Lasu min songhi pri la somer'...
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I've been grooving on some of the music of Persone a lot lately (some full-length mp3 samples here). They're one of the most noticeable Esperanto 'rokbandoj', though by all means not the only one. I'm fond of Jomo kaj Liberecanoj (sample in Spanish, Esperanto, and French) as well. Of course, Esperanto isn't the only constructed language with some music; there apparently is a CD in Klingon (you only hear samples), and some song translations and info about a CD here, and there is also a bit of recorded music in Elvish (scroll down to "Elvish Music"). But most of it seems to be in Esperanto.
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I prefer Desperanto.
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Crazy you post this. I'm getting heavy in Esperanto lately.
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Well, you can only get so many Esperanto lyrics stuck in your head before you get the desire to spread the joy. The music is probably my favorite part of the language these days; books in Esperanto make for tougher reading, and the only film, while it's so bad it's good, is still, well, bad. (Though apparently that will soon change.)
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