but I will take it on faith that this is not representative. Very minimalist and dramatic.

    Sarah McLachlan - Dirty Little Secret

    I arrived late to the Sarah McLachlan party, and I still think her first album is her best one. I love the sound of her voice, but I wish her songs had more punch and edge to them.

    Machines of Loving Grace - Lilith/Eve

    This was one of my favorite bands in high school, and I still retain a great fondness for them. I prefer their second album, but Concentration is still a very good record. I'm glad I got at least one of my industrial bands in here, even if my hardcore and punk collection passes without notice.
    posted by Errant at 11:21 AM on March 1, 2006

    1. Japancakes - And Begin
    2. Sigur Ros - untitled
    3. Architecture in Helsinki - The Owls Go
    4. Smiths - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
    5. A Silver Mt. Zion - Sisters! Brothers! Small Boats of Fire are Falling From the Sky!
    posted by Hlewagast at 11:23 AM on March 1, 2006

    1) "Time Won't Let Me" -- The Outsiders: I didn't even know this was on here. Hot hit from a minor '60s band. I always wanted to hear Elmer Fudd sing this. "Time won't wet meeee... wait dat wong."

    2) "Disarm" -- The Smashing Pumpkins: I really loved the Pumpkins once upon a time. Although I like this song there are others on this album I like a lot more.

    3) "secret track 1" -- The Sleepy Jackson: This is a track of silence that lasts 3:14. I don't know the story behind it but now that I know it's here, I can delete it.

    4) "Wild Horses" -- Iron & Wine and Calexico (Live Triple Door Seattle, Oct. 22): Not sure where I got this one. Mediocre cover of the classic Stones tune. Even sleepier than the original. Sam and Joey aren't doing the greatest job vocally here.

    5) "Down in the Alley" -- The Chambers Brothers: I got this in a mix/playlist trade a couple weeks back. A beautiful gospel/blues/soul track. Great line: "I'll plant you now and dig you later".

    Followed by: "My Blue Heaven" -- Pizzicato Five; "Ursus Arctos Wonderfilis" -- Gastr del Sol; "Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud" -- David Bowie
    posted by JT at 11:32 AM on March 1, 2006

    Micro Casettes, Slowly Minute, Tomorrow World: Some boring Japanese stuff I bought because I liked the cover and it was $2. The end of my random purchase winning streak.

    Neenah, Summertime: From some mix. Eh.

    The Blues Are Still Blue, Belle & Sebastian, The Life Pursuit: Off the new album, so I don't know it well yet. I really like B&S, so I'm sure I'll be happy with it.

    Theme, Client, City: Oh electroclash, why did you die so young? I loved you.

    Do You Wanna Touch Me . . . Oh Yeah, Joan Jett, Fit to Be Tied: Is there anything better than Joan Jett covering Gary Glitter? I'll tell you, no, no there is not.

    Conclusion: I'm a fucking hipster. Wanna start?
    posted by dame at 11:39 AM on March 1, 2006

    2) Summer's Cauldron - XTC
    I remember when I heard this record when I was like 18 and thought it was genius. The mixing, the flow between the songs. This album holds up really well despite the over played "Dear God."

    Skylarking is one of my all-time favs. Random Trivia: Dear God wasn't on the album originally - it was a UK b-side, and when it started getting a lot of radio play, the record company dumped a song called Mermaid Smiled (probably the weakest track on the album, so it wasn't a total tragedy) and slotted in Dear God. I've got a cassette (good lord) version from before the change, must be worth a whole 2 or 3 dollars!
    posted by jalexei at 11:45 AM on March 1, 2006


    1: "The Stingray" - Daníel Ágúst: Don't know much about him (ex Gus Gus singer?) but got suckered into the album by the quotes on the flyers that were given out at a Sigur Ros gig I was at last year. Pretty good album
    2: "Last" - Nine Inch Nails: from the pummelling Broken EP; Reznor at his most brutal
    3: "Tangled And Wild" - Oh Susanna: Canadian alt-country-ish singer/songwriter long overdue for a new album
    4: "Futures" - Jimmy Eat World: I love this group, really great rock
    5: "Invisible Sun" - The Police: wow, I've not heard this in years. Forgotten what a great track it is.

