January 6, 2001
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When a group of astronomers bought a bunch of land in Transylvania County, N.C., to use the abandoned satellite dishes, they got a bonus: Thirty-five years' worth of leftover techno-wonders from the National Security Agency. Check out what they found, and largely can't identify.
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double post
posted by tj at 10:49 PM on January 6, 2001

I missed it the first time around- I know, double posting, bad, but what a cool link. Maybe this story is interesting enough to deserve two postings!
posted by kristin at 11:18 PM on January 6, 2001

Damn! I searched three times to see if anyone had posted it first ("NSA," "National Security Agency," etc). And it turns out to be linked to the one post I hadn't already read today. Sorry. mathowie, kill it if ya want.
posted by aaron at 11:55 PM on January 6, 2001

Can't see how someone would miss this the first time around. The first post was oh so clear! Shame on you, Aaron!
posted by luke at 7:28 AM on January 7, 2001

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