Supersize that for you God?
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The McPassion Get your free crown of thorns with every meal!

We're all going to hell but hey, with a vinegar sponge drink to keep us going and a handy game of Pin the Noose on Judas, the trip's gonna be a lot more fun..

A short comedy from Benjamin Hershleder and Rik Swartzwelder, but get it quick cause it won't be around forever!
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I guarantee you that Gibson and McDonalds probably considered something close to this.
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I hate Jesus Christ's guts and I don't like McDonalds either, but this didn't do it for me. Probably because the actual marketing that christians do now just isn't that far removed from it. I just read that the "Left Behind" folks are releasing aviolent video game based on post-armageddon. Really.
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I think the Pocket Fisherman announcer voice with the commercial parody was tired about the time Ren and Stimpy did it.

This thing hammers you over the head with what is essentially one joke: If you put "Mc" in front of things... it's supposed to be clever?

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This was lame but it also made me laugh. The overall juxtaposition was just beaten to death, but then they adorned it with a crown of thorns and wrapped it in a shroud as well, which made it kind of funny.
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the crown of thorns was damn funny.

i think it was short enough that it stopped before it got to be way too much, though it is essentially just one joke for 3 minutes.
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