    After that: The National, Arab Strap, Maximilian Hecker, Beck, Wilco, Anthrax.
    posted by TheDonF at 12:00 PM on March 1, 2006

    I don't have an iPod so I can't play.

    Just wanted to say that the NME used to play rock stars mystery 45s back in the 1960s & have them speak about the music, much as Wire's Invisible Jukebox does (did?). I seem to recall seeing one such interview with a very young Pete Townsend.

    Personally, I always thought that was a rather cruel game to play, esp. as the Wire does it - "you didn't know that was Fela? For shame! How cool are you?" etc.
    posted by stinkycheese at 12:01 PM on March 1, 2006

    What if you don't have an MP3 player? Well, my computer pulls five random tunes out of my favorite playlist and publishes them to my website, so I guess that'll have to do.

    AKA Driver - They Might Be Giants
    Since I sleep so much while driving on the freeway, I feel very close to this song.

    Impressions - John Coltrane
    Awesome recent acquisition. Must find more jazz of this caliber.

    Two Suns In the Sunset - Pink Floyd
    Best Floyd album, AFAIC, though this song is one of the weakest, musically. Fearless is still my favorite PF tune.

    Voodoo Lady - Ween
    One of Ween's best tunes.

    When the Time's Right - Akon
    A stripper friend of mine got me into Akon and though I don't like a lot of his stuff, what I do like, I love.

    My cheat list would've been more like:

    Sad Statue - System of a Down
    Concerto for Violin and Cello in A Minor, Op. 102 - Berliner Philharmoniker
    House of the Risin' Sun - Bob Dylan
    The Evil Prince - Zappa (YCDTOSA v4)
    Szerencsetlen - Venetian Snares
    posted by effwerd at 12:03 PM on March 1, 2006

    I managed to hit a bunch of guilty pleasures all in a row. Yay me!

    1) "Jackie Wilson Says I'm In Heaven When You Smile" by Dexy's Midnight Runners

    I think Kevin Rowland is totally underated. Everyone remembers "Come On Eileen" from this album, but the rest of the "Too-Rye-Ay" (sp?) album is actually great fun. This Van Morrison cover is quite well done.

    2) "Jane's Getting Serious" by Jon Astley

    My big summer crush from high school loved this song. Whatever happened to Jon Astley? I keep getting him confused with Rick Astley. Mind you, not in terms of musical style.

    3) "Hair" by The Dickies

    One of my favorite covers ever. I can't stand the normal version of "Hair" from the Broadway soundtrack, but this souped up cover is awesome.

    4) "You're a God" by Verticle (sp?) Horizon

    I am not proud that this is on my iPod shuffle, but it is, and it isn't coming off anytime soon.

    5) "I Go Crazy" by Flesh for Lulu

    Flesh for Lulu was a band that sold out even before they had a chance to be a band with integrity. This is a great song from a John Hughes movie, I think. I could listen to it again and again. In fact, I will.
    posted by Joey Michaels at 12:09 PM on March 1, 2006

    I like memes that are MeFi-approved! Gee, this is just like having a LiveJournal.

    1. "It Never Was You," Patti LuPone

    From Live!, which I paid a ton for . . . only it was worth it. Patti LuPone has the Chuck Norris of voices. That is all.

    2. "Imagine / Walk on the Wild Side," George W. Bush

    Well, okay, it's only kind of George W., but that's still how I have it listed. Link to the remix. I think I actually found this through BoingBoing a long time ago.

    3. "Sixty-Minute Man," Rockapella

    A cappella is a good thing. All-male groups are a better thing. Sexy songs? I think you can tell where I'm going with this.

    4. "Material Girl," Madonna

    I listen to a fair amount of total crap '80s music, but I'm pretty surprised at this, because the vast majority of it is not Madonna. It's mostly Footloose and Dirty Dancing stuff, because a girl's got to have some guilty pleasures.

