The Lost Experience
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The Hanso Foundation -- Reaching Out For A Better Tomorrow. Call 1-800-HANSORG for more information. Also, the late Gary Troup's last book has finally been published. There's an interview here.
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Can someone help me out with this? I'm Lost.
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Go to the newsletter, enter your login as Breaking Strain... answer yes to the question... For the password I tried freaking out.
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It's not a fucking television! I can read, godammit!
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i just spent half my morning wading through lost forums, lost blogs examing the tv commercial from last night, the 877 number, the voicemails, the secret messages in the new website, secret letters, the gary troup thing.

such a waste of time, but i can't help myself
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dresdn -- password is breakingstrain, you can choose anything for the login
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Is this another fucking lost post? I was about to call bullshit on the Chimp Life Extension project, but I call bullshit on the whole post now.
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and be sure to visit joops corner and send him a message which will drop you into a fresh flash page, with lots of weird little circular designs. eventually one of them (highlighted in red for a moment) will be double clickable, that will take you to a "secret" letter. you can also click the signature at the bottom to go onto another "secret" letter

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Is this another fucking lost post?

i can confirm this. i am equally disgusted, and yet here I'll stay for several hours more, not even giving a another passing thought to the lightbulb that has been burning for more than 100 years.
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Flagged as fundamentally retarded
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Can someone please briefly summarize this horse-pluckin' fooforah for those of us who don't own or don't care to own TV sets? You may be topical - IE, why's this Hanso Foundation gimrackery worthy of a front page post?
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Flash Friday?

It's a fucking game. Stop being so fucking cynical.
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Can someone

Without judging it's postworthiness, I will report that this is a part of a sort of viral-ly ad-ish treasure hunt game contest being put on by ABC Disney based on the TV series Lost.
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Remember cloudmakers? That's when I first found myself feeling...old.
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Regardless of what you think of the show or its mystery marketing tactics, I think it's interesting that they can market a book by a phantom author that seems to be nothing more than a cheap detective novel and people snap it up. Bad Twin was mentioned for the first time last night and now it's #89 on the Amazon sales rankings for books.

This is the pinnacle of what networks hope to create: not just shows, but franchises.
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JJ Abrams tried to do this kind of thing with Alias soon after Cloudmakers happened, but it kind of petered out. This seems to be much better done.
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Can someone please briefly summarize this horse-pluckin' fooforah for those of us who don't own or don't care to own TV sets?

You don't need a TV set, since you can stream Lost episodes from the ABC site now.
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The music keeps playing

and playing

and playing.

Not that it's not soothing. It may even extend my life. But I'm starting to feel like a chimp.
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Can someone please briefly summarize this horse-pluckin' fooforah for those of us who don't own or don't care to own TV sets?

Only if you get off your high horse first, and come down here with the rest of the unwashed masses, and join us while we suck on the glass tit...
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... no?
no, that's not it either. I give up.
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you can also click the signature at the bottom to go onto another "secret" letter

Then if you click on that letter's signature, there's a secret message which Mefits should be able to apreciate: "setting land speed records for subverting authority."
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For more on this type of thing, look no further than MeFi's own adrianhon's website.
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After watching last night's episode, it's no wonder they went out and did a little drinking.
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Bad Twin was mentioned for the first time last night.

Nope... it was mentioned in an earlier episode. It was Hurley who found the manuscript.
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So, what did happen to Mulder's sister?
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I was playing with this site this morning. If you watch Joop on his camera for a while without doing anything, the darkened face of what appears to be a bald man appears briefly. Creepy!

Also, after last night's episode, I feel more like I did during Season One: interested! Hope the season finishes strong, because the show's been hurting a bit lately.
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I look forward to the day when popular ARG's spawn television shows, instead of vice versa.
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I like this in the same way I like secret decoder rings.
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What if like the Others are really the good guys and they are scared of the crazy maniacs the Oceanic flight people are becoming. What if like Sawyer is really the smart one, he's always reading, and he's hiding the guns because he too knows on an island, under stress, people are going to start shooting each other. Michael was like totally wrong for that shit last night.
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You don't need a TV set, since you can stream Lost episodes from the ABC site now.

