Wow, these kids must be really clever
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Wow, these kids must be really clever to "take down the Internet". Exaggerated headlines are the stuff of news and have been for ages. Lets all try and simultaneously adapt to that. (via geeknik)
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HaCk ThA pLaNeT! heh. But, can the internet be 'taken down'? I imagine they'd use old radios and with large antennas and all that type of mock-up sciencey looking mumbo jumbo? What about test tubes? Those are great.
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No no no, they'd rollerblade in bright, trendy clothes through major cities while listening to techno music, dialing up and doing havok from random payphones, all the while avoiding the futile efforts of entire police departments to chase them down. Now THAT'S what you call multi-tasking.
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But, their plot WAS to "take down the internet", the article says so. Whether they could or not is debatable, but that isn't the headline not reflecting the story really, the people involved had that as an aim, so how is the headline wrong?
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The headline's not wrong, but it is sensationalized. Should this article have even been written? I could claim I was about to "take down" the government of Belize, but it doesn't mean Reuters should give me any legitimacy by reporting it.

Actually "taking down" the Internet wouldn't be that hard, though, would it? Work up some distributed DoS attacks on all the name servers, and that would effectively do the job. There are only what, 13 of them? Annoying to implement, but if one didn't tire of busy work easily...?

At least, I always thought the name servers were the Achilles Heel.
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Hopefully someone will do that and we'll get widespread unrestricted DNS services.
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That Reuter article is super vague about the whole thing. It doesn't even mention the Godswrath site once.

This article has a little more info on the kid near Seattle who had his equipment taken away and now is apparently throwing up a lot.
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It's just not worth allowing something like this to happen where there is probable cause to believe it will. I say there was probable cause because a federal search warrant was signed regarding this matter,'' McLaughlin said.

Does anyone else have trouble with this logic? It's pretty scary to me...

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