    5. "Benedictus," Simon & Garfunkel

    Simon & Garfunkel are totally, exactly to my taste, and as far as I'm concerned, Wednesday Morning 3 AM is right up there with, uh, Pet Sounds (and this is a good time to mention I'm surprised the Beach Boys didn't get namechecked; I have a zillion of their songs). Anyway, "Benedictus" is one of my favorite S&G songs.

    Conclusion: My iPod doesn't like the Beach Boys, and it doesn't like my insanely vast Celtic or fusion genres, not to mention the gigs of '60s stuff it missed. And it's just outed me as being as uncool and non-hipster as possible. What the fuck am I doing at NYU?
    posted by booksandlibretti at 12:12 PM on March 1, 2006

    1. Back in NYC - Jeff Buckley
    This is a Genesis cover, right? I really like the innocence of Buckley's voice...feels right with these lyrics.

    2. Turn the Radio Off - Love is All
    I downloaded this recently on a friend's recommendation. This track is a little too twee for me.

    3. Terrible Lie - Nine Inch Nails
    Ah, I was young and goth once, and Trent was my first love.

    4. Here in the Night - Kelley Polar Quartet
    Loving this album lately. This is one I bought retail after listening to it at Waterloo Records. It's like Air with more texture...retro futuristic jam dance.

    5. Halo of Flies - Alice Cooper.
    Seriously? I have a lot of Alice Cooper that I never listen to. And OMG, this song is eight minutes long!
    posted by lunalaguna at 12:16 PM on March 1, 2006

    Errant: Machines of Loving Grace - Lilith/Eve

    Holy crap, I forgot all about Machine of Loving Grace! After listening to a little bit of it on iTunes Music Store, I can't say I'll be re-purchasing it, though. Some (in my opinion) bad industrial isn't even good for reminiscences. Like Sisters of Mercy... yikes! I was such a bored, pointlessly angry young man.
    posted by dammitjim at 12:23 PM on March 1, 2006

    "It's Over" - The Beta Band

    Delightfully depressing little ditty from The Three EPs. If you don't own this record, you suck.

    "Jesus Ranch" - Tenacious D (live)

    Sometimes you just need the rock.

    "That Girl" - Tender Trap

    Their previous incarnations (Heavenly, Marine Research) were stronger, but this is still a decent song on a fun twee record.

    "Givin' the Dog a Bone" - AC/DC

    Sometimes you need more rock.

    "Raven" - Dave Matthews Band

    Goddammit. Fuck you, iTunes.
    posted by secret about box at 12:29 PM on March 1, 2006

    nicwolff 5. Space Oddity - Seu Jorge - many useful phrases here if you're ever stuck on a rocket ship with only Brazilians to talk to

    I didn't expect to get another Seu Jorge in here, but that's pretty cool.
    posted by splatta at 12:34 PM on March 1, 2006

    Flesh for Lulu was a band that sold out even before they had a chance to be a band with integrity. This is a great song from a John Hughes movie, I think.

    "Some Kind of Wonderful".

    I have it on my iPod too.
    posted by Lucinda at 12:46 PM on March 1, 2006

    Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls
    Didn't adore Yanqui as much as Godspeed's first two releases and haven't listened to it as much. I'd forgotten how incredible the production is. It feels as if the musicians surround and that one could tick out the degrees from one instrument to the next around the circle.

    The Weakerthans - The Reasons
    One of my least favorite songs on a record I really love. Paul Tough's City Still Breathing is a lovely piece of writing on this band.

    Bedhead - Powder
    During a hard time in college I sold 95% of my music collection to pay rent and buy books. I held onto Whatfunlifewas.

    Spent - Landscaper
    From the sadly underappreciated Songs of Drinking and Rebellion, a really nicely organized record that nicely shifts between the bands three songwriters. Spent's Annie Hayden is making solo records but I wonder what happened to the other cats?

    Peasant - Joanna
    Not sure where this came from. Iron & Wine-y with some nice harmonies and charming percussion -- snaps (or maybe handclaps) and a shaker that sounds like popcorn seeds in a tin can.

