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A vessel to fill with mirth. Drinking vessels from days of yore, including Lord Byron's skull cup, a fuddling cup, a black jack (leather cup), a pot crown ( a precursor to the beer helmet?), and a whistle cup. The site contains lots of other wine history as well. Ah, but they didn't have lover's cups back then. (via Cynical-C)
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An anecdote on Anglo-Saxon drinking horns and cultural transmission:

When I was in college in the mid '70s, I was visiting a friend who had moved to Central Valley in California. He was living in a student-dump type place, and temporarily had a relative staying with him. "F.O.B.," he told me. "Fresh off the boat. He escaped from the Red Guard and made it to the USA." (Friend's family were Chinese, originally from Macau.) A bit later, friend showed us a ceramic cup his sister had made in her pottery class. I had been studying Old English in school (read Beowulf in the original, the whole bit), and started talking about the drinking horns the Anglo-Saxons used, and how they had no legs, so you'd have to drink the whole contents before putting the horn down on the table if you didn't want a mess.

Friend translated all this for F.O.B., who knew about three words of English. F.O.B. made a short response. Friend laughed: "He says you guys would still be drinking out of those things if it wasn't for the Chinese!"
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caddis - your very good health.
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I love that story, Creosote, and you rock for studying Old English :-)
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You can buy a reproduction of Lord Byron's cup for only 189.99.
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lover's cups - I had no idea!
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