Argh. Is there any escape? ...from noise?
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Although I play these games and enjoy them, I would like to provide some criticism in the form of a cryptogram:

qevax zber binygvar.

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What with the Hanso organization touting “social and scientific endeavors to make your world a better place” and "namaste"s at every turn, has anyone in the media made a parallel between the Dharma Initiative and Transcendental Meditation yet? I wonder if David Lynch watches Lost...
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The Valenzetti Foundation, named after Enzo Valenzetti, the subject of Gary Troup's "out of print" first book of non-fiction: The Valenzetti Equation. A mathematical equation that predicts the end of the world.
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The Valenzetti Foundation site is a fan site. It's not 'official'
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Gary Troup? Where does he fit in to Lost then? It's an anagram for purgatory by the way. I really hope that's an allusion to what the writers are putting us through rather than the characters.
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empath: I noticed after I posted.
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jiro: Nice Catch. The writers have said that they are NOT in purgatory though. It's probably a cute reference to that theory just to drive the lost fans crazy
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Wasn't Troup on the plane? Isn't that how the manuscript ended up on the island?
posted by emelenjr at 1:44 PM on May 4, 2006

Ah. Answering my own question, yes he was.

iTunes has the audio of the first chapter (free) and the rest of the book, too.

The whole effect is ruined by this disclaimer on the iTMS page as well as Amazon: "...The author himself is a fictional character."
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The problem with all great Lost conspiracy theories is that the writers just aren't that good. So any super-complex thing that the fans come up with that makes sense, is probably just a pipe dream. Knowing Abrams, the plot will get too complicated and we'll throw it to the side. Maybe if we're lucky we'll get evil twins ( Twin. whoa) ala Alias.

So did they go get drunk after they found out that they'd be killed off? Or did they get drunk, and the writers//producers decided they were bad baggage?
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graventy, I don't completely disagree with you but I feel like I have to stick up for Alias a little bit. Although it's turned into a crapfest, the first seasons were great -- up until he was told that it was too convoluted and that each episode needed to be self-sufficient. I'm sure that the actual story behind the island in Lost won't be anywhere near as complex and interesting as what some of the obsessive-compulsives have dreamt up, but I'm still holding out hope that it's KINDA cool.
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emelenjr: He was on the plane, yes. I think he's generally considered the "plane engine guy." (he went boom in the pilot).
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That was not a Hanso sword.
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After watching last night's episode, it's no wonder they went out and did a little drinking.

And -- what was the title of last night's episode? 'Two for the Road.' A subtle reference to the two DWI arrests?
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Elsewhere on the Internets:
"The "Liddy Wales" name/pic was changed this morning, which must be part of the plan. Last night, immediately following the show, the name said "Libby" and the her pic was posted. This morning the name has been changed to "Liddy" and the pic has been replaced by a question mark.

Also, the screenplay that Sawyer was reading, "Bad Twin", is now available from Amazon. They even have a "bio" of the author that states he submitted it just days before boarding Oceanic 815 and disappearing.

Also, if you stay for the closing credits of MI:3 (also written by JJ Abrams) you'll see a thank you to the Hanso Foundation."
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Well, papercake, it's not like Alias sucking made me not watch. I just have reserved hopes for Lost. It's just an enigma wrapped in an enigma that's wrapped in another enigma, and on and on, without ever giving us answers to the enigmas. Which is simultaneously fun and a letdown.
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I am afraid that viral internet games are probably no match for power of wiki.
posted by absalom at 7:51 PM on May 4, 2006

me: "Damn you Lostpedia! I want my life back!"