    Don't know if it's good or bad that this basically reads like a college radio playlist circa 1996...
    posted by verysleeping at 12:48 PM on March 1, 2006

    I fucking love The Weakerthans
    posted by splatta at 12:59 PM on March 1, 2006

    "It's Over" - The Beta Band

    Delightfully depressing little ditty from The Three EPs. If you don't own this record, you suck.

    Rob Gordon: I will now sell four copies of "The Three EPs" by The Beta Band.
    Dick: Go for it.
    [Rob plays the record]
    Beta Band Customer: Who is this?
    Rob Gordon: The Beta Band.
    Beta Band Customer: It's good.
    Rob Gordon: I know.

    This post has made me love my fellow MeFi'ers so much more. Does that make me a horrible person?
    posted by basicchannel at 1:18 PM on March 1, 2006

    Dame, it looks like we had a shuffle collision with B&S. Should we exchange insurance information?
    posted by nomad at 1:26 PM on March 1, 2006

    Okay, I can't resist this one...

    Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam: Lost in Emotion
    What, you got a problem with that?

    The Reivers: Bidin’ Time
    Oh, man. I love love LOVED the Reivers. They were this Austin band who did achingly beautiful alterna-pop music in the 80’s and broke up in ’91. Still love them.

    Camper Van Beethoven: Wasted
    Okay, I swear to Maude I have LOTS of more recent stuff my iPod, really. Still, CVB rules.

    Silver Jews: How to Rent a Room
    Well, that’s a depressing song. But at least it’s from this decade.

    The Hold Steady: Most People Are DJs
    I just started listing to the Hold Steady recently. I love how their songs are all little stories. Pretty appropriate song title for this thread, don’t you think?
    posted by apollonia6 at 2:05 PM on March 1, 2006

    1. Barak Hill-Salome (Old 97's Cover)
    Decent cover, but, as a diehard Old 97's fan, nothing will ever be able to compare to the original to me.

    2. Elliott Smith-Coast to Coast (Live @ The Derby, 5/28/03)
    I've got tons of live Elliott Smith music, & I haven't gotten around to listening to all of it yet. The guitar almost overpowers his voice, but not quite. His voice is very strong in this. I miss him greatly. I hate that I never saw him play live.

    3. Mitch Hedberg-Fire Exit
    One of the funniest comedians I've ever heard & another tragic end to a great talent. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to see him perform live.

    4. Rufus Wainwright-Barcelona
    Not one of my favorites of his. Very toned down & somber compared to some of his more recent work, but still good stuff. Yes, I agree. Rufus is the Gay Messiah.

    5. The Mavericks-Neon Blue
    Ah, yes. Raul Malo. One of the greatest voices in country music today. I fell in love with his voice in high school, & he's had me hooked ever since. I much prefer other songs of theirs, but this is good.
    posted by Four-Eyed Girl at 3:13 PM on March 1, 2006

    Rob Gordon: I will now sell five hundred thousand copies of "The Three EPs" by The Beta Band.
    posted by thecaddy at 3:16 PM on March 1, 2006

    My random ten shows that I am an Old Man who tries to listen to the same stuff that These Kids Nowadays Are Listening Too, but fails, and finds solace in more Old Man sad songs. At which point he becomes suicidal and is only cheered up by stand-up comics.

    Jesus Was an Only Son - Bruce Springsteen
    Bookends - Simon & Garfunkel
    Time - Tom Waits
    Foggy Bottom - Halo Benders
    House Where Nobody Lives - Tom Waits
    Evel Knievel - Brian Regan
    Wake Up - Arcade Fire
    50 Ways To Leave Your Lover - Paul Simon
    My Iron Lung - Radiohead
    Anti-Reading - Jim Gaffigan
    posted by robocop is bleeding at 3:19 PM on March 1, 2006

    I'm a sucker for this kind of thing, by which I mean making posts that not many people will read:

    Miles Davis - Bags' Groove (take 1)
    In a happy coincidence, the first song to randomly play is one of my favorite songs ever. Kind of Blue is probably the consensus album to recommend to folks who don't really like jazz, but I'd pick either one of Miles' Modern Jazz Giants albums ahead of it.

