US Govt Coloring Books
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Uncle Sam Wants You (to color)! Many US government agencies have created coloring books for your pleasure, and Evergreen State has an index. Some of my favorites include Sea Turtles/No No Honu Kai, in English and Hawaiian; Celebrating Wildflowers, which has both line drawings and coloring guides; The Beagle Brigade (pdf); and, of course, Noxious Weeds are Everybody's Problem (pdf). (via Metachat)
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Wow, drawings by Karl Urban! Flower artist, action star ... let's face it, the man is the total package.
posted by aparrish at 8:07 AM on April 12, 2006

Letter 'D' is NSFW!
posted by zorro astor at 10:21 AM on April 12, 2006

Letter 'M' is making me a little suspicious, as well.
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Hmmn? Curious why the first one is a California alphabet and not a U.S. alphabet? Would be fun if it was California related. M is for migrant worker, G is for gangs and graffitti, R is for Rhinoplasty, etc.
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Thanks OmieWise, finally a MeFi post I can really dig into! (not kidding, I really love coloring books!)
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Hey, I go to Evergreen!

I'll have to tell the people who put this together that the internet is most pleased!
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Nice. I'm always looking for coloring materials for my students, NASA has great ones and so does Nat'l Geographic, but these are certainly cool too.
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