Lostpedia: "You never even had a life."

me: (hangs head in shame.)
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Registrant Name:hanso foundation
Registrant Organization:hanso foundation
Registrant Street1:544 Orsund Klengvjel
Registrant City:Copenhagen
Registrant State/Province:
Registrant Postal Code:DK-1604
Registrant Country:DK
Registrant Phone:+1.9999999999
Hmmm, can't registrations be yanked if they use bogus contact info?
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okay, if this turns out to be something big enough in scale as to compare with cloudmakers, I will be *FULLY* onboard and ready to decode. Does anyone have any proof that that's the case yet?

I just got the message that we should check back.
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Gary Troup... purgatory... interesting.

The writers ALSO said that they weren't killing off Ana-Lucia either, but LO! Man, I felt sucker punched after that one.

Some of my friends were having a discussion about how now that Lost has turned all viral-marketing, they're not watching anymore because of their morals. I don't care about morals. It's like crack. I CAN'T STOP. They got me. They fucking got me and I will probably order that fucking book as soon as a used copy is available. Fuckers.


(Note: This never happens to me with TV shows. I don't watch anything else, I d/l Lost. And my husband got me hooked. I thought the pilot sucked, but he made me keep going. And now... I will watch as something I love goes and gets all dirty. Because I can't stop.)
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graventry: I read an interview with one of the creators that says that Michelle Rodriguez was only hired for a year and that the DUIs had nothing to do with killing off those two characters. I have no link, but you can find it through (oh god, here it goes)
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I've found myself for the past week or so fascinated with this whole ARG thing and yet frustrated and annoyed by it at the same time. I have a vague understanding of the history behind it, and that one is supposed to become immersed enough into it where you get phone calls and emails from the 'game' and freak yourself out and ooh isn't that really cool and all that? Haven't figured out how to actually DO that, and not sure if I'd WANT to if I could, but what I find fascinating is this. Over at diligent participants like Tom_LostMonkey and WaitingForGodot have an ongoing tally regarding which websites that look like they're a part of the game actually are, and which ones are not.

These sites are official: is the Big Kahuna
ABC's Lost Portal
BBC's Channel Four Lost Portal
Australian Portal &

That last one is a blatant advertisement for Sprite posing as a clue to the hanso website. In fact the use of advertising permeating this 'new phenomenon' is gut wrenching. I understand it costs them money to make these and audiences are becoming more and more jaded by conventional commercial advertising, but that doesn't mean I want advertisers to get smart and infiltrate where I'm trying to go to avoid them. It's sad, really. Still, sublymonal for better or worse is an official part of TLE.

ABC's "The Speaker" has gone on record as saying if the website in question is not a FLASH site, chances are it's not an official part of the ARG.

These are some fan sites which, so far as one can tell, are not officially part of the game but in many cases are trying to pass themselves off as such. Either they're sincere fan sites that people are mistaking to be part of the artificial reality game, or they're thieves in the night posing as fictional BS: (now trying to rob you of money) (spyware warning)
and anything with 'kraftkost' in the url

This is not a complete list per se, but it is rather extensive. The thing I find fascinating is that this ongoing debate over which website is just a fan effort, which ones are actually officially a part of the "The Lost Experience" effort by ABC and Disney, and which ones are somewhere in between; websites made by people allegedly fans of the show who are also trying to take advantage of Other friends of the show by aquiring their credit card information or identifying markers for questionable practices of their own. Spyware cookie collecting, or credit card information gathering and the like.

The question isn't "which sites are real?" because all the sites are not real. The question is "which websites are unreal, and which are fake?" Perhaps I'm the only one who sees the absurdity in that. People left their phone numbers at some phone number they thought they got to with the game, and left information on some website, and then the next day a rumor permeated that said someone had hacked into the computer which housed all this information and was calling people back, pretending at first to be a part of the game, but doing it so terribly that either they were never part of the game, or were so good at being bad at it, they were obviously a part of it.

Oh. And no doubt this list will be out of date by the time I post it, if not entirely in error. Seems when it comes to these ARG things a lot of it is about admitting what you don't know about your own subjective perception of reality. Your thoughts? Anyone?
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