    Bob Marley and the Wailers - Memphis
    It's the version from Upsetter Revolution Rhythm, and so I think of it as a Lee Perry song. Which is good for me, because Bob Marley's extreme levels of popularity in the US, especially compared to any other musician in the history of Jamaica, is a bundle of cultural signifiers that I'm not eager to explore.

    Nina Simone - Do What You Gotta Do
    For some reason, I'm reminded of a Public Enemy song with a very similar title, and of Talib Kweli's serious Nina Simone fandom. It's no 'Muskrat Love,' but perhaps it's embarrassing to admit that Kweli's reimagined 'Four Women' sometimes brings me to tears.

    Mingus Big Band - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
    I kind of wish there were more ghost bands, except that it's hard to imagine another one being anywhere near as good as this one.

    Herbie Hancock - Butterfly
    So, you know how Scratch is virtually a paean to Herbie (and, by extension, DXT, and, by further extension, Bill Laswell)? I find that very, very funny.
    posted by box at 3:50 PM on March 1, 2006

    I enjoyed reading this article last week. Too bad Isaac Brock came off as barely able to string a sentence together, I really admire his work.

    1. Christopher O'Riley- Everything in Its Right Place.
    Great Great piano covers of radiohead music. I find it relaxing.

    2. T. Rex - Bang a Gong (Get it On)
    I have no explanation for this, other than every time it comes up, it suprises me that I have it & I always love it.

    3. Andrew Bird - Glass Figurine (live)
    Not one of my favorites of his. It is kind of bad quality. I can listen to The Mysterious Production Of Eggs any day though.

    4. Beach Boys - California Girls
    I wish I could say that a less embarassing Beach Boys song came up.

    5. Beck - High 5 (Rock the Catskills)
    One of the most annoying Beck songs ever
    posted by nuclear_soup at 4:10 PM on March 1, 2006

    Holy crap, I forgot all about Machine of Loving Grace! After listening to a little bit of it on iTunes Music Store, I can't say I'll be re-purchasing it, though.

    Fair enough. I prefer Gilt myself, which is a much more organic album, but I agree that Machines of Loving Grace is not a band which aged overly well. It is funny to me, in retrospect, that music I listened to for anger management in high school is now just a familiar comfort in the background.

    Like Sisters of Mercy... yikes!

    I think Floodland holds up reasonably well, despite the indulgences (This Corrosion, in particular - what a waste of ten minutes). The rest of their discography, with few exceptions, is garbage.
    posted by Errant at 4:17 PM on March 1, 2006

    Hey Check it. it's a Metashuffle party.

    Okay here goes and this is the way it went down:

    1. Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye – Leonard Cohen (The Songs of Leonard Cohen).
    Gorgeous song/poetry from someone I recently got into through his brillant, crazy sexy novel Beautiful Losers.

    2. Aneuryism – Nirvana (Incesticide). Still holds up okay. Christ, that bleeding raw tuneful voice...

    3. Love at First site – XTC (Fossil Fuel). I've been rediscovering this band lately. They were such a quirky, literate and interesting bunch. This is a fun and funky ditty. Definitely evokes the 80's. Check out their excellent Skylarking rec.

    4. Trailer Trash – Modest Mouse (Lonesome Crowded West). Speak of the devil. Regardless of the controversy above, I'm relatively new to these guys. This is a good alblum. Have a friend who swears it's the best rec. of the last 5 years. Anyhow I agree with Brock's assessment that Belle & Sebastian are a one trick pony.

    5. Carry Me Ohio – Sun Kil Moon (Ghosts of the the Great Highway). Gorgeous tune from Mark Kozlek off a really good record. I saw this guy play in the autumn I think. Just him and a 12 string. He looked, sounded like he hadn't slept in days. Asked for the audience to give him some love as he was "dying up here".
    posted by Skygazer at 5:00 PM on March 1, 2006

    This is fun!

    1- Tiny Vessels: Death Cab for Cutie- I love jangly indie pop. Really. Quite a lot. It looks like the rest of my list is bearing that out.

    2- Back to the Life: Spoon- I remember getting the promo for A Series of Sneaks at my college radio station. I was hooked forever from the first song. They are just a rock-solid band.

