Mickey Jupp
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Mickey Jupp, the Father of Pub Rock and England's answer to Chuck Berry. Why havent Americans heard of him? As alluded to in the great song "You'll Never Get me Up (in one of Those)" Mickey did not like the thought of flying. Collaborated with Rockpile , Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe, (who covered his "Switchboard Susan" Lowe's Labour of Lust is commanding in excess of $100 on Amazon, and Jupp's early 70's band, Legend, who sound like Bad Company command in excess of $70 frequently on Ebay. Good stuff for real rock and roll lovers ... Personell on Juppanese: Mickey Jupp, Dave Edmunds, Billy Bremner, Nick Lowe, Terry Willi, Gary Brooker, Bruce Lynch , Chris Spedding, Dave Mattacks,
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wow. yeah.
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Labour of Lust CD going for $100? Rare? Well, I'll be . . . Who'da thunk it?

I found my copy of that on the 99-cent table at some chain store in the early 90s.

And what wakko said.
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His Procol Harum connections.
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great fpp. pub rock rules ok.

found ian gomm's 'gomm with the wind' on 8 track last week. life's a pretty sweet fruit.
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Ummm... how about less random punctuation in the FPP? I realize that I'm reading tired, but I had to read it over multiple times to figure out where periods were intended, parenthesis weren't closed, etc.
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More on the English Pub Rock scene, particularly its connection to punk. The 101ers (featuring Joe Strummer) have recently had a retrospective released. (I especially like "Keys To Your Heart"). Finally, I find Elvis Costello's first two albums to be an amazing hybrid of pub rock sound and punk attitude.
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Thanks, Kimota, I've never been able to hear much by the 101ers and I didn't know about that new release.

I found the lyrics to Switchboard Susan so absurdly bad that I put Labor of Lust away and haven't listened to it since. I'll hafta give it another listen... if I can find it...
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LoL is only commanding high prices on CD -- lots of affordable vinyl out there.
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Here: ")" You need it.
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You can get a nice overview on the Stiff Records Box Set. I think it's out of print, but you might be able to find it around. Also, this eMusic roundup of early Stiff stuff is great.

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There were a bunch of guys around that time who nevvvvverrrrr quuuiiite crossed over to the burgeoning punk/new wave thing in the UK. Restless Eric and Ian Gomm were a couple of others. A lack of radio-friendly singles being the main reason for that.
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Wreckless Eric. Too many paint fumes.
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