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Easy Star Records, which previously released the underground hit reggae album The Dub Side of the Moon, is nearing completion on a followup, Radiodread, "a reggae re-vision of Radiohead’s OK Computer." Listen to four tracks from Dub Side online (via flash). Don't miss the gurgling bong sound effects on "Money". Artists on Radiodread include Toots Hibbert, Citizen Cope, Sugar Minott, Junior Jazz, Tamar-Kali, Horace Andy, Morgan Heritage, Frankie Paul and Kirsty Rock.
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The Dub Side of the Moon was playing at a BYOB hookah bar in Chicago, while The Wizard of Oz was plastered throughout the various tv's; It was an interesting experience. (cool tunes)
posted by AllesKlar at 7:50 AM on March 28, 2006

If reggae covers of non-reggae music is your thing, then you might also want to listen to Is it Rolling, Bob?: A Reggae Tribute to Bob Dylan.

Much like a monkey knife fighter being named "Furious George", this album has a plato's ideal forms level of perfection in terms of what a reggae tribute to Bob Dylan should be called.
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I dig that 'dub side of the moon' record. they paid a lot of attention and respect to the original material and i for one was quite surprised. good stuff.
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"mellow dubmarine" is patchy but has some amazing covers on it.
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Yes, that 'Dub side of the moon' is great, but I really couldn't care less about Radiohead covers...
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Nice. I love this label and this FPP gives me the perfect opportunity to pimp John Brown's Body. They're on Easy Star and from the Boston area. Actually, the new album is a bit too polished for my liking but JBB live is still rough, rugged, and raw.
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JBB will be touring the Left Coast over the next few months, by the way.
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Anything has to be better than the original. OK computer IMHO suked. Now for some serious shite check out Dred Zeppelin. Nothing better than an Elvis impersonator doing Led Zep Reggie style.
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Ugh, I couldn't stand Dub Side Of The Moon. There's just something horribly naff about Easystar's attempt to recapture the (supposed) golden era of dub production, mainly because they're just not up to the challenge - the result is naff, ersatz, cheap-sounding, and much too busy, with no space in the mix. (Their dancehall stuff is better - the Thai Stick riddim was... passable, but still smacks of fakery.)

Each to their own, of course.
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(And that said, they have decent taste when it comes to re-issues.)
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Those Dub Side Of The Moon covers are craptacular. Looking forward to the Radiohead ones though :)
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Gungho and me
wouldn't get along musically.

Dread zep as the Ultra Non Plus of dub/reggae covers? Puleeez.

Kitsche is not equal to substance. IMHO everything is better than an elvis impersonator coughing out zep in reggae style.

Weird Al was never that good.
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Now for some serious shite check out Dred Zeppelin.

I hate Elvis, but Heartbreaker (at the end of Lonely Street) gets regular play in my head. It's insidious.
posted by dreamsign at 11:02 AM on March 28, 2006

Lets not forget Jah Division, and their hit, dub will tear us apart.
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