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Writing has been around for a long time, but that doesn't mean we've mastered it yet. Want to make fiction? Perhaps it makes itself, perhaps it makes you... Self reference breeding infinite hyperrealities. Which world will you choose?
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I really liked the opening quotations in the self-reference link. Thanks.
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Ah, good. You did include hyperreal as a tag.

*tips hat towards the nearly 15 year old*

Holy crap I'm getting old. Guh. I'm older than Will Sin was when he died! Gah!!
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pomo laser pew pew pew!
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perhaps it makes you...

Only in Soviet Russia.
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Funky synch. I’ve been reading J.G. Ballard and lots of PKD recently and thinking deeply (well, as deep as Smed goes) on this subject.
I’ve had a sentient machine concept that “The Unreconstructed M” nails on several particulars quite nicely. Which is scary, since I hadn’t read the story until recently so that means PKD and I share several patterns of thought. Considering some of the suffering he had going on, I can only be so self-congratulatory.

Ironic that you included ‘logical fallacies’, logic itself being a codified system and form of knowlege not derived from direct observation of reality.

I suppose we could include masterbation as a biological self-referencing system. And we can infer why we enjoy paradox so much as a species.
That’s not at all to denegrate the topic at *cough* hand, indeed, there are certain elemental pleasures that need no justification. To take the metaphor another step, what we call “reproduction” in biology isn’t reproduction at all since an exact copy of either person involved isn’t created. And of course the pleasure of the act itself often overwhelms any sort of reasoning.
I would go so far to say that it is the absence of consistency in reasoning that makes consciousness possible.
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This is a groovy post.
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Groovy, but not inspiring of conversation it seems.

You make your own semiosis I suppose
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If you put a metallic backbeat in this thread you could retitle it “this is techno”
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btw: James Brown is Dead
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