    3- You Will Miss Me When I Burn: Palace Brothers- Such a beautifully depressing song.

    4- Waiting: The Devlins- I downloaded this after hearing it on an episode of Six Feet Under.

    5- Here Comes the Summer: Fiery Furnaces- Was expecting to enjoy this album much more than I do. Meh.

    Wow. Most of my music collection is stuck in the mid- to late-90s, I'm surprised this list turned up such recent songs. And it ignored my penchant for Britney Spears and horrible 80s pop.
    posted by banjo_and_the_pork at 5:07 PM on March 1, 2006

    Hey check it out. it's a Mefi metaShuffle party. Sweet.

    Okay here goes and honest injun, this is the way it went down:

    1. Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye – Leonard Cohen (The Songs of Leonard Cohen).
    Great song/poetry from someone I recently got into through his crazy sexy novel, Beautiful Losers.

    2. Aneurysm – Nirvana (Incesticide). Still holds up okay. Christ, that bleeding raw tuneful screech...

    3. Love at First site – XTC (Fossil Fuel). I've been rediscovering this band lately. They were such a quirky, literate and interesting bunch. This is a fun and funky ditty. Definitely evokes the 80's. Check out the excellent Skylarking (as well as their strange and wierd early stuff (i.e. Nigel etc...).

    4. Trailer Trash – Modest Mouse (Lonesome Crowded West). Speak of the devil. Regardless of the controversy above, I'm relatively new to these guys. This is a good album. Have a friend who swears it's the best record ever. Anyhow I agree with Brock's assessment that Belle & Sebastian are a one trick pony.

    5. Carry Me Ohio – Sun Kil Moon (Ghosts of the the Great Highway). Gorgeous tune from Mark Kozlek, off a really good record. I saw this guy play solo last year. The sound off his 12 string acoustic was unbelieveable. But he looked, like he hadn't slept in days. Asked for the audience to "give me some love" as he was "dying up here".
    posted by Skygazer at 5:13 PM on March 1, 2006

    posted by Skygazer at 5:15 PM on March 1, 2006

    My turn at the mic. Damn this is fun. My old roommate and I did something similar to this, by closing our eyes and grabbing a random 7in and tossing it on. You guys are lucky there is no krautrock on my iPod this week.

    1) Comets On Fire - Antlers of the Midnight Sun (Blue Cathedral)
    Best thing Sub Pop has put out this millenium.

    2) Talking Heads - Cities (Fear of Music)
    I got Brick for Christmas and I was happy (but my wife wasn't)

    3) Arctic Monkeys - Red Light.. (some shite over hyped album)
    God I hate these guys. When I get home this is gone!

    4) Rose Tattoo - Astra Wally (Rose Tattoo)

    5) Thomas Newman - Welcome to the Suck (Jarhead soundtrack)
    The soundtrack is better than the movie, if you like original scores that is.
    posted by Razzle Bathbone at 5:23 PM on March 1, 2006

    1) morton feldman - the turfan fragments
    The spikier, more dissonant side of uncle morty. Tubas playing at flute registeres, violins playing at cello registers. Gorgeous but far from syrupy. Rad for walking around in a city.

    2) Joseph Spence - live the life I sing about in my song
    WHOO! my favorite song title of all time. Not my favorite joseph spence, but amazing. weird growelly behavior...bizarre.

    3) GOD - genisis
    very stark and powerful raw electronics with welling feedback over top. made with "a .uitcase and a home stereo".

    4) James Coleman - muddy kemaris
    The best improvising thereminist joined by other boston players. I think this one has tatsuya nakatani and greg kelley...maybe bhob rainey too. not sure. Man I was knocked out when I first heard this in 2001. Lost it. Thanks to filesharing, I have it again!
    posted by Joseph Gurl at 6:14 PM on March 1, 2006

    Seems to me that this is a ripoff of Large Hearted Boy's Book Notes.

