Is this America's recruiting dilemma?
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"Most of us have a plan -- it's like, make hay while the sun shines." While this may be a slogan for mercenaries currently serving in Iraq, it may also be one for extremists infiltrating the military in order to gain skills necessary for their own sinister plots. This of course, isn't counting those in service who may one day snap. Could this be the beginning of another cruel example of "blowback?"
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IT\t worked for Oswald and McVeigh!
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You expected any different?
Opportunists know no discretion.
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It really proves how desperate they are for bodies nowadays--and it's appalling. We really don't need hundreds of thousands of new McVeighs coming home--we have more than enough here already.
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Billmon: These crazed fascists obviously have to be identified and weeded out of the ranks as quickly as possible -- otherwise they might start doing horrible things, such as, oh I don't know, firing tank cannons at journalists, raping and killing 15-year old girls and then burning their bodies, going house to house methodically shooting everyone they find, savaging prisoners with dogs, and forcing fathers to watch the anal rape of their sons.

And we certainly can't have that.

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Accompanying NTY article.
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They're driven by money and a lust for life on the edge, but also by a self-styled altruism. [More like: “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side.” But also that leia bird.]

"Ever since my youth -- when I watched WWII footage and saw how well-disciplined and sharply dressed the German forces were -- I have wanted to be a soldier," [Same damn reason I wanted to be a dancer.]
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