OMG Grass!
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PARK(ing) a temporary urban park. Sort of makes you wonder what else you can do in a parking space . . . You can also make your own. Via urban cartography.
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also, this is dumb.
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For example, more than 70% of San Francisco's downtown outdoor space is dedicated to the private vehicle, while only a fraction of that space is allocated to the public realm.

Sadly, 99% of walking paths and hiking trails are dedicated to the private shoe or hiking boot.

end the oppression of public paths by privately owned transportation!
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*cues Bossom Buddies intro*
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...also, this is dumb.

I disagree. I'm not usually inspired by this sort of thing, but I'm diggin' this for some reason.
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It reminds me of a photo I saw just this morning, of a soldier in Iraq that had his wife send him actual soil from 'home' and a bag of grass seed. He stoned off a little plot just outside of his tent and planted the grass... trims is every now and then with a pair of scissors. Some of the soldiers occassionally choose to walk from one end to the other as a way of bringing good luck.
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Gee, b1tr0t, miss the point much?
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I got the point, and I like it, and I like the pictures, and I like the project, but the "private cars in public space" part was just silly.
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Why, exactly, bugbread? Most autos are private and in many cities the amount of public space has been reduced to better accomodate autos. Sure, it might matter less in cities where everyone must drive, but in places where that is not the case, it is turning over a common resource to some of the least efficient and selfish uses.
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Why is this still open?
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