I pooted
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I pooted. Enigmatic billboard advertisements, apparently promoting a Cartoon Network show, Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends seen in several major cities.
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My kids used to watch CN until I witnessed homo-erotic stuff on Ed, Edd & Eddy. I've since had it removed from the cable line-up. It's a shame because some of the shows are really good and artistic.

As far as "I Pooted" goes, it's innocuous enough. No biggie.
posted by snsranch at 6:46 PM on June 22, 2006

So you're saying a television network has taken out ads for a new program. Is that right?
posted by dobbs at 6:47 PM on June 22, 2006

WTF is wrong with homo-erotic stuff? Do you let them watch violent stuff? (Granted, I don't know if what they saw was age-apppropriate, but...people never seem to think violence is age-INappropriate.)
posted by tristeza at 6:50 PM on June 22, 2006

it's not even a new show...
posted by zorrine at 6:52 PM on June 22, 2006

Clearly their viral marketing is working.
posted by brundlefly at 6:57 PM on June 22, 2006

My kids used to watch CN until I witnessed homo-erotic stuff on Ed, Edd & Eddy. I've since had it removed from the cable line-up. It's a shame because some of the shows are really good and artistic.

Whu? Can you be a little more specific? I had seen that show a couple of times and it really grated on me, but homoerotic?

I see a lot more jokes about homosexuality in the media these days, male Talk show hosts jokingly 'flirt' with other male guests, that sort of thing. And you do see lots of "hetro-erotic" stuff in even children's cartoons. What did you see that was so offensive?

Oh yeah, also ZOMG PEPSI BLUE!!!!
posted by delmoi at 7:03 PM on June 22, 2006

I like Foster's, but i hate these stupid campaigns. (on the brighter side, PeeWee's coming to CN!)
posted by amberglow at 7:12 PM on June 22, 2006

4 out of this user's five posts are Pepsi-blue style. I think we're being astroturfed.
posted by Malor at 7:13 PM on June 22, 2006

fblsafka gfalsfda favadew ADVERTISEMENTS
posted by jimmy at 7:13 PM on June 22, 2006

Being a parent of a seven-year-old, I knew instantly what "I Pooted" was and, indeed, whose catchphrase it was (Cheese, a particularly idiotic imaginary friend). I imagine they used "I Pooted" because "I like cereal, I like chocolate milk," was too long.

FWIW, Foster's is one of the best shows ever to come out of Cartoon Network.
posted by jscalzi at 7:16 PM on June 22, 2006

OMG! WTF?!!>!?>!??

PEEWEE IS COMING BACK??!?!?!?!????!!!!?

That is the awesome.

This is the Pepsi Blue.
posted by oddman at 7:19 PM on June 22, 2006

yup (much better than Saved by the Bell, no?)
posted by amberglow at 7:23 PM on June 22, 2006

I have mixed feelings about PeeWee coming to adult swim. I wish they'd stay away from live action but it beats the hell out of saved by the bell. I heard they were working their way to making their own live action shows.
posted by puke & cry at 7:25 PM on June 22, 2006 [1 favorite]

If I had known Ed, Edd, & Eddy was homoerotic I would have gone out of my way to watch it.

As, like, a test. Of my sexuality.

The homererotic episodes of the Simpsons almost caused me to go gay.
posted by graventy at 7:39 PM on June 22, 2006

I still want to know what was going on between ed, edd, and eddy. Which ed was the catcher?
posted by delmoi at 7:44 PM on June 22, 2006

It's haaaaawt in Topeka! :D
posted by zenzizi at 7:48 PM on June 22, 2006

That should have been italics, not a link. /me just took a high-powered pain pill. It's not my fault!
posted by weretable and the undead chairs at 8:02 PM on June 22, 2006

even better news--new Futuramas!
posted by amberglow at 8:06 PM on June 22, 2006

posted by weretable and the undead chairs at 8:08 PM on June 22, 2006

What?! But this post is about an ad campaign. On metafilter!!! You...you can't do that, that's Pepsi blu-*head explodes*

Okay, but seriously the billboard made me giggle. :) And Foster's is one of CN's better day time shows, maybe its best, although given CN's daytime content that isn't saying much. Although Bloo is perhaps one of the most annoying cartoon characters ever.
posted by kosher_jenny at 8:11 PM on June 22, 2006

My kids used to watch CN until I witnessed homo-erotic stuff on Ed, Edd & Eddy.

I would like to echo the whiskey-tango-foxtrots. I haven't seen every episode of E,E,&E, but I really can't think of a moment I'd call "homoerotic." Aside from the fact that the boys are at that age where girls are icky, I can't even think of something off the top of my head that hints at teh ghey. In other words, what in the hell are you talking about?!
posted by crataegus at 8:22 PM on June 22, 2006

Hee :) I like these ads. I've been using a bus ad for ATHF as an avatar pic for a while... until I saw an ad for Robot Chicken on a bus shelter.

