On YouTube, collecting means sharing
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YouTube.com: A New Musical Anthropology. A short essay on YouTube, and a long list of punk and hardcore concert videos. NSFW warning: If you go poking around the forum you'll find a lot of porno spam. I haven't checked out all the videos yet, so you're on your own there.
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YouTube's kinda turning out to be the crackly old phonographs of the modern age, isn't it? I've been totally into it too, lately – mostly just music videos at this point – but it does feel like I'm 80 years old, in a yellowed hovel, spinning that catchy old jingle one last time before I nod off at three in the afternoon and the Dust Bowl sweeps away my house. The future is freaky.
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Ah, yes. Remember back in the day when you shared "videos" that had to be less than a meg and 10 minutes or shorter? Even then they were blocky. Kids these days have it easy with their holography and whatnot. (Pass that newly decriminalized crack, willya?)


Still no jetpacks, though.
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oh man, that was totally great. live fugazi. i cant believe it.

i was so wasted, I WAS WASTED!
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crime, conflict, crucifix, charles bronson and the avengers on metafilter? this makes me feel so old in my 21 years of age.
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has anyone every figured out what the fuck Jello thinks he's doing with his hand gestures? he apparently did these all the time, but most of them make no sense.
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beerbajay : "has anyone every figured out what the fuck Jello thinks he's doing with his hand gestures?"

I dunno, but they really, really remind me of Mick Jagger.

Also, I am shocked and ashamed to discover that, although I'm a huge DK fan, and have pretty much all their main albums in one form or another, I've never actually seen any videos or pictures of them.
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Ok, maybe "huge fan" is an overstatement. I really like their music, and thus have and listen to their albums, but I don't run a fan site or have a DK patch or know the names of half the band members. Maybe "huge fan of their music" instead of "huge fan of the band" is more accurate.
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What an excellent set of videos. The interview footage just proves over and over again that profundity and youth are almost completely mutually exclusive.
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Oh man, and Void and Teen Idles videos? Awesome. And an early "intervention" from Ian Mackaye at the end of the Teen Idles song: "You've got to stop hurting each other." Now that's the DC I grew up in.
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If you watch the DK set Live at DMPO's, Jello does more of the of mime gestures. Hilarious.
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Holy shit! The Avengers, live at Mabuhay Gardens in 1978, performing The American in Me! Aw, man. *wipes tear, pogos*
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this is about fifty billion times better than pitchfork cherry picking off a list of available mtv vids and calling them "awesome." thanks.
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thanks, check out this rad kraut video

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that came out wrong
it is.
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anyone know what final two links in the list were? they're both videos that have been removed.
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