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Must-haves for your coffee table, lavatory reading, or just killing time on the subway: The Nutritional Benefits of Nose Picking; Perfecting the Art of Fart Projection (NEVER be blamed again!); How to Murder a Complete Stranger (and get away with it) [paging scarabic]. These and other eyebrow-raising books can be yours, assuming you already have a book that you can put these dustjackets on. FlapArt: The Alternative Book Cover.
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Glad to see I'm not the only one who has bookmarked scarabic's AskMe post...
posted by LordSludge at 2:02 PM on March 17, 2006

My dad used to make his own book covers when he was attending college. I was maybe six or seven, but I remember "Basic Embezzlement: Juggling The Books For Fun And Profit" by Prisoner #123234, which I think was covering his Economics text.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 2:08 PM on March 17, 2006

And of course, How to Explain to a Jumpy Security Officer on the Subway That It's All Just a Joke, No Need for Handcuffs My Dear Sir.
posted by L. Fitzgerald Sjoberg at 2:17 PM on March 17, 2006

It's too bad the Murder one doesn't look like a real cover...

...It looks like a joke book flap... sigh... I'll never convince anyone I'm going to murder them.
posted by SmileyChewtrain at 2:21 PM on March 17, 2006

these are much better than the 'living with herpes' pamphlets i carry on the public bus system...
posted by troybob at 2:21 PM on March 17, 2006

So, um, where can I find a real book on fart projection?
posted by brain_drain at 2:33 PM on March 17, 2006

you may have to wait til karl rove gets out of office to write that one, b_d
posted by troybob at 2:35 PM on March 17, 2006

*silently indicates where to find the real book*
posted by sonofsamiam at 2:36 PM on March 17, 2006

That's great. I love the "Do-it-yourself Laser Eye Surgery" one. SmileyChewtrain is right about the Murder one looking like a joke book though, too bad.
posted by arcticwoman at 2:40 PM on March 17, 2006

So no "How to Hijack an Airplane" or "Homemade bombs: how to connect them to altitude triggers"?

I'd like to see a "Reading is for Losers" myself.
posted by Smedleyman at 3:27 PM on March 17, 2006

I wish she had come up with fictional authors instead of plastering her own name on all of them. Fun idea, though.
posted by brundlefly at 3:32 PM on March 17, 2006

The Pros and Cons of bringing Snakes on Airplanes.
posted by shnoz-gobblin at 4:08 PM on March 17, 2006

"This is not a book."
posted by AwkwardPause at 4:11 PM on March 17, 2006

I was hoping this was a link to a site that let you type in your own titles and generated a PDF that you could then print (yes I know you'd have to tape two pieces of paper together.)

I suspect many people could come up with funnier titles than these -- allthough the illustration for nose picking was genius.
posted by nickp at 5:02 PM on March 17, 2006

Crazy Canucks!
posted by blue_beetle at 6:19 PM on March 17, 2006

I covered a copy of The Upanishads with a genuine porn paperback cover -- Lust at First Site -- back when I was a kid. It's on the shelves in my classroom...kids still get suckered by that one.
posted by kozad at 7:01 PM on March 17, 2006

brain-drain asked: ...where can I find a real book on fart projection?

You could start with Le Petomane, the true story of Joseph Pujol. His contemporary successor is Mr. Methane.
posted by cenoxo at 1:13 PM on March 18, 2006

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