This is on the streets of downtown Chicago.
posted by WL at 8:27 PM on June 22, 2006

I like how snsranch just swooped in to drop his gay cartoon bomb, then scrammed. Never seen the show, but the shockwave of befuddlement he left is very entertaining...

Besides, nothing can be more homoerotic than He-Man.
posted by brundlefly at 8:29 PM on June 22, 2006

Ok, for the record, Ed, Edd and Eddy were trying on thongs and bras while slathering each other's butts with some kind of lube-all found in an older brother's room. It was lame and horrible. Seriously, it was like surfing the net and finding goatse but with your kids there.
posted by snsranch at 8:30 PM on June 22, 2006

That and they're always running away from the chicks*.

*(Though, in this case , they might just have a point.)
posted by IronLizard at 8:37 PM on June 22, 2006

Okay, yeah. That's more homoerotic than He-Man.
posted by brundlefly at 8:38 PM on June 22, 2006

that's not homoerotic so much as it's transvestitacular.
posted by heeeraldo at 8:41 PM on June 22, 2006

Just in case you missed this, Foster's has a great new blog so far featuring some of McCracken's character development sketches. One of the sketches reveals that there is another Cheese episode in the works. Another post shows some wonderfully ghoulish Coco precursors.

Craig McCracken is a Henson-level genius. His episodes of Dexter's Lab and the unfraggable Justice Friends are some of my favorite cartoons. Foster's is his best work yet.

I hadn't seen these billboards, and I think it's awesome that Cartoon Network would make such an obscure reference as the sole content of an advertisement.

The fact that Pee Wee is coming to Adult Swim fills me with indescribable joy. When they were first showing that 'remember this' bump, just playing the beachy music that comes before the Pee Wee's playhouse theme, I couldn't quite place it, but I knew that whatever that music was from, it made me very, very happy. I assumed it was from a Mario game at first.

uh oh, I think I might be lame
posted by ulotrichous at 8:43 PM on June 22, 2006

Pee Wee rocks.

That is all.
posted by brundlefly at 8:47 PM on June 22, 2006

ulotrichous, I agree with you 100%. And, as you know, I am the lamest member at MetaFilter.

I'm loving the Fosters, awaiting PeeWee eagerly and usually grossed out when I watch EE&E (but not in a gay way - but I suspect the Eds' producers work hard to slip stuff past the CN censors). But I would've rather this post have been about the Foster's blog than the viral billboards. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be for one of CN's lesser shows.

(My guess is the character behind the "I pooted" will turn out to be Cheese - seen below left)

posted by wendell at 9:00 PM on June 22, 2006

But then, seeing the "I pooted" billboard atop a Kentucky Fried Chicken takeout in the same red color as the roof just makes me want to say: "Bad Colonel. No more baked beans and cole slaw for you..."
posted by wendell at 9:04 PM on June 22, 2006

I like potatoes.
posted by liquid54 at 9:06 PM on June 22, 2006

The move towards live action was reported in Variety a few months back as pretty serious [via]:

Cartoon general manager Jim Samples and Ouweleen stressed that the kids net isn't getting less animated, per se, but did confirm that the cabler is now taking non-toon pitches for both series and original movies. At least one series project is nearing an official development deal. Ouweleen, a 10-year Cartoon staffer, characterized the live-action agenda as not entirely aggressive. "The doors are open, but there's no mandate to have a certain number of live-action shows on the network, or any at all," he said. "We're just open to seeing what's out there."

...Changes arrive as Cartoon continues to trail competitors Nickelodeon and Disney in the total day race for kids 6-11...Ouweleen said plans to bolster the development group have been in place for a couple years. The number of original series premieres have increased to five for 2006, including "Class of 3000," the high-profile skeinskein from Outkast's Andre Benjamin. And the shorts program that McCracken is helping shepherd has churned out new half-hours like "Squirrel Boy."

It's only recently, however, that execs began taking meetings for live-action originals. First step into the genre will be the original movie "Re-Animated," a hybrid animated/live-action event slated for the fall about a boy who can see cartoon characters others can't...

My favorite quote:

Ouweleen points out that certain comedies on network TV, including "Arrested Development""Arrested Development" and "Scrubs," are "by and large live-action cartoons. There's no reason we couldn't do something similar for kids."

Hard to argue with that, really.

Malor: 4 out of this user's five posts are Pepsi-blue style. I think we're being astroturfed.

If I had to guess, I'd say ijoshua's probably part of one of those buzz-building sites where he gets points towards free stuff for posting this kind of thing. Looks like, anyway. There's plenty to post about cable, the Cartoon Network, the animation in Foster's, etc, but this was a pretty meh post.
posted by mediareport at 9:13 PM on June 22, 2006

Oops, my post was in response to puke & cry's comment, "I heard they were working their way to making their own live action shows."
posted by mediareport at 9:14 PM on June 22, 2006

I refuse to let my children watch pooteorotic cartoons.