    Nah, it's more like an LJ meme. There are a few more:
    * Top ten iTunes/Last.FM artists, with questions geared to the artist numbers, which I just did
    * Bands A-Z
    * 68 or 70 questions
    * iTunes stats -- longest/shortest/most played/least etc. The funny bit is the number of songs with words like "sex" and "penis" everyone has. (I think that's higher than in the past, now that people can just download what they want based on title ...)
    * new random ones all the time, like pants and other keyword-based lists, or every state

    It's all just an excuse for writing a journal or blog entry.

    I'll do this one, though:

    1: "Come Alive", Spool Forka Dish, The Blue Up? — this is the band of performance art webcammer Ana Voog, sort of like Kate Bush crossed with Hole. It's pretty good -- her band had a lot of bad luck despite impeccable connections to the Minneapolis music scene. I like it better than the too-deliberately-weird-for-its-own-sake electronica album she put out under her own name.
    2. "6'1"", Exile in Guyville, Liz Phair — her first album is still her best, but even her obscure early stuff is miles above the manufactured pop she's doing now -- which is inexplicably popular, resulting in less favorable Last.FM associations. Here she's more Blake Babies than Avril Lavigne. "Divorce Song" and "Shatter" are my hands-down favorites off the album, though.
    3. "Cold Wind", Arcade Fire — this is a one-off they did for Six Feet Under, I think. Maybe not "for", but it's not their best work. I do like the new song "Intervention" so I'm hoping that the second album will not be a letdown.
    4. "Dear John", The Forgotten Arm, Aimee Mann — I loves me some Aimee, but the new album was more interesting in terms of concept (story-telling for consistent characters in a maudlin love story) than in terms of great music. This one's not bad, but it isn't my favorite off an album that isn't a favorite.
    5. "God Only Knows (stereo mix)", Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys — I was so shocked as a young and naive man to learn that this was regarded as one of the top ten albums in rock & roll history. I really only knew the Boys as family-friendly Washington Mall fare, "everybody's first concert" because parents knew they were tame. I remember when "Wouldn't It Be Nice" was featured in a gut-wrenching Doonesbury strip (if you remember it, good, if not, too complicated to explain), and eventually decided to drop the bucks when I saw it on sale. Wow. Put this together with Sgt. Pepper and Exile on Main Street and that was one incredible year for music -- has there been one since? It's fascinating to see in retrospect how much it was driven by technology, though.

    So, lucky in that not only no embarassments, but all stuff I really do like a lot. (Actually, that's because of my iTunes shuffle feed -- all 4 & 5 star songs! Still, there's music that's on there that I don't have as much to say about, probably.
    posted by dhartung at 6:21 PM on March 1, 2006

    Yay! I wanna play!

    1) Little Sorrell, Pissed Jeans: Downloaded this album as a lark... it's pretty punk. Good for a blast of noise once in awhile, but this'll probably get the boot when I need space.
    2) Tubin', Hockey Night: If you love Pavement and need MORE MORE MORE, check out Hockey Night, Keep Guessing. It's like they're channelling Malkmus without ripping him off.
    3) 3 The Hard Way, Beastie Boys: Not my favorite B-Boys song, but I love these guys. I actually really like To the 5 Boroughs... it's rad to hear guys getting older but not starting to suck. (See also, Fugazi.)
    4) She's About a Mover (Live), Steve Earle. If you live in Arizona, you have to listen to country. It is the Law of the Land.
    5) Sexcapades, the RZA. Pretty silly, pre-WuTang stuff from the RZA. Better than you'd expect, I guess... but not the best thing RZA has done.
    posted by ph00dz at 6:46 PM on March 1, 2006

    1. Firebell Ringing - The Pastels
    Cute song, but I gotta get rid of it. Bad memories of a bad road trip.

    2. Unknown Thai Song
    Literally. I don't know what it's called or who it's by. It sounds like something you'd hear if you were shopping in a 99-Cent store in Thailand.

    3. Smokestack Lightning – Iron and Wine
    I swear I've never come across this one before...

    4. All over the World – ELO
    Well, I do loves me some ELO, but this song just bites the big one. I'm glad people can't tell how often ELO is playing on my Ipod.

    5. Hiding All the Way – Nick Cave
    I LOVE this one. His new album is great. Finally, a song I wouldn't skip through.
    posted by Kloryne at 7:01 PM on March 1, 2006

    How can I not play? I'll just pretend somebody will read this far down in the thread someday...

