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I found ljc while researching bamboo fencing for the backyard. She's got loads of kickass DIY home improvement projects and it's so well documented that I want to cash in my 401k and blow it all at Home Depot.
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Taking photos of all your shoes is pretty smart.
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Double goodness ! Triple horray for this finding
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The green room (aka the "Kermit" room) is something only a homeowner could love. That color made me want to gouge out my eyeballs AND hers!!

That being said - neat site, neat house!
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This is a beautiful, happy site -- even if you won't want to endorse all her home decorating choices.
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I try not to read ljc anymore. It's maddening to me that she loves and shops at Target so much. I guess cute toys for your dog are worth giving up your reproductive rights. Or whatever.
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I actually think the "Kermit" room kicks ass. Our house is full of bright colors in a similar vein, and we've found that it's actually improved the moods of at least two out of the three of us (me, wife, sprog).

All this is basically to say "piss off" to matty.

And, may I be the first one to say this:

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The woman is not afraid of color.
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Oh yay for all the bright colors! It's nice to see a house where someone uses color on the walls. It certainly can improve your mood if it's a color you love. I love what they've done.
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She certainly has enthusiam; she has creativity (but don't we all these days); and she has a platform. What she doesn't have is particularly good taste.
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From strawberry jam: Chopping broccoli... chopping broccoli-he-he-he... umm.. I mean strawberries.

She's quirky, lol. Too bad she doesn't mention how they tasted.

I like the site, though.
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As someone who has lived in an apartment with red walls and pumpkin-orange walls, let me just say that two excellent color choices for walls are red and pumpkin-orange. That is all.
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I try not to read ljc anymore. It's maddening to me that she loves and shops at Target so much. I guess cute toys for your dog are worth giving up your reproductive rights. Or whatever.

this got my interest up enough to do some googling around on the subject...

apparently, one person had trouble getting a plan B prescription filled, and target (at the time, perhaps still) had a policy that an individual pharmacist could refuse to fill it and pass it on to another one that worked there. link
not the best policy, but its a touchy subject to try and force someone to all of a sudden (its not like she became a pharmacist after this was something she'd be expected to do), start doing something she was morally opposed to. so i dunno, i'm more on the, "well its part of you job now so take it or leave it", but i can see the other side of the argument somewhat. also, i may have their exact policy wrong, in which case my opinion might change. i certainly support open and easy access to the pill.

but a little more looking and i found out that as a corporation, target is pretty on point overall with supporting a lot of great organizations, including planned parenthood, and the target of a lot of anti-abortionist anger.

one site has some interesting numbers... According to reports published by The Foundation Center, the Dayton Hudson Foundation for years has authorized donations of at least $18,000 annually to the Planned Parenthood affiliate local to the company's national headquarters.

another anti-abortion site also talks about how supportive target as a corporation is to not just planned parenthood, but to all sorts of progressive issues

so, as near as i can tell, one incident was blown up into this big thing and it really tarnished their otherwise outstanding rep regarding the issue of abortion rights.

once again, i just did some googling so feel free to point me in the direction of any more info on the subject if i'm getting it all wrong.
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