But I plan to tie them to chairs and have them watch Ed, Edd & Eddy marathons until their eyes bleed.

Or until they start wearing dresses.

Parenting is hard work.
posted by Mr. Six at 9:19 PM on June 22, 2006

After checking the wikipedia entry on Foster's the meaning behind Coco's design is more depressing than I thought:

"The idea behind Coco is that she was created by a lonely kid trapped on a desert island. Her design elements are made up of the kids thoughts/surroundings. Her tree head = the palm trees on the island, Her airplane body=the dream of being rescued and nightmare of how the kid ended up on the island, Her red beak=the deflated rubber raft that brought the kid to the island, Her shoeless sunburned feet=all the kid stares at all day, and her name Coco= Coconuts, what the kid lived on. As you can tell I think too much about this stuff."

Just thought I'd throw that out there.
posted by kosher_jenny at 9:48 PM on June 22, 2006

depressing, or hilarious?
posted by jimmy at 10:03 PM on June 22, 2006

I just looked through the ed edd n eddy episode guide but I can't find any references to them being all gay on each other.
posted by puke & cry at 10:13 PM on June 22, 2006 [1 favorite]

I was reminded of a few other cartoons I enjoy...

Bart: "Well, I'm flunking math and the other day I was a little attracted to Milhouse."

The homosexual agenda is everywhere! Not to mention how it's been infested with this whole idea of gay marriage and don't forget the rampant cross dressing.

On topic... Foster's is watchable, but not for too long for me.
posted by smallerdemon at 10:19 PM on June 22, 2006

I drive by two of the other billboards every day, and now I don't have to wonder about them anymore. So, thanks for that.
posted by Ruki at 11:57 PM on June 22, 2006

The Ed boys? Homo-erotic? Now I've heard it all. Until Foster's, Ed, Edd and Eddy was my favourite show on Cartoon Network. Self-referential, always breaking the fourth wall and like all good cartoons, just a little subversive. I'd say it should be required viewing.

Craig McCracken has done something outstanding with Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. He and Genndy Tartakovsky have amazing talent and blend new technologies with proper story telling in a way that noone else can match. IMHO, we're in a bit of a golden period when it comes to mainstream cartoons. It's just a pity we had to go through all the dross in the 70's and 80's to get here.
posted by bouncebounce at 1:21 AM on June 23, 2006

Ok. This is totally advertising but what the hell. All ye who like posting about ads but are sick of the crap you get here are more than welcome to come do it on Adland, a community site frickin' dedicated to pepsi blue in all it's forms. Clearly the MeFi audience doeasn't like it. Link is in my profile. Site's been open to posting since 2000. Get over there already.

Though, I did the i pooted post on Wednesday, so watch out for doubles. ;)
posted by dabitch at 1:27 AM on June 23, 2006

So THAT'S what that is. I saw one of those on I-95 yesterday and thought someone had just taken out a gigantic billboard to state that they farted.
posted by grapefruitmoon at 3:24 AM on June 23, 2006

There's an "i pooted" billboard in Detroit overlooking I-75 ... from Mexican Town. Coincidence or strategic placement?
posted by p3t3 at 5:47 AM on June 23, 2006

Darn. There's one of these ("I'm a hot toe picker") on my commute. The color and font is very similar to those used by Meijer, a regional Walmart type store, that frequently has billboard campaigns. I thought I was seeing some of that billboard liberation I'm always hearing so much about.
posted by PinkStainlessTail at 6:08 AM on June 23, 2006

There's a whole batch of TV ads to go with these billboards as well, mostly the same red background, with Cheese running around being, well, Cheese. At one point he licks the inside of the screen and declares 'TV Tastes Funny'...
posted by pupdog at 6:41 AM on June 23, 2006

homo-erotic stuff on Ed, Edd & Eddy

posted by sonofsamiam at 7:12 AM on June 23, 2006

For the record, I always thought Bugs Bunny was hot when he cross-dressed. BABY GOT BACK.
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Foster's is great. I have a feeling I enjoy it more than my son. I've been looking for DVD releases, but there don't appear to be any yet....
posted by davehat at 10:33 AM on June 23, 2006

i think Tommy's too young for it still, no? It seems like it's geared for 3-5th graders *waves at davehat* : >
posted by amberglow at 1:00 PM on June 23, 2006

Changes arrive as Cartoon continues to trail competitors Nickelodeon and Disney in the total day race for kids 6-11...

Not in my household, where the 9-year-old would watch Cartoon Network 16 hours a day if we let him. He thinks Disney and Nickelodeon are terribly uncool. And Foster's is downright awesome.
posted by Holden at 4:47 PM on June 24, 2006

Co? Co co co co co. Co co!
posted by etoile at 11:46 AM on June 26, 2006

(i love coco!) : >
posted by amberglow at 2:55 PM on June 26, 2006

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