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Hans Rosling is on a mission (flash video). The founder of Gapminder (previously discussed here) gives an inspired talk about the third world, while turning statistics into beautiful graphics. Of course, the folks at Google are already all over this.
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Also, be sure to check out the other TED videos while you're there...
posted by neurodoc at 1:10 PM on June 29, 2006

Excellent. Thank you.
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The video in the first link is great.
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Wow--wouldn't you love to be in Hans Rosling's classroom!
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I read about Rosling's presentation this morning in Pogue's weekly NYT email. I was riveted to his presentation, and will show this to my next class.

Meanwhile, I had to peek at the other TED treats. Al Gore made me laugh out loud. Tony Robbins' presentation was rather entertaining. I was also surprised that he used a number of expletives.
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Rwanda's mortality, '86-'92, marks a sobering trail in the Google link.

Hans is a remarkable speaker and presents ideas of such reach with amazing clarity. Of course the funky software helps, but teachers of his calibre are priceless.

Thanks neurodoc.
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Gore the stand-up comedian is jaw-dropping. Who knew the lockbox-robot could be so hilarious? Mind you, a touch of the old campaign-trail Gore comes out in the ensuing slide-show.
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Thanks, neurodoc. The Hans Rosling talk was a breath of fresh air; I've been out of academics for several years, so I've become used to the level of discourse being what you hear in political speeches and the evening news. What a refreshing treat to hear a smart individual expressing his thoughts in a clear and entertaining way.
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I watched all of them but the Pogue (couldn't get thru the first 2 minutes of his singing). They're all worth a watch; Robins is the weakest but the others are very good.
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This is awesome. What a great use of technology to make statistics actually useful. More like this, please!
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Another sad story is life expectancy in Botswana 1975-2004. Botswana is one of the African countries ravaged by the AIDS pandemic. This really illustrates what a devastating effect it's had on the country's population.
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great talk!
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Is any of this stuff available from alternate sites? I've been unable to get to the new videos for a couple of days. I enjoyed the Gapminder and am interesting in seeing more of what he has put together.
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That is one of the best presentations I've ver seen, especially when the circles start to move around and he's chasing/explaining them.
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Loved how Rosling "twisted" my mindset. We've been gathering data for so long, but far too often the big picture can't be seen. Hans Rosling is doing an incredible service by making the information understandable, and surely that must be the first step to making it actionable. Bravo.
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