    1) "Sleeping In" by The Postal Service
    This was the first Postal Service song I ever heard- on some indie rock show on public radio. I googled the lyrics and bought the album.

    2) "Wild Man (Wild Man Moves)" by the Duke Ellington Orchestra
    I like to pretend I'm into jazz and this is one of the cool, accessible albums that I own.

    3) "Who Do You Love?" by the Band w/ Ronnie Hawkins
    This is from the soundtrack to The Last Waltz. A totally awesome album with lots of totally awesome people playing totally awesome music. I love this album. A lot.

    4) "Pussy Galore" by the Roots
    From my small hip-hop collection. Not a fantastic song, but I like the album just fine.

    5) "To Make you Feel My Love" by Garth Brooks
    HA! Do I regain credibility by pointing out that this is a Dylan song?

    I'm going to skulk away ashamedly now.
    posted by PhatLobley at 7:49 PM on March 1, 2006

    P-shaw, check it:

    1. John Cage Meets Sun Ra - Side 1
    2. Silver Apple - Misty Mountain
    3. R. Kelly - Touchin' (Whoa! Left Turn)
    4. Os Mutantes - Nao Va Se Perder Por Ai
    5. Magnetic Fields - Love is Like Jazz
    posted by Jeff_Larson at 8:11 PM on March 1, 2006

    1. The Scorpions - "Sails of Charon"

    This riff fucking RULES. Seriously, dude, somehow it manages to combine a sense of rhythm that wouldn't be out of place in the best discos with some spiky pseudo-baroque crystal ice cathedrals of... uh, pretty much picture Yngvie Malmsteen coked up on the floor of Studio 54. Too bad the rest of the album is overly infested with English-as-a-second language power ballads... "Born to Touch Your Feelings"? Swear to God I didn't make that up...

    2. Aurin - Morphia

    Dark, nasty acid techno. If I still did dark, nasty acid at dark, nasty raves like I did back in dark, nasty 1995, I'd be all over this.

    Actually, this isn't that bad. Gotta wonder why the drums sound so vague, distant and reverby, though? I have to be in the right mood for this kind of music, though, and I'm not right now.

    3. Leeroy Holmes - The Legend of Lylah Clare

    Sounds like a Henry Mancini soundtrack from some cocktail party movie. The hostess is wearing one of those oddly striped op-art dresses, swirling the olive in her martini, engaged in some conversation we cannot hear, as this is only the credit sequence. Look, here comes a sauntering man in a gray silk suit who just might be Our Hero.

    4. Nizlopi - Fine Story

    I know nothing about this, but it sounds kinda cool. Stretchy, slidey upright bassline, rhythm that's not quite gloomy enough to be trip hop, and if the singer's faking the accent (which he may well be) it sounds better than Mike Skinner's. Nice, spare string arrangement in the bridge--little chord stabs and "Eleanor Rigby"-style tension building tremolo.

    5. Rose Polenzani - How Shall I Love Thee?

    Okay, I was all ready to cheat and hit skip and actually write about music I know at least a little bit about, but this is pretty damned enchanting. Breathy-voiced folk lament, with gentle fingerpicked guitar, and soft, subtle yet heavily echoed harmonica. Love it.
    posted by arto at 8:40 PM on March 1, 2006

    The Hold Steady: Most People Are DJs
    I just started listing to the Hold Steady recently. I love how their songs are all little stories.

    With his last band, Lifter Puller, he told even better stories. Start with Fiesta & Fiascos and work backwards.

    His Brokerdealer project is great storywise too, if you can find it, waking up in the bleachers with six sick tweakers and a sixth grade teacher. She said, It's alright, man. She said, School's out for the summer.
    posted by Hubajube at 3:59 AM on March 2, 2006

    Belle & Sebastian is not a one-trick pony. See: Your Cover's Blown. Not all of the ponies are good, but they're definitely not a one-trick pony.

    I feel sad I don't have time to do the shuffle.
    posted by mrgrimm at 7:46 PM on March 2, 2006

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