Rock art in the Sahara
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Rock art tour in the Sahara.
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Oh wow, really cool. There is something otherworldly and mysterious about those marvelous cave images/rock art. The mini Stonehenge in the Sahara was interesting.I loved the giraffes under the Bubalus (hunter or wild fauna) heading in Habeter on the main page and the snake eating the bird pics on his other site.
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Very cool. I know nothing about prehistoric art, but this definitely floats my boat.

In the highlands and in shallow basins on the plains several lakes formed, which supported fish, crocodile and hippopotamus.

I know this is grammatically correct, but what would the plural of hippopotamus be? I want to say...hippopotami.
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Generally, "hippopotamus" is not made plural. Many Africans often do not use the plural form for animals.
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By the way: this post is fabulous. Thanks!
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Ummmm !! Very informative content and lovely pictures.
I just love the amazing blue sky & feeling of calmness and serenity you cannot experiment anywhere else .........It's just great !
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