Norman Mineta resigns
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Norman Mineta, the lone Democrat in George W. Bush's cabinet has resigned. He was the longest serving Secretary of Transportation in history. "He was also the first Asian-American Cabinet member during the Clinton administration, and the first Cabinet member to switch directly from a Democratic to a Republican Cabinet." (from CNN article). So why did some call for him to be impeached? Norm Mineta and his family were among the 110,000 Japanese-Americans who were forced from their homes into internment camps during World War II. His experience had such an impact on him that after September 11th, he spoke out against the racial profiling of Muslims, Arabs, and well, anyone with a turban and a beard. Some people didn't agree with him.
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Don't forget he has a forever under construction and terrible lines for security airport named after him.
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Almost all of the links about why people disliked him are from 2001 and early 2002. I doubt they could have much to do with his resignation four years later.
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I agree. I wasn't implying that they did.
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Wonder if the following has anthing to do w/it

xUS Elites Accelerating transformation of xUS into Third World Nation by destroying American jobs & unions. Here's info. on the plan to build a super-highway from Mexican Ports straight through to Canada. Our goods, which must be manufactured here, will instead be manufactured in China, etc., wasting oil being shipped to Mexico. There they will be unloaded by mexicans to help destroy American Longshoremens Union, then driven to whatever's left of our country & Canada, by mexican drivers, further helping destroy the Teamsters. They will not encounter customs til Kansas City. Oh, and Thom Hartmann announced last night, the Predators are trying to sell this new superhighway of our destruction to Spain.

Nero Jr.'s my way or highway

That's okay, sit back and be entertained because American Idolatry is on tonight, and stay tuned in for A foxx Special:

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In the 3D House of Interrogation©, a team of skilled interrogators will attempt to "break" a member of the establishment, and turn "her" into a brainwashed, dom/sub dog-collar leash-wearing Kalashnikov-carrying memmber of the Red Brigades, ready to do anything for the "cause".

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The interogatee who holds out the longest "wins", and advances to the next round.


And, really, no one would pay to watch the "turning" of Tom Delay. It's just a simple rating thang.


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Unregistered User, I'm not sure what your link has to do with Mineta resigning since he earmarked millions for the program, but that NASCO plan is pretty fascinating (political) stuff, especially since the superinterstate highway runs through so many Red states, which means a lot of construction jobs and slush funds to Republican districts.

In fact, since Norman Mineta was once a Vice President of Lockheed Martin Corporation, and since Lockheed Martin IMS helps install and manage electronic highway toll systems like EZ-Pass, which would no doubt be used to generate revenue from this superinterstate, I can't help but be confused and really interested in this apparent non-sequitor.

Even more interesting, the NASCO lobbying entity includes Lockheed Martin as one of its members (PDF).

Shades of Halliburton, but on a domestic scale! Very interesting stuff here. Now I am really very curious why he is resigning now.
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Coulter is the new Godwin. If you need to quote her to prove your point, you've already lost the argument.
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Yeah, the Sikhs are taking it in the ear out here. Especially after 9/11. One has to wonder if racism is purely a function of stupidity rather than simply hatred.
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