Mathematical imagery by Jos Leys.
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Sphere and circle arrangements, the Droste effect, and more: mathematical imagery by Jos Leys. The Droste effect article is informative, too.
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i believe the mathematical concepts underlying the droste effect are also responsible for the hasselhoff recursion. curse you, math!
posted by the painkiller at 8:09 AM on June 29, 2006 was mentioned here previously, but it was almost four years ago and that link is now dead. Bookmarked, and thanks.
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This will come in very handy designing the inlaid marble floor for my temple.
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The circle arrangements are reminiscent of the quite nifty ford circle, which I discovered only yesterday.
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Jos Leys does some amazing stuff. When I was first starting out on Ultra Fractal, I was a member of its very prolific mailing list and Jos was one of the most helpful posters there. Nice guy and very creative.
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Some of the drawings are very beautiful with an almost ethereal quality to them . Id he was selling jewelery I'd be buying. THats if it could be made in the first place....
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Rich, amazing, fabulous. Incredibly suggestive and effusively, ebulliently fertile.

Great post. Thanks.
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Great! Bookmarked. Thanks.
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