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StorTroopers! With their giant heads and interesting range of fashion accessories, these little buggers are taking the UK blogging world by, um, storm.
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There's a little gallery going of Blogging StorTroopers & their friends - all UK so far, but any/everyone's welcome to put themselves up for peepage!
posted by jbolton at 2:13 AM on January 11, 2001

Wow, this is actually kinda cool, I'm thinking of making one. Except then, We'll have a problem, people misusing this technology to enchanse their penis size (Can you do that?).
posted by tiaka at 5:41 AM on January 11, 2001

Hey Matt, would offering links to our own stortroopers be considered bad linkage? :)
posted by lia at 6:37 AM on January 11, 2001

Bad linkage be damned . . . check me out!!

posted by aladfar at 7:05 AM on January 11, 2001

It doesn't save your troper on mac IE 5 :(
posted by sudama at 9:30 AM on January 11, 2001

sudama, have you tried clicking the refresh button after clicking the save button on the applet? I experienced the same problem in Windows and that seemed to make it work.
posted by Foaf at 9:53 AM on January 11, 2001

What? No brown eyes? Do they not have Asian people in the UK or something? ;)
posted by littleyellowdifferent at 3:14 PM on January 12, 2001

They apparently don't have "chunky" (hey, I can use euphemisms to continue deluding myself, can't I? :-) bodies in the UK either. :-)
posted by cCranium at 4:25 PM on January 12, 2001

ernie, lol -- i know how you feel! I photoshopped mine because I couldn't stand stortrooper lia not having black hair. just plain wrong!
posted by lia at 8:16 PM on January 12, 2001

oh and you know you have to customise those little troopers when they are done - you know my wardrobe isn't complete with some anf you know. We love them though in blogger land.
posted by world at 2:30 PM on January 18, 2001

Cool idea, but didn't work in my browser.
posted by muppetboy at 10:28 PM on March 3, 2001

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