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Ask Greg allows fans of Disney's first dramatic animated series, Gargoyles, to submit questions to series co-creator and producer Greg Weisman. It's been around since 1996 and has become a treasure trove of information and insight into not just the show, but the animation industry in general. Ask Greg and a fan-run annual gathering has kept the flame of the Gargoyles Universe alive and their efforts are paying off. Recently Disney began releasing the show on DVD and now it's set to return in the form of a comic published by Slave Labor Graphics and written by Greg Weisman.
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Don't miss this key fact about Star Trek and Gargoyles. [via]
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There's a bit about the ST actors in the Ask Greg FAQ. There's also a list of all the ST actors who did a voice on the show. The Gargoyles/Star Trek relationship was never intended, but having Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes on the cast made it a lot easier to coax them into lending their talent.
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Are you saying Duck Tails isn't dramatic? What about Tail Spin?

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Your last comment made me want to hear this. Which then made me want to hear this. Now I am happier than I was before I did that.
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That gummi bears theme is one of the best ever.
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I've gotta think that this "Ask Greg" thing would be a lot cooler if it wasn't filled with so many boring con reports.
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I read the news about the upcoming comic book and, deep inside my subconscious, the twelve-year-old me began weeping with happiness.
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ducktales, gummi bears and talespin had some surprisingly decent content, along with some crappy content you'd more readily expect.

pretty much the same with gargoyles.

don't forget and this was not bad either

it seems that in all of the above cases, the writing started out quite good but then eventually peaked and degraded rather rapidly.

but actually I am quite amazed that there were so many halfway decent american animation series.
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From Suburban High Life and Milk and Cheese to...well, I guess it’s not bad.
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This cartoon theme-sing-along inspired me to look up a cartoon I vaguely remember liking as a child: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs...yikes! that looks pretty awful..
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I fondly remember Gargoyles as the first thing worth routinely watching on the Disney Channel when it first debuted. They aired it uninterrupted without commercials (unlike today) and I enjoyed it immensely. I was also fond of the historical background they implemented...and well, putting a Scottish Castle on top of a Manhattan skyscraper is just kind of cool.
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It's pleasant to see S8 written up in the blue, since the fandom in general and their gargoyles chat in particular was a big part of my teenage years. In many ways, that community is as responsible for my current identity as anything else. While I'm no longer actively involved, I still keep in touch with a few people I met through the site, and count one as a close friend.
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