Tor! Goal! Rete!
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Two goals worth a million words. In Arabic, English, Chinese, Portuguese and yes, German. Italy's 2 goals against Germany, from 8 different commentators, one of them being Diego Maradona. Heavy YouTube usage unfortunately, although the post links to the leading Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera.
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German's great because you can make up fake words by sticking them together.
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Those were two amazing goals.
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Does Allah = goal in arabic?
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I believe that the "Allah" call is an ellision of either "Al-hamdu lillah" which translates to "thank God" or "Allahu Akbar" which translates to God is greatest.

Culturally, it's praising Allah for the goal, as he oversees everything in muslim life, including qurat al-qadem, or soccer.
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They were great goals. I felt sorry for the Germans, though.

The US commentary is pretty crap (pedestrian, unexcited, poorly informed, "nothing-nothing draw," etc.) and so we normally watch Univision, even though we can't understand it. ESPN did however have nice cutaway shots of crowds of Italians going bananas in the Circo Massimo.
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I thought Germany had it locked up.

And if you tell me you had France in your bracket for the finals, I don't believe you.
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All I can say is thank God Portugal didn't win.

I'm half Portuguese and half Italian, and if it was a Portugal Vs. Italy final, somebody I was related would loose.

Us Mediterranean types don't like stuff like that ... we're high strung enough as it is.
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The Italy-Germany match was an outrageously good game, soccer at its best. Both teams played clean games, and tried to win by actually shooting the ball instead of by gaming the ref. Both goalees were superb. Both teams had numerous shots on goal. Fact is, the teams were extremely well matched, and either team could have won it.

The Germans were very disappointed in losing, but someone had to lose and there's no dishonor in losing such a tremendous game.

The France-Portugal game wasn't anything like as good. France tried to play a relatively clean game, but the game was decided by a referee call, and the Portugese were diving constantly trying to get their own penalty kick to even things up. I understand that diving is considered part of the game, but as an American I think it's bad sportsmanship. (One of the things I liked in particular about the Germany-Italy game was that neither team much of it.)

I also think the French goalee wasn't as good as he probably should have been, and based mainly on the goalee performances, I expect Italy to win on Sunday against France. I expect Germany to win on Saturday against Portugal.
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Barthez is notoriously prone to doing stupid things in the box. I'm surprised he got the nod for this World Cup.
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The Allah part in the Arabic commentary in that context means "beautiful".

Oddly enough we (in Kuwait) been watching the World Cup with the English commentary. The Arabic guy drives us up the wall. He must be being paid a penny a word cause he never shuts up. He will even go in to tangents of the players' social lives, or like last night start talking about the World Cup that happened 20 years ago.
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I'm also very glad that Portugal didn't win, I'm not fan of the French but I like any team that plays positive football. The Portuguese team plays cynical football and they have done for quite a while. It's a shame as they have good players. Christiano Ronaldo is a great talent but he has a dishonest streak that really serves to tarnish his image. He reminds me of Michael Schumacher in that respect. Actually now that I'm on my high-horse I didn't like the Italian dive at the end of the Australia match, so that's why I'm backing France to win. Whether they will or not is another matter...
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It's funny that so many people are watching in languages other than their own. As I have been saying to everyone who will listen, it is criminal that here in the states the ESPN play-by-play is being called by a baseball announcer. Oh well, the Spanish-speaking guys on Univision are more fun anyway.

The Italy-Germany game was just beautiful. Those goals were perfect; there is nothing Lehmann could have done to stop them. And kudos to the Germans in general for getting farther than anyone expected. They have a lot to be proud of.

I also really enjoyed seeing the Portuguese go out. They usually seem to win by conning the ref, diving and whining about alleged fouls on the other side. C. Ronaldo was both their best player and their worst cheater. I am hoping to see them defeated again at the hands of the Germans. Hopefully we'll get to see more of Big Phil's theatrics as well.

I'm backing Italy in the final, but I have to give a lot of credit to Zidane. It would be kinda poetic for him to go out on a World Cup win. Still--AZZURI!
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One thing about this WC that has really made me happy is the fact that almost every American that I've spoken to has talked about it. Now I know that that's because I'm a Brit and so they want to ask me about it, but still I think that the beautiful game is really catching on. Well in the North-East at least. That makes me think that by the next WC ESPN will have some better fucking commentators.
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Man, I thought Dick Vitale was obnoxious. Some of those guys (particularly the Mexican(?) commentator from the top link kinda makes you happy there aren't more goals in soccer.
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Wow. This is fantastic.

I got chills listening to the Arabic (and I don't know Arabic).
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I didn't like the Italian dive at the end of the Australia match

no, Grosso did not dive. I can understand the Aussies' disappointment, but Neill did indeed hit Grosso -- it was a very big mistake to slide like that, in the box, Neill was too late and Grosso was faster, always a terrible combination if you're a defender want to steal the ball from a winger.

the difference between an experienced defender (ie, not Neill) and a more experienced one is that the good ones know that you just don't slide like that -- if you miss the ball your opponent runs away with the ball and you look like an ass. or, even worse, you end up hitting the opponent's legs, and then it's a penalty. believe me, I've played defense since, well, forever -- thay taught me the "do not slide unless you're 100% sure that you'll catch the ball" rule when I was eight. it's tempting, especially when you're behind, because it looks like the perfect way to gain precious inches -- even a foot or two-- on your opponent, but it's an awful choice

look again at the Aussie's slide in slow motion -- when Neil makes his mistake and Grosso gets hit, the Australian goalie has this disappointed expression on his face -- goalies know better than anybody else when their defenders make a mistake. and Neill's was a fatal mistake.

remember kids -- never slide like that, you'll either lose the opponent or you'll tackle him illegaly.
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Totti's penalty kick in that Australia game was awesome though, so it all sort of balances out in the end.
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But you gotta love the last few minutes of the France-Portugal game, what with their goalkeeper coming up and getting right into the fray. An equalizer would've been nice, just to drag things out a bit more, because for sure France woud've prevailed in the end anyway.
Fuck did Zidane ever make that penalty kick look easy.
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Totti's penalty kick in that Australia game was awesome though

well, awesome coolness-under-pressure, but I don't think it was that awesome, technically -- Totti did something that usually players as skilled as he is never, never do: he looked at the goalie. sometimes it's fatal because if the gialie's moving already (sometimes, especially if the goalie's good, he'll fake to move in one direction -- you notice it later, in slo-mo, because their feet don't really move, they just shift their bodies) then you'll change your mind, and you NEVER, NEVER change your mind at the last second. if you decide to shoot, say, on your right, so be it. you change your mind at the last moment, well, you end like poor Lampard (a fantastic player otherwise)

good goalies know that, 99 times out of 100, you shoot a penalty on your safe side, on the side where you feel more at ease (ie, on their right for lefties, righties shoot left) -- because shooting on the opposite direction gives you more balance, and your shot is more powerful and precise, and you can fake a different move with your body. shooting left for a leftie and right for a rightie, instead, is much more difficult. it's also more difficult to fake. and goalies know that -- they look at you when you're about to shoot, not at the ball.

anyway, Totti (a rightie) against Australia and Zizou (rightie) against Portugal both shot on their safe side, ie their left side.

and both scored.


because both their penalty kicks were poweful, curling, and high. marginally riskier, but lethal -- you need Superman to catch a penalty kick that flies close to the magic post/crossbar corner
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"good goalies know that, 99 times out of 100, in a game that important, you shoot a penalty

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Telecronaca inglese, the English commentary, is BBC. They didn't show it live on British TV. ITV did, with commentary from Clive Tyldesley.
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Man, I thought Dick Vitale was obnoxious. Some of those guys (particularly the Mexican(?) commentator from the top link kinda makes you happy there aren't more goals in soccer.

Oh please. The Univision commentary was great. And they weren't yelling "DIAPER DANDY AWESOME BABEE I HEART THE DUKIES I WANT TO HAVE COACH K'S LOVE CHILD BABEE!" every five seconds.

Thanks to watching the World Cup on Univision, my Spanish vocabulary has improved significantly, e.g. golazo.
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Totti did something that usually players as skilled as he is never, never do: he looked at the goalie.

at least he didn't do the fucking cucchiaio.

I've said something similar to lackutrol on SpoFi as well:
Zindane (postWC 98) & the Azzurri (Euro 2000) got me into footie. While I'd love for Zizou to go out on a high note, I'm afraid I just can't forget the gutwrenching feeling upon the Euro 2000 loss.

Vendetta 2006! Forza Azzurri!
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I was in holland for the final against France at Euro 2000, and I remember it like one of the worst moment of my life. Losing when you are in front of a Tv is different, you are less engaged: when we lost against Korea thanks to the infamous Byron Moreno I felt rage on the moment, but it passed not so long after.
At Feijenoord Stadium, Rotterdam, I've almost cried. And I'm all but a soccer-guy. I don't follow even anymore my team, because is stuck in lower divisions after serious financial problems.

So, I suppose this time is personal :).
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I don't follow even anymore my team, because is stuck in lower divisions after serious financial problems.

Ma dai. You're up to Serie B now. I feel Napoli will be in Serie A very soon, probably sooner than my beloved Juventus. :( fucking Moggi

NB: Tifo gli Azzurri, Juve, anti-Roma